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    Ripe for the picking, add this delicious superfruit to your menu on National Avocado Day on July 31st!


    While guacamole is grand, don’t settle for just the chips and dip on this food holiday. Since avocado is so versatile, clear the table for the entire meal. That includes everything from the appetizer and main dish all the way to dessert. On National Avocado Day, this tree grown fruit has them all covered!

    Avocados are more than a staple food in the American diet; they are proven to be a key ingredient in recipes for both inside the body and on the body! According to the Hass Avocado Board, as of 2015, avocado consumption in the United States doubled since 2005 and quadrupled since 2000. In fact, a whopping 4.25 billion avocados were sold in the U.S. in 2015. That’s four point two five billion of this amazingly beautiful food.

    Super Food

    There are many reasons to celebrate National Avocado Day. For one, avocados target insulin resistance with heart-healthy fats. They also fight Alzheimer’s with its Omega 3 fatty acids. Another avocado superpower is preventing and repairing damage due to its source of Vitamins C, E and K.

    One of the secret weapons in an avocado is the high oleic acid content. This moisturizing fatty acid helps keep skin soft and hydrated but also supports the regeneration of damaged skin cells reducing redness and irritation. Eat more of this superfruit or cook with avocado oil if you have this type of skin issue.


    Ancient Aztecs used the avocado to beautify their skin topically with masks. Then in the early 20th century, the cosmetic industry discovered the benefits of its oil in creams, lotions, facial cleansers and other products that required a smooth application. Interestingly, the practice continues today.

    As mentioned before, avocados have found their way into every meal of the day. Of course, avocados celebrate with dessert effortlessly. Additionally, the creamy texture replaces calorie-laden oils with healthful fats. That means we can indulge without the guilt. What better way to celebrate National Avocado Day than to indulge a little?


    Enjoy an avocado and try a new recipe. Share your favorite avocado recipe and use #NationalAvocadoDay to post on social media.

    Avocado Cupcakes from Will Cook for Smiles
    Avocado Brownies from Jody Duits on Buzzfeed

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    Model Meals founded National Avocado Day in 2017 at the peak of California avocado season, on July 31. Model Meals is a meal delivery service established in 2015 by Camille May and professional curve model Danika Brysha. The company works with local organic growers and farmers as much as possible to create whole food-focused menus, encouraging sustainable agriculture and healthy eating.

    Whole30 approved, gluten-free and Paleo-friendly, a huge part of the Model Meals lifestyle is avocados, whether that’s in a dish or to have on the go. Danika and Camille famously carry “purse avocados” for a midday dose of healthy fat and vitamins. Obviously passionate about this superfood, Model Meals wanted to celebrate it to the fullest, and the idea to create its own holiday was born. If you’re curious if Model Meals delivers in your area, click here

    Media Contact:
    Erin Messmer
    Phone: (949) 610-086

    The Registrar at National Day Calendar proclaimed National Avocado Day to be celebrated annually beginning in 2017.

    July 30th Celebrated History


    Marquis de Lafayette is named General of the Continental Army at the age of 19.


    The United States’ first government building, the US Mint in Philadelphia, lays its cornerstone.


    U.S. Coast Guard establishes a training school in New Bedford, Massachusetts.


    Congress passes the Sims Act, censuring the transportation of fight films. The law regulated the distribution of films depicting prizefighting, either fictional or non-fictional. The also threatened further regulations of cinema, too. In 1940, Congress repealed the act.


    Ardito Desio and the Italian expedition he led reach the summit of K2, the second tallest mountain on Earth.


    Astronauts David Scott and James Irwin became the first humans to drive on the moon. Their moon buggy rides totaled 6.5 hours and almost 28 kilometers.


    The Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty is signed by the United States and the Soviet Union.


    At the Summer Olympics, Michael Phelps earns a record-breaking 8 medals. Throughout his Olympic career, Phelps earned 28 medals.

    July 31st Celebrated Birthdays

    S.S. Kresge – 1867

    The founder of K-Mart, S.S. Kresge, started the department store chain under the name of S.S. Kresge Corporation.

    Fred Quimby – 1886

    The Oscar-winning animator produced hundreds of animated shorts throughout his career, including those with cartoon characters Tom & Jerry.

    1886 -Salvatore Maranzano

    Also known as “Little Caesar,” Maranzano immigrated from Sicily and created a crime organization dedicated to gambling and bootlegging in New York City during the Prohibition Era.

    Milton Friedman – 1912

    The Nobel Prize awarded economist, Milton Friedman, the award for economics in 1976 for “his achievements in the field of consumption analysis, monetary history and theory, and for his demonstration of the complexity of stabilization policy.”

    Sergio Rossi – 1935

    After learning the shoe trade from his father, Rossi opened his first shoe store in 1951. He would later launch his own designs and brands.

    Geraldine Chaplin – 1944

    The Golden Globe-winning actress, Geraldine Chaplin, is also the daughter of the silent film star, Charlie Chaplin. With international appeal, Chaplin has appeared in over 150 movies and television shows.

    William F. Weld – 1945

    As a businessman and attorney, Weld served as Massachusetts 68th governor for two terms.

    Wesley Snipes -1962

    The actor, director, and producer has starred in numerous films since the launch of his career, including the Blade series, White Men Can’t Jump, Jungle Fever, and Coming 2 America.

    Norman Cook – 1963

    Also known as Fatboy Slim, Cook launched his DJ career in the late 1980s. In 1996, he adopted the nickname Fatboy Slim.

    J.K. Rowling – 1965

    The best-selling author of the Harry Potter series, Rowling began writing the popular series in 1990.

    Zac Brown 1978

    Lead guitarist and vocalist for the Zac Brown Band, Brown founded the southern rock group in 2003.

    AJ Green – 1988

    Drafted in 2011, AJ Green plays wide receiver for the Cincinnati Bengals.

  • NATIONAL MUTT DAY – July 31 and December 2

    NATIONAL MUTT DAY | December 2 and July 31

    National Mutt Day encourages us to embrace, save and celebrate mixed breed dogs twice a year on July 31st and December 2nd.


    Desperately longing for a new home, millions of loving and healthy mixed breed dogs in shelters wait for someone to come and adopt them. National Mutt Day provides an excellent opportunity to find the perfect canine companion. Despite the name, a mutt learns, obeys and trains much like purebred animals. While their lineage cannot be traced and their features a bit murky, their companionship will be faithful.  

    According to the ASPCA, approximately 3.3 million dogs enter shelters every year. When these abandoned and often abused animals find their way to a shelter, each one needs a forever home. Whether you know it or not, their potential is limitless. Some of the benefits of adoption are often hidden. Human and canine both enjoy increased physical activity.  Another boost is social interaction through daily walks. While humans develop patience, their four-legged companion learns to trust and new limits. For example, as dogs explore the many scents of the human lifestyle,  they usually discover shoes are off-limits. 

    No matter the breed, size or demeanor of the human, er, canine, the shelter will take the time to find the right home for their animals. They schedule visits and have procedures in place to promote healthy adoptions for families and individuals. While some dogs experience injury or illness, the shelters work with veterinarians to heal the animals before making them available for adoption.

    Of course, shelters always welcome donations and volunteers. Dogs love walking, playing and being loved even if they haven’t found their forever home. Every moment they spend socializing increases their opportunity for adoption.


    Visit a shelter; if you are unable to adopt a dog, you can always volunteer. Post on social media using #NationalMuttDay and encourage others to join in.</span

    Want to learn more about mutts and dogs in general? Read 5 Facts About Dogs to learn more!


    Celebrity Pet Expert and Animal Welfare Advocate, Colleen Paige, founded National Mutt Day in 2005.  Celebrate the day on both December 2 and July 31 of each year. Learn more at

    Mutt FAQ

    Q. How many purebred dogs are found in shelters?
    A. Purebred numbers in shelters are significantly lower than mix-breed animals. A study by the National Animal Interest Alliance in 2015 found that only 5 percent of the dogs in shelters are purebred.

    Q. What are the most common purebred dogs found in shelters?
    A. The top two purebred dogs found in shelters are Pit Bulls and Chihuahuas.

    Q. Are there more mutts than purebreds in the United States?
    A. More than half of the dogs in the United States are mutts. Mars Veterinary conducted the first-ever National Mutt Census in 2010. The data collected revealed breed prominence, which purebreds were the most popular, and how owners care for their dogs. One notable result showed that 53 percent of the dogs in the United States are of mixed breed.




    National Raspberry Cake Day is jubilantly feasted each year on July 31st. Therefore, today is the day to enjoy raspberry cake. Because it is a cool and refreshing dessert. And, is indeed a summertime favorite around the United States.


    Raspberries are the edible fruit of the plant that belongs to the genus Rubus of the rose family. Raspberry plants grow on woody stems and are perennial. These amazing plants grow in all temperate regions of the world, too, making them widely available. Producers also cultivate the raspberry as a commercial crop, bringing them into groceries and other markets. The raspberry was once a midsummer crop. However, through innovation, new technology, and transportation, producers now grow them all year long. 

    More interesting facts about raspberries include:

    • An individual raspberry weighs 0.11 – 0.18 oz.
    • An individual raspberry is made up of about 100 drupelets.
    • One raspberry bush can yield several hundred berries a year. 
    • A single raspberry has a hollow core once it is removed from the receptacle. 
    • Raspberries are a rich source of vitamin C, manganese, and dietary fiber.
    • Raspberries contain vitamin B1, vitamin B3, folic acid, magnesium, copper, and iron.

    And since raspberries are sweet, they bring a wonderful flavor to cakes.


    Enjoy the following  Raspberry Cake recipe.  Above all, share it with your friends and family! it is possible you might like these recipes too:

    Raspberry Buttermilk Cake

    Fresh Raspberry Cake

    Post on social media using #RaspberryCakeDay and encourage others to join in.


    Within our research, we were unable to find the creator of National Raspberry Cake Day.