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    Each year on January 8 we celebrate National Career Coach Day and recognize the important work of career coaches across the United States.


    Today, we bring awareness to the impact career coaches have on their clients’ career paths and future potential. Not only are career coaches helping shape the future of the workplace, they are also helping people find fulfilling careers they deserve. On National Career Coach Day, we bring comradery to the profession, give coaches a day to come together, and create a space to celebrate all of the  accomplishments made during the process.

    What is a career coach? Career coaches are expert professionals who are up-to-date on current employment and hiring practices. These individuals wear specialized hats in helping people plan careers, create dynamic resumes, teach interview and wage negotiation skills, and guide you through the process of landing an amazing career. Most importantly, a career coach will work hard to help you accomplish your career goals.

    Why would I need a career coach? People choose to work with a career coach for a variety of reasons. Your current job situation may not bring you enjoyment or you might feel you are on the wrong career path. A career coach will help you understand your potential by learning about your past experiences and guide you towards a happier life.

    Choosing a Career Coach

    • Decide what type of career coach you want to hire. Like any profession, some career coaches specialize in specific areas. Make sure your decision is the best fit for you.
    • Narrow down the services you will need before hiring a career coach. This avoids paying for unnecessary services.
    • Interview career coaches to determine if they are a good fit for you. Personality plays an important roll when working together. Choose someone that you “click” with and will provide you the best value.
    • Check references your career coach provides. Verify training, certification, and clients.

    Benefits of a Career Coach

    Career coaches are in high demand in today’s business world. In fact, the career coaching profession is growing at rapid rate and is quickly reaching a $20 million dollar industry. Previously thought of as a service available for the wealthy, career coaching is now affordable to everyone.

    The career coach industry has expanded into the business sector, too. Companies are employing career coaches full time for a variety of services, such as:

    • Reviewing applications for specific job skills for potential employees.
    • Preparing correspondence and inquiries for employers.
    • Working with current employees to increase productivity.
    • Improving and updating personal goals company-wide.
    • Encouraging and inspiring employees to keep moral high.


    • Host a career coach summit.
    • Provide free resources or tools to perspective clients.
    • Make referrals to a career coach who has helped you.
    • Become a career coach.
    • Send a thank you card to your career coach thanking them for helping you find your dream job.
    • Support your career coach by sharing their services with friends and family.
    • Recognize and share your experiences with a career coach and use #NationalCareerCoachDay on social media.


    Career Benders and National Day Calendar are excited to announce the newly established National Career Coach Day. Beginning in 2023, this new National Day will be celebrated on January 8, and each year after. Join us as we recognize the important work career coaches provide to people across the country.

    Dream Big

    Founder of Career Benders, Angie M. Callen, is a Carnegie Mellon University graduate with a degree in Civil Engineering. In 2008, after working over six years as an engineer, she set out to pursue a career move into a more creative, communicative environment. After an unexpected career change journey, which included more  than four years as a nonprofit executive, Angie set out to create a business of her own. 

    Angie has always been told she had a gift for seeing others’ strengths, and after making career choices that led to professional gratitude and fulfillment, she set out on a mission to do the same for others. She also has a gift for helping people leverage their strengths to build confidence, overcome career trauma, achieve a level-up, and navigate the chaotic world of job searching. Through her work at Career Benders, Angie is helping people find new careers, improve management skills, move into leadership, and even start businesses.

    Achieving your dreams and creating a career path that supports your personal and professional goals is possible. The sky is the limit, and we’re #inspiringconfidentprofessionals one client at a time.

  • EARTH’S ROTATION DAY – January 8


    On January 8th, Earth’s Rotation Day celebrates the discovery that our planet rotates on its axis every 24 hours. It’s also a day to learn more about the French physicist, Leon Foucault.

    The axis on which the Earth rotates is an imaginary line that is drawn straight through the earth. The axis connects the North Pole to the South Pole. The Earth rotates on this near-vertical axis every 24 hours. For this reason, there are 24 hours in one day. Additionally, it takes just over 365 days to revolve around the sun. Because of this, 365 days equals one year.

    The earth’s rotation doesn’t just determine how long our day or year is, however. The earth’s rotation also determines the seasons. As the earth rotates, the sun intensifies at various angles. The Earth’s various positions in space throughout the year also allows us to see different constellations.

    The earth’s rotation is even responsible for the Coriolis Effect, which is the defection of air currents. Air gets deflected to the right (clockwise) in the Northern hemisphere and to the left (counterclockwise) in the Southern hemisphere. Trade winds occur when the high-pressure wind gets blown to the west from 30 degrees N. Westerly winds occur when air currents are deflected to the east.

    HOW TO OBSERVE #EarthsRotationDay

    On this day, science museums and schools host a variety of events to educate others about the earth’s rotation. Many people go to science museums to see a display of Foucault’s pendulum. To participate:

    • Learn more about how the earth’s rotation affects time, weather, gravity, and astronomy.
    • Watch a documentary, such as “Orbit: Earth’s Extraordinary Journey” or “If the Earth Stops Spinning.”
    • Host a space-themed party.

    Spread awareness for this day on social media with #EarthsRotationDay.


    It’s not known when people began observing this day. It is known, however, that the day is celebrated on January 8th to mark an important scientific event. It’s on this day in 1851 that Leon Foucault proved that the Earth rotates on its axis. Foucault is a French physicist who is also known for inventing the gyroscope and coming up with Foucault’s pendulum.

  • WORLD TYPING DAY – January 8


    Every year on January 8th, World Typing Day celebrates this written form of communication that ensures speed, accuracy, and efficiency. It’s also a day for typists to enter typing contests.


    History of the Typewriter

    Typewriting machines have been around since Christopher Latham Sholes patented one in 1868. Sholes was a printer and journalist from Wisconsin. Practically ever since its invention, the typewriter has contained the QWERTY keyboard layout. QWERTY means the order of the first six keys on the top left part of the keyboard.

    Throughout the late 1800s, many famous authors used the typewriter to write their manuscripts. Some of these authors include Mark Twain, Ernest Hemingway, and Ian Fleming. It wasn’t just writers who used these handy little machines. Office personnel found the typewriter an indispensable tool for writing and communication. Through the years, typewriters became less cumbersome, lighter, and easier to use. Improvements to the typewriter helped increase a typist’s speed and accuracy.

    In 1935, IBM developed the first successful electric typewriter. In 1964, IBM made more improvements on the typewriter by developing the first word processor. During the 1980s, computers began to replace typewriters. However, typing skills were, and continue to be, useful for writing and working on the computer.

    Typing Speed

    Some people can type very fast. In fact, the fastest typist in the world typed 216 words per minute (wpm! The average typing speed is 41 wpm. Even though girls practice typing more, boys are actually faster typists. On average, boys type 44 wpm while girls type 37 wpm. Speed isn’t the only factor when it comes to typing, however. Accuracy also matters. The average typists makes 8 mistakes for every 100 words they type. This is an accuracy rating of 92%. Professional typists aim for an accuracy rating of 97%.


    Many schools and businesses around the world host typing contests on this day. To participate:

    • Take an online typing test to check your speed and accuracy.
    • If you don’t know how to type, take a keyboarding class or teach yourself.
    • If typing is not taught in your child’s school, teach them how to type.
    • Thank someone whose typing skills have benefitted you in some way.
    • Watch a movie that features typing, such as The Post or Darkest Hour.

    Spread awareness for this day on social media with #WorldTypingDay


    World Typing Day began in Malaysia in 2011. The day commemorates the Malaysian Speed Typing Contest in 2011. During the contest, two typing records were broken in the Malaysian Book of Records (MBR). The day is co-organized by the Speed Typing Contest Team from Junior Chamber International (JCI) and Team Typo Auto Corrector.



    As winter kicks into high gear, National Winter Skin Relief Day on January 8 reminds us of all the ways we can keep our skin from withering under the harshest of elements. The dropping temperatures outside and rising thermostats inside sap the amount of moisture in the air. Our skin is first to notice.


    Joshua Zeichner MD, Director of Cosmetic & Clinical Research at The Mount Sinai Hospital, makes a few recommendations to help us keep our skin hydrated through the winter.

    Winter Skincare Tips

    When the chill sets in, avoid the temptation to take those long, hot showers. The heat strips the skin of its natural oils (called ceramides) and causes inflammation. The skin cells to swell,  and when they dry they become loose like poorly grouted tiles and crack.

    Instead, take shorter, lukewarm showers and use gentle cleansers. Harsh soaps with surfactants and claims of pH balance can be harsh on the skin. And don’t scrub! Be tender and let the water and lather do the work.

    If you have dry, cracked skin, look for a cream or ointment with light petrolatum, hyaluronic acid and ceramides – the natural fats that make up the grout between the skin cell tiles.  ~ Joshua Zeichner MD

    After bathing, pat the skin dry with a soft towel. Rubbing causes more irritation and inflammation. With the door closed to keep the humidity in, add a moisturizer.

    When dressing, wear layers. The closest layer should be made of natural fibers. Soft fabrics like flannel and cotton cause little to no irritation compared to synthetic materials. Layers also are more effective against cold weather.

    Winter skin relief comes in many forms. Our skin needs hydration at night, too. Adding humidity to the air with a cool-mist humidifier will not only hydrate your skin but will also provide more restful sleep.


    Take care of your skin this winter by protecting and hydrating it.

    Use #WinterSkinReliefDay to share on social media.


    The makers of CeraVe Skincare founded National Winter Skin Relief Day to bring awareness to all the extra attention winter skin needs.  

    About the Founder

    Valeant Consumer Healthcare is a division of Valeant Pharmaceuticals North America LLC. Valeant Consumer Healthcare, one of the fastest growing consumer products companies in the U.S.*, offers a wide range of products that improve people’s lives in the eye care, skincare, and vitamin categories, including flagship brands such as Biotrue® solution, CeraVe® skincare, and PreserVision® eye vitamins. In addition to the vast product portfolio, Valeant Consumer Healthcare has a consistent new product pipeline that is developed via collaborative partnerships with healthcare professionals.
    *based on retail sales

  • NATIONAL SUNDAY SUPPER DAY – Second Sunday in January


    National Sunday Supper Day encourages families to gather around the table, enjoy a meal and a conversation together each year on the second Sunday in January.


    Sunday Supper starts off as one day a week and soon becomes a way of life.  – Sunday Supper Movement

    These days families are busy with after-school activities, jobs, and homework. Sunday supper has been a disappearing tradition around the country and the Sunday Supper Movement aims to bring families back together in the kitchen and around the dinner table one Sunday at a time. National Sunday Supper Day is another step toward this goal.


    Invite friends and family over to spend the day preparing a Sunday Supper. While you’re preparing supper, discuss plans for continuing the tradition next week. Take turns and find ways to spend more time enjoying each other’s company over a meal. Create bonds that will last a lifetime. For more information visit  Use #SundaySupper on social media.

    If you’re looking for Sunday Supper ideas, look no further than 9 Ways to Sunday Supper.


    Isabel Laessig is the founder of the Sunday Supper Movement and the Food and Wine Conference. A mother of four, she was inspired to start her Family Foodie blog when her oldest left for college and the things she would miss most about home would be the times spent in the kitchen and around the table with family.

    In 2012 Laessig and eight other bloggers and their families celebrated the first virtual Sunday Supper with a progressive dinner.  According to Laessig, she and these eight bloggers are “passionate about bringing families together to cook and eat together.”



    On January 8th, National JoyGerm Day annually reminds people across the country that by being positive and treating people with kindness, they can influence those around them and pass that positive attitude on to others. When we share good moods, we impact the lives of people around us, and those people become infected with that same positive joy and spread it to others. 


    Laugh, smile, be kind, inspire and spread the one type of germ that is good for everyone to catch!


    National JoyGerm day is one of those days you’ve been waiting for. January 8th offers the opportunity to infuse joy in everything you do.

    • The night before, plan to wake up with a positive attitude. Program your favorite jazzy, snazzy wake-up music to start your day right and remind you what day it is.
    • Set out to carry your joy with you and spread it around like a glitter bomb that won’t go away. Smile, say “Hello!” to everyone you see and speak to.
    • Energetically be the person who gets the job done. Whether it’s making copies, errands, taking out the garbage, making phone calls, be that person and do it with a smile.
    • Get more great ideas by reading 7 Ways to be an Angel in Someone’s Life.

    Throughout the day, see how often you can spread the JoyGerm! 

    Use #NationalJoygermDay to post on social media.


    Founded in 1981 by a rather joyful and exuberant woman, Joan White, National JoyGerm Day spread infectiously across the nation through TV interviews, radio shows, newsletters, magazines, postcards, hug coupons, and well, the pure joy of its founder.

    Joan White tells National Day Calendar, JoyGerms LTD’s members are in all 50 states, and there are more than 180,000 card-carrying members around the world. Yes, JoyGerms get free membership cards. But seriously, she spreads her JoyGerms to others through this day and in many other ways as well. Even in a simple e-mail, she evokes a smile and glee that is contagious and for which there is hopefully no known cure.  



    On January 8th, National English Toffee Day celebrates a favored confection that’s been enjoyed across the country for generations. This sweet treat comes with some confusion concerning the difference between English toffee and just plain toffee. Despite the confusion, it’s an enjoyable confection no matter how you crack it. 


    Some say that English toffee is a harder candy than the American version. Others say that it’s the other way around. Some say the Americans add nuts, but the toffee in the United Kingdom doesn’t have nuts. Either way, this hard, sometimes chewy candy is made by caramelizing sugar. The Heath bar is a type of candy bar made with an English toffee core. It is sometimes enrobed in chocolate and topped with nuts. 

    There is one significant difference between British toffee and American toffee, however; the British make toffee with only brown sugar, not white. And while they typically do not add nuts, they will add a layer of chocolate. Don’t hesitate to try dark, milk or white chocolate with English toffee. All varieties add a different texture and flavor.

    Both the American and British versions are enjoyed all year long, though.  

    HOW TO OBSERVE #EnglishToffeeDay

    Gather up your ingredients. Making toffee can be both challenging and rewarding. It’s also a beautiful candy with delicious textures. Share it with the office or family members. We’ve even provided several recipes for you to try. 

    Visit your favorite bakery or candy shop to pick up an order of English toffee freshly made. Yes, some places still make it fresh. 

    Use #EnglishToffeeDay to post on social media.


    The National Confectioners Association recognizes this sweet observance. However, National Day Calendar continues to pursue the founders of the day.

    English Toffee FAQ

    Q. Can I use both white and brown sugar to make toffee?
    A. Yes. You can substitute a portion of the white sugar for brown sugar to make toffee.

    Q. What kinds of nuts can be added to toffee?
    A. Chopped nuts add texture and flavor to toffee. Try adding walnuts, pecans, cashews or Brazil nuts.

    Q. Does English toffee make a good gift?
    A. Yes! Package the toffee in a box layered with wax paper. Then wrap with a ribbon or paper and you’ll have a gift many will appreciate.

    Q. How long does toffee keep?
    A. Toffee stored in an airtight container will last up to two weeks. However, it can also be frozen for longer preservation.

    January 8th Celebrated (and Not So Celebrated) History


    George Washington delivers the first State of the Union address to Congress in Federal Hall in New York City.


    Congress overrides Andrew Johnson’s veto of a bill granting Blacks the right to vote in Washington, D.C. At the time, citizens of D.C. had no representation in Congress, though they did have a local governing body.


    BBC TV debuts the television series All Creatures Great and Small based on the autobiographical books by author James Herriot.

    January 8th Celebrated (and Not So Celebrated) Birthdays

    Fanny Bullock Workman – 1859

    The explorer spent most of her career climbing the Himalayas. One of her most notable achievements includes being the first woman to exceed 23,300 feet when she climbed Pinnacle Peak.

    Elvis Presley – 1935

    Known as the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Presley gained fame in 1955 with his first number 1 hit sing, “Heartbreak Hotel.” Before long, he was cast in his first film, Love Me Tender. Then, after serving in the Army, Elvis’ music career rocketed off the charts.

    Stephen Hawking – 1942

    The theoretical physicist redefined the way we think about the universe. Even with the devastating diagnosis of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Hawking proceeded to redefine the Big Bang theory or rather bring it into focus. He also further studied and defined black holes. In addition, Hawking published several books, including The Theory of Everything and A Brief History of Time.

    David Bowie – 1947

    Born David Robert Jones, the English singer-songwriter gained popularity with his first hit song “Space Oddity” in 1969. Bowie also starred in several films including Labyrinth, The Prestige, and The Man Who Fell to Earth.



    On a cold winter’s day, relaxing in a nice warm/hot bubble bath sounds like the perfect way to commemorate National Bubble Bath Day. Is it no wonder we celebrate it annually on January 8th?


    The bubbles on top of the water (also known as foam bath or foaming bath) insulate the bathwater, keeping it warmer for a more extended period. 

    • Children find bubble baths fun and enjoy playing with the bubbles, which entice them to take their baths.
    • Some bubble bath, bath foam, or foaming bath serves a dual purpose and can also be used to wash skin or hair.
    • Bath foam preparations may be in the form of a liquid, gel, or solids in the form of powders, grains, or tablets.

    According to the AC Nielsen Data, Mr. Bubble is the #1 brand of bath products in the United States, and in 2011 it celebrated its 50th birthday. Mr. Bubble is a brand of bath products made by The Village Company.

    The brand’s slogan is “Makes Getting Clean Almost as Much Fun as Getting Dirty!”

    In 1961, Mr. Harold Schafer and the Gold Seal Company of North Dakota, USA, founded Mr. Bubble. The Gold Seal company manufactured and distributed Mr. Bubble until 1986 when the company was sold. Over time, Mr. Bubble bubble bath products have been reformulated. They are tear-free, dermatologist-tested, hypoallergenic, and pediatrician tested. Mr. Bubble TV show appearances include:

    • Family Guy
    • The Simpsons
    • 1983 Eddie Murphy Delirious
    • 1987 Gold Through the Fire
    • 1996 Ed (starring Matt LeBlanc)
    • Everybody Loves Raymond (Season 3)


    Prepare yourself a relaxing bubble bath. Bubble baths offer health benefits, too. 

    • Relieve congestion – During the dry winter months, we are more susceptible to colds and chest infections. Let the steam from a bubble bath help loosen congestion and sooth a cough. 
    • Ease sore muscles – Are muscles aching from new year’s workouts? Ease the ache with a warm bubble bath. Add some Epsom salts, too. 
    • Sleep better – Add some lavender oil to your bubble bath at night and relax your body and mind before bed. Relaxed muscles combined with the lavender will nudge your body toward a better sleep routine.
    • Reduce tension – Let the worries of the day wash away. 

    Share why you enjoy a bubble bath. 

    Use #BubbleBathDay to post on social media.


    The country has been celebrating the day since at least 1999. However, we’ve been unable to find the creator of the day. Maybe they’re still taking a bubble bath.

    Bubble Bath FAQ

    Q. Should I add bubble bath to the tub before or after adding water?
    A. For the maximum bubble factor, add the bubble bath after there are a few inches of water in the tub but before you’ve finished filling it.

    Q. Do bath bombs create bubbles?
    A. Bath bombs create more of a temporary fizz releasing oils and aromatics to your bath. The bubbles it creates do not last long. However, you can use both a bath bomb and bubble bath for a more luxurious experience.

    Q. Does bubble bath only come in liquid form?
    A. No. Bubble bath also comes in bars, granules, and pods.



    National Argyle Day on January 8th celebrates the pattern derived from the tartan of Clan Campbell, of Argyll in western Scotland. The Scottish Highlanders have worn the design in kilts and plaids and patterned socks (known as a tartan hose) since the 17th century. Each year it is recognized and honored on this day.  


    Occasionally you may find argyle spelled argyll.

    The word ” argyle ” is most commonly referred to as the overall pattern made of diamonds or lozenges, which sometimes indicates a single diamond in the design. You will find layers of overlapping motifs found in most argyle layouts. The overlapping patterns add a sense of three-dimensionality, movement, and texture. Typically the design includes an overlay of intercrossing diagonal lines on solid diamonds.

    The Duke of Windsor, a luxury knitwear manufacturer, and importer, helped increase argyle’s popularity. Like many other manufacturers, the Duke used the argyle design pattern for golf clothing. In addition, designers embraced the use of argyle on both jerseys and long socks as part of the day’s plus-fours trouser fashion.

    Argyle knitwear became fashionable in the USA after the first world war.

    U.S. Open and PGA champion Payne Stewart (1957-1999) was known and loved by his fans for his bright and flashy outfits of tams, knickerbockers, and argyle socks.


    Argyle never really left the fashion world. Argyle provides classic style, whether the pattern compliments a wardrobe or adds charm to a home. Share your favorite argyle pattern. While you explore your wardrobe, invite your co-workers to celebrate as a team. Go argyle for the day in the office or at home. Drape it over your chair or wear it in your hair. Argyle goes on the feet, around the neck, or even on your fingernails. 

    Host a contest to see who’s the most argyle among you. From head to toe, we’re sure someone loves their argyle more than anyone else. 

    Wear your favorite argyle sweater, socks, ties, and hats. Go shopping for an argyle fashion accessory to update your wardrobe. We want to see how you dress up for the day, too. Be sure to share, using #NationalArgyleDay to post on social media.


    Keely McAleer founded this dimensional textile celebration in 2008.

    Argyle FAQ

    Q. Can anyone wear argyle?
    A. Yes. Argyle comes in a variety of fabrics and styles. Wear it subtly or abundantly. The choice is yours.

    Q. Is the word argyle also the name of a place?
    A. Yes. Numerous places take the name Argyle. It is also a surname.

    Q. What is an Argyle diamond?
    A. In Western Australia, the Argyle Diamond Mine unearths ore and the Argyle diamond. The diamonds are known for their natural color – hues of pink, purple and red. When these diamonds were formed, minerals included in the carbon colored the diamonds. The mine produces 90% of the world’s diamonds.