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    The International Being You Day on May 22 invites you to celebrate being you. During this day, you are invited to explore what it means to truly be you, beyond the projections of society and the need for perfection. It is your day to discover the beauty of you and your unique capabilities. The invitation also creates the possibility to celebrate everyone’s differences.


    Explore, Discover, Celebrate – International Being You Day

    In short, the International Being You Day is created for YOU, to celebrate YOU! What if, just for a day, you could ditch the judgment and have gratitude for yourself. What if you could start going from having a life run on autopilot to one of curiosity, joy, gratitude and presence.

    The focus of Being You Day includes:

    • Empowering you to know that your dreams of what is possible are way more valuable than fitting in.
    • Inviting people to embrace their unique capacities and get away from comparison and judgment as the deciding factors for happiness.
    • Inspiring people to use lightness, joy, and laughter as their guide to who they can choose to be, instead of all they should and should not’s of our age, race, cultures, and families.


    Set out on the adventure of Being You! Your invitation to explore International Being You Day is here:

    1. Do something today that you have always wanted to do but never dared to do! (What if your one day becomes today?)
    2. Tune in to to watch live interviews and videos about how to step into being even more of … you.
    3. Give yourself a judgment break! What if May 22 could be a day when you did not judge yourself for ANYTHING?
    4. Make a video or write a post about something you uniquely be or can uniquely do. What would people be surprised to know about you? #beingyouday.
    5. Write down 3 things that are DIFFERENT about you, that you are grateful for, and post that on social! Tag #beingyouday.
    6. Create your own “How to Be More of Me – Your Go-To List”– start a list of what gives you a sense of ease and joy and makes you relax into yourself.

    Invite others to join the movement on May 22nd. When you celebrate, use #BeingYouDay on social media.


    In 2011, Dr. Dain Heer wrote a book called Being You, Changing the World. (A truly innovative toolbox for the seekers of the world.) Over the years, it became a bestseller; it was translated to over 17 languages and turned into a series of seminars and workshops with over 100 trained facilitators.

    It is becoming a being you movement, created by people’s demand to be themselves, their greatness, and their difference.

    With the international BEING YOU DAY on May 22, we create a space to explore, discover and celebrate each individual’s uniqueness, beyond right or wrong and the judgment.

    The Registrar at National Day Calendar proclaimed the first International Being You Day to be observed on May 22, 2021, and annually thereafter.

    “What if you, truly being you, are the gift and change this world requires!” Dr. Dain Heer

     About Dr. Dain Heer

    Dr. Dain Heer is an author, change-maker, speaker and co-creator of Access Consciousness, one of the largest personal development companies practiced in 176 countries. Heer has traveled the world for more than twenty years, sharing his unique insights on happiness, relationships, getting over the yuck and everything in between!

    Growing up in the ghetto in Los Angeles, Heer was exposed to constant abuse however he never chose to be a victim. In his talks and workshops, he uses a set of tools and provides step by step energetic processes to get people out of the conclusions and judgments that are keeping them stuck on a cycle of no choice and no change- leading them into moments of awe that they have the power to change anything.

    Keep up to date with Dain on Instagram and Facebook @dainheer. More at

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    Every year on May 22nd, the International Day for Biological Diversity seeks to increase awareness and understanding of biodiversity issues.


    The term biodiversity stems from two different words: biological and diversity. It refers to the variety of life on Earth. The three types of biodiversity include:

    • Genetic diversity
    • Species diversity
    • Ecosystem diversity

    Biodiversity is very important for many reasons. It supplies the earth with clean water and oxygen. Biodiversity also enables plants to grow, which produces food for humans and animals. Other benefits of biodiversity is that it keeps pests and diseases in check and protects against flooding. It also helps to regulate the climate. Together, all of these benefits are known as ecosystem services.

    The health of the earth suffers when biodiversity decreases. It’s also true of humans. The less biodiversity, the poorer our health becomes. Some even believe that pandemics are related to the loss of biodiversity. Now more than ever, we need to spread awareness for the importance of biodiversity.


    Scientists, conservationists, and environmentalists hold an array of events on this day. These events include seminars, conferences, and roundtable discussions. The UN Secretary and the UN President give special messages to the general public. The UN also highlights stories and videos that discuss the importance of biological diversity.

    To participate:

    • Think about ways biodiversity affects your life.
    • Watch a movie that features biodiversity issues, such as Seven Worlds One Planet, River of Gold, Call of Life, and No Vacancy.
    • Learn ways you can help to protect the earth.
    • Donate to a conservation organization like The Nature Conservatory or The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

    Spread awareness for this day on social media with #InternationalDayForBiologicalDiversity or #IDB.


    The UN General Assembly created the International Day for Biological Diversity in 1993. The original date was December 29th. Due to the busy holiday season, many countries could not focus their time and energy on planning events for this day. In 2000, the UN General Assembly changed the date to May 22nd.

    Some of the most recent themes have included:

    2020: Our Solutions Are In Nature
    2019: Our Biodiversity, Our Food, Our Health
    2018: Celebrating 25 Years of Action for Biodiversity
    2017: Biodiversity and Sustainable Tourism
    2016: Mainstreaming Biodiversity; Sustaining People and Their Livelihoods
    2015: Biodiversity for Sustainable Development

  • World Goth Day – May 22


    Every year on May 22nd World Goth Day celebrates the Goth scene. The day also provides the opportunity to make Goth’s presence known to the rest of the world.


    When you see a person with pale skin wearing dark clothing, you might associate them with the Gothic subculture. Usually shortened as Goth, this subculture began in England in the 1980s. Goths are known to find beauty in things that other people consider dark. Because of their love for the dark side, some people misinterpret them as being evil. This is not the case, however, as Goths are not immoral.

    Unfortunately, Goths are very misunderstood. Other people might consider them depressed or a loner. However, this is not how Goths usually view themselves. They love to laugh, although not everyone understands their sense of humor.

    In the entertainment industry, there is an entire Gothic genre. Some of the most famous Goth characters in film and television include:

    • Eric Draven (The Crow)
    • Abby Sciuto from NCIS
    • Tina from Glee
    • Wednesday Adams of The Adams Family
    • Frederick from Frasier
    • Robin Daggers from How I Met Your Mother

    Goth has also heavily influenced the music scene, especially punk bands. Some of the most famous Goth bands include Siouxsie and the Banshees, Bauhaus, London After Midnight, and the Cure. Common elements in Goth music include scything guitars, high-pitched basslines, and deadpan vocals. Besides music and film, the Goth subculture is also found in literature, fashion, and art.


    Goth parties, art and fashion shows, and concerts are popular events on this day. If you would like to take part in this day, you don’t have to dress in Goth. (Although you might find it fun to do so!) Here are some other ways to participate:

    • Read classic Gothic literature, such as Dracula, Jane Eyre, or Wuthering Heights.
    • Watch a movie featuring Goth characters, such as Edward Scissorhands or Beetlejuice.
    • Listen to Goth music.
    • Host your own Goth-themed party.
    • Make a donation to the Sophie Lancaster Foundation, which campaigns against image-based prejudice.

    No matter how you choose to celebrate the day, spread awareness by sharing #WorldGothDay on social media.


    In May 2009, a radio station in Great Britain was discussing music subcultures. From this discussion, Goth music DJs, Cruel Britannia, and Martin Oldgoth created World GothDay. They decided the day would fall on May 22nd. World Goth Day began in the United Kingdom and is now celebrated throughout the world.