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    National Physicians Week sets out March 25 -31 to honor the healers dedicated to the art of medicine. In 2017, National Physicians Week highlighted the shortage of physicians in the United States against a growing landscape of minorities joining the ranks.

    “In hindsight, I am proud of what we have accomplished in a short period of time, including raising the recognition of our group and spotlighting the years of sacrifice by those in our profession to serve our patients. We are poised to initiate actionable efforts to engage and educate our physician community.” Dr. Kimberly Funches Jackson, President

    Every day, dedicated doctors provide quality care in every part of the country twenty-four hours a day. Whether it is in an emergency room in Idaho or delivering a newborn in the suburbs of Philadelphia, a physician listens to symptoms, watches for signs, analyzes and consults to make, with the patient, the best decisions their years of training and dedication can provide.


    In 2018, Physicians Working Together celebrated with their first, National Physician Week physician-led virtual conference. Co-hosted by Physicians Working Together and Zenxmed, the conference included engaging speaker sessions. It also offered an open landscape for physicians to discuss ways to improve their practice and navigate the political landscape. Another area of focus on how physicians can improve relationships with patients and take action through advocacy groups.

    In 2017, National Physicians Week focused on the shortage of physicians in the United States against a growing landscape of minorities joining the ranks of doctors across the country at a time when it needs it most.

    HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalPhysiciansWeek

    Throughout the week, take the opportunity to show your support and appreciation for your physician or a fellow professional. You can do this by giving them a red carnation. Encourage others and spread the word through social media by using #NationalPhysiciansWeek and #PWT. Stay updated on all things PWT by visiting and the Physicians Working Together website.


    In June 2015, Kimberly Funches Jackson MD founded Physicians Working Together (PWT). The organization unites physicians of all levels, training, and specialties. Bringing the ailing patient-doctor relationship back to the central focus of healing and respect spurred Dr. Jackson to form PWT and ultimately National Physicians Week.

    The Registrar at National Day Calendar declared National Physicians Week in December of the same year. PWT provides a platform for doctors to combine efforts that will strengthen healthy physician relationships through collaboration and genuine camaraderie. Physicians and medical students are encouraged to help keep the spark going by celebrating National Physicians Week annually.