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    On August 4th, International Clouded Leopard Day raises awareness of the plight of the clouded leopard. Both in the wild and in captivity, the clouded leopard needs our help to maintain its current population levels and to grow.

    These beautiful and shy species inhabit central and south East Asia. The Clouded Leopard (Neofelis nebulosi) also known as the mainland Clouded leopard, is native to the Asian mainland. A second species, the Sunda Clouded leopard (Neofelis diardi) lives on the islands of Borneo and Sumatra.

    Very little is known about these elusive cats. Since they’re shy and nocturnal, conservationists seek to learn about their reproduction and lifestyle. This information will help them manage their population. Their shrinking habitat coupled with illegal hunting for their fur creates constant threats on their population. Currently, estimates show fewer than 10,000 Clouded leopards living in the wild.

    While Clouded leopards fall into a smaller category of the big cats, their low center of gravity makes them excellent climbers. However, despite their name, they’re not a leopard. They are a separate and ancient species of feline.

    Like many shy animals, the Clouded leopard doesn’t breed well in captivity. However, Howlett’s Wild Animal Park (a major sponsor of the day) is key to breeding success.

    HOW TO OBSERVE #CloudedLeopardDay

    Learn more about this fascinating animal. Read about them at and view pictures of them, too. Donate to the organization to help them learn more about the Clouded leopard. Follow them for updates on their progress.


    Howlett’s Wild Animal Park founded International Clouded Leopard Day in 2018 to raise awareness about the Clouded leopard. The organization studies and supports conservation and preservation of endangered species around the world.


  • NATIONAL WATER BALLOON DAY – First Friday in August


    Fill ’em up! The first Friday in August ushers in National Water Balloon Day just in time for the hottest days of summer!


    Pop, throw, splash, or just squish! What kid or adult doesn’t enjoy a water balloon in the hot summer? Since Edgar Ellington invented the waterproof sock in 1950, backyards haven’t been the same. Whether kids compete in the Longest Toss or take sides in a good old water balloon fight, the cool, wet fun lasts all summer long.

    Besides keeping cool, they’re an excellent way to expend a little energy, too. And speaking of spending, water balloons are an inexpensive way to have tons of fun.

    More Water Balloons
    Summer camp staff at Newmarket, NH Rec Dept Camp Wanna Iguana 2019

    From summer camps to backyard barbecues, kids and families make memories and keep cool throughout the hottest days of summer. They’ve gotten creative with them, too! No longer do they just have water balloon fights. Camp counselors, parents, and children also use inventive ways to incorporate water balloons into challenges, obstacle courses, and more. Consequently, kids learn a few things while having fun, too! For example, they exercise their teamwork, critical thinking, and leadership skills all while cooling off on a hot day. Besides, who can resist the squeals of laughter and excitement?


    Pick up an assortment of water balloons. Equally important as getting them filled, get help filling them up. Thanks to Texan father, Josh Malone, made it easier when he invented Bunch O Balloons in 2014 (now licensed to Zuru) where you can fill 100 balloons in 60 seconds! Pack them in coolers or buckets to prevent breakage. Invite the neighborhood over for a splashing good time! Then try some of these fun ways to enjoy them.

    Water Balloon Games
    Water balloon toss

    This one is a classic. Everyone pairs up. Each team stands close together taking turns tossing their water balloon to each other. As soon as the water balloon breaks they’re eliminated. The team that gets the furthest apart wins!

    Water balloon kryptonite

    Invented by Camp Wanna Iguana in Newmarket, NH, it’s just like the hot potato game. However, instead of a potato, use a green water balloon! Everyone stands in the circle, passing the balloon around while the music plays. When the music stops, whoever has the balloon must pop it over their head and is eliminated. Or they can stay in the game; it’s up to you. Grab another balloon and keep going!

    Relay Races

    There are several types of relay races.

      • Spoon Relay – Everyone divides into teams. Racers use a spoon to deliver balloons to the finish line. If they drop the balloon before reaching the finish line, they have to go back to the beginning and get a new balloon. Once they are successful, they return the spoon to the next racer so they can take their balloon to the finish line.
      • Back to Back – Divide into pairs. Place the balloon between the racers’ backs. Get the balloon to the finish line without breaking it.
      • Under the Chin – Divide into teams. Place the balloon under a racer’s chin and race to the goal line and back to the starting line. Pass the balloon to the next racer using chins only. Repeat until all the racers have competed. If the balloon breaks, grab another balloon and get racing!!
    Simon Says

    Divide into two teams. Each team should have one leader. The same rules apply here as with regular Simon Says. The leaders take turns giving the other team players instructions. When players perform an action when “Simon Says” is not part of the direction, the opposing team gets to throw balloons at those players. Then those players are eliminated.

    Clean up challenge

    Set a timer to 5 minutes. Everyone races to collect as many broken balloon pieces as possible. Present prizes to first, second, and third people with the most pieces collected.

    Be sure to have fun and stay cool! Share your water balloon fun using #NationalWaterBalloonDay to share on social media.


    The Town of Newmarket, NH Recreation Department’s Camp Wanna Iguana Summer Camp program founded National Water Balloon Day in 2019 to celebrate their time-honored tradition of birthday water balloons, plus all the summertime fun water balloons have brought campers throughout the years and will bring to future generations.

    The Town of Newmarket NH Recreation Department is known for its crazy, wacky, out-of-the-box thinking. In 2003 they received a Guinness World Record for creating the Largest Game of Pick Up Sticks and was featured with a ½ page colored photo in the 50th Anniversary 2015 edition in the Guinness World Book of Records! Therefore, being the 2019 founder of National Water Balloon Day aligns perfectly with their mission to create wicked fun experiences to show our community that recreation is a life priority. They invite everyone to live by their values every day which is to Lead with Heart, Play with Passion, Explore Personal Growth, We RECognize You!

    Water Balloon Day logos FOLLOW THEM ON FACEBOOK @newmarketrec @campwannaiguana

    The Town of Newmarket NH Recreation Department staff are proud professional members of both the New Hampshire Recreation and Parks Association NHRPA and the National Recreation and Parks Association NRPA.

    In 2019, the Registrar at National Day Calendar proclaimed National Water Balloon Day to be observed the first Friday in August annually.

    Media Contact:
    Aimee Gigandet
    Newmarket Recreation Director
    Rec Connect Community Collaboration Coordinator
    1 Terrace Drive
    Town of Newmarket, NH 03857

    Create Community, Support the Rec!

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    603-557-1512 cell

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  • International Beer Day – First Friday in August


    The first Friday in August brings a toast to ales, lagers, and pilsners that put the international in International Beer Day. 


    Perhaps there’s a porter or a Belgian in your glass. Whether yours is fermented or not, dark or pale, hoppy, bitter, smooth, raise your mug. Lift it high among friends around the world, thanking those who work at brewing delicious beer in your local area. Why? Because International Beer Day brings the world together, celebrating the beers of all cultures on one remarkable day.

    Did you know, this is a day for beer lovers everywhere. In backyards, taverns, pubs, and breweries all over, people celebrate beer’s greatness while showing gratitude to their bartender and waitstaff. By the way, did you miss National IPA Day the other day? Don’t miss this one. If you do, be sure to check out these other ways to celebrate:


    “A fine beer may be judged with only one sip… but it’s better to be thoroughly sure.” – Czech Proverb

    Better yet, don’t miss it. Enjoy a glass with friends. Try a new beer. If you don’t know what to try, here are some suggestions.

    • Attend a tasting – Yes, like wine tastings, there are beer tastings, too.
    • Get a flight – Many pubs and breweries offer a flight with of few ounces of 4-5 beers to taste.
    • Make some beer bread – Enjoy this tasty recipe while you also enjoy your brewskies!
    • Take a quiz – There are several flavor profile quizzes online to help you choose your next beer. You can also take a quiz to find out just how much you know about beer, too. Like this one at Fun Trivia.
    • Ask the bartender – They can guide you based on your flavor preferences. Then be sure to thank and tip them, especially if they provided sound advice.
    • Tour a brewery – Brewery tours offer samples. Not only will you find a beer you like, but most breweries have a rich history. Even younger breweries include fascinating stories about their founders or their recipes.

    Post on social media using #InternationalBeerDay – Celebrate all who brew such fantastic beer around the globe.


    Our research shows the origin of International Beer Day dates back to 2008. Because August is hot in many parts of the world, the first Friday of August was chosen. 

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    National Coast Guard Day on August 4th celebrates and honors the courageous work of the service members of Coast Guard. 


    The United States Coast Guard is one of the six US Armed Forces. While this maritime service is a branch of the military, they are a multi-missioned service. During peacetime, it operates under the Department of Homeland Security. However, their responsibilities can be transferred to the US Navy by the President of the United States any time deemed necessary, or by Congress during war times.

    Always ready, The United States Coast Guard’s official motto in Latin reads Semper Paratus.

    Since 1790, the Coast Guard’s missions have changed. As the nation and the military services grew, maritime needs evolved. In 1917, the first Coast Guard aviators graduated from Pensacola Naval Aviation Training School. Today, aviation is a large part of the Coast Guard’s security, enforcement, and defense readiness.

    Always ready to protect our shores and waterways, the Coast Guard provides more than search and rescue. They are a large part of the nation’s navigation system and Marine Environmental Protection.

    When Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast of America, the US Coast Guard saved over 33,500 lives. Their maritime efforts rescued an estimated 24,000 lives from peril in severely dangerous conditions.

    Since 1790, service members have been at the ready to provide support whatever the mission. Their commitment continues today. 


    In America, thousands of events nationwide honor the Coast Guard. Get involved and show your support. Other ways to celebrate the day include:

    • Taking a tour of one of the many Coast Guard museums in the country.
    • Share stories of Coast Guard experiences.
    • Listen to the U.S. Coast Guard Band.
    • Watch movies featuring the Coast Guard. Find a complete list here.
    • Read about the Coast Guard in The Coast Guard by José Hanson and Tom Beard or So Others May Live: Coast Guard’s Rescue Swimmers: Saving Lives, Defying Death by Marth J. Laguardia-Kotite and Tome Ridge

    Post on social media using #NationalCoastGuardDay.


    The United States Coast Guard traces its founding to an act of Congress on August 4, 1790.  The Coast Guard consisted of 10 vessels that carried out the enforcement of various trade and humanitarian duties.




    On August 4th, National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day gives us an opportunity to dunk America’s #1 favorite cookie. Whether yours are homemade or storebought, pour a glass of milk and enjoy.


    Without chocolate chips, the cookie would still be number one. Or would it?

    For that reason, we also recognize Ruth Graves Wakefield on National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day. Thanks to her inventiveness and curiosity, chocolate chips and a cookie dough go together. And for this reason, we hover around ovens savoring the moment the timer dings.

    How the Chocolate Chip Cookie Began

    Imagine if Ruth Graves Wakefield hadn’t run out of baker’s chocolate for her cookie recipe that day in 1937. Because that’s what happened. The cookie recipe she was preparing called for baker’s chocolate and would have blended smoothly into the dough. However, she was out. And what if Mrs. Wakefield hadn’t considered using semi-sweet chocolate instead? She figured it would just melt into the dough and work much like the baker’s chocolate.

    Or, what if someone had interrupted Ruth Graves Wakefield that day and caused the cookies to burn and ruin the experiment?

    Well, none of that happened. Instead of interruptions or doubts, the baker added the chocolate to the dough. Moments later the mouthwatering aroma began to waft from Mrs. Wakefield’s oven. Perhaps the smell lured a child into the kitchen. Or maybe a guest at the Tollhouse Inn she and her husband owned. We may not know the finer details of the day the chocolate chip cookie came to be. However, we do know Ruth Graves Wakefield made it happen.

    And if it weren’t for her, we wouldn’t know the ecstasy of warm chocolate chip cookie melting on our tongue. We know that feeling. When our eyes close in heavenly satisfaction and a perfect smile graces our face. No, if it weren’t for Ruth Graves Wakefield, entire generations would be denied the bliss that is a chocolate chip cookie.

    We could even go so far as to say she is responsible for all those other nuggets of goodness. Those morsels of butterscotch, peanut butter, and white chocolate we enjoy in much the same way we enjoy our chocolate delights. Nothing, though, rates quite as high as the chocolate chip cookie Ruth Graves Wakefield brought to us in 1937. No, nothing.


    Make your favorite chocolate chip cookies and throw some extra chocolate chips into the mix! Give this recipe a try. Other ways to celebrate the day include:

    • Read the book Ruth Graves Wakefield: One Smart Cookie by Sarah Howden
    • Visit your favorite bakery and give them a shout out, too.
    • Organize a chocolate chip cookie bake-off. It could even be a fundraiser for a local charity.
    • Try recipes from Ruth Wakefield’s Toll House: Tried and True Recipes.

    Post on social media using #ChocolateChipCookieDay.


    We were unable to find the origins of this holiday.


    Need more cookie days to celebrate? Check out these!
    Oatmeal Cookie Day
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    August 4th Celebrated History


    The U.S. Coast Guard is established, serving as the only U.S. force on the seas at the time.


    The Saturday Evening Post publishes its first edition. Printed on a press previously operated by Benjamin Franklin, the Saturday Evening Post was stylized after The Pennsylvania Gazette, also printed by Franklin.


    Red Cross forms in Britain as the British National Society for Aid to the Sick and Wounded in War.


    Musée Rodin (Rodin Museum) opens in Paris displaying the works of French sculptor Auguste Rodin.


    Two years after she went into hiding from the Nazis, Anne Frank and her family are arrested.


    German Wilhelm Herz breaks a motorcycle land speed record by when he achieves 210 miles per hour at Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah.


    Pitcher Bob Gibson wins his 200th game in a home game in St. Louis. The final score was 7-2 against the San Francisco Giants.


    Carl Lewis earns his first gold medal at the Los Angels Olympics. He ran the 100-meter sprint in 9.99 seconds.


    “Purple Rain” hits #1 on the music charts. The Minnesota pop-rocker, Prince released the song on July 14th.

    August 4th Celebrated Birthdays

    Percy Bysshe Shelley – 1792

    Known for his romantic poetry, Shelley would also gain a reputation as a rebel.

    Louis Vuitton – 1821

    Making a name for himself as a fashion designer, Vuitton launched his brand in 1854.

    Queen Elizabeth II – 1900

    The Queen Mother held her reign longer than any other British monarch.

    Louis Armstrong – 1901

    Also known as Satchmo, Armstrong’s five-decade career included jazz songs like “Wonderful World”, “Hello, Dolly,” and “Isn’t This a Lovely Day.” The talented musician played trumpet and his voice provided a one-of-a-kind sound.

    Helen Thomas – 1920 Journalist

    Thomas served in the White House press corps and her career spanned presidents from Kennedy to Obama.

    Elsberry Hobbs – 1936 

    Hobbs played bass for the Drifters from 1959 – 1966.

    Mary Decker – 1958

    During her career, Decker appeared in four Olympics, and she’s the only athlete to achieve U.S. records in every distance between 800 meters to 10,000 meters.

    Barack Obama – 1961

    Serving two terms as the 44th President of the United States, he is also the first Black U.S. president.

    Roger Clemens – 1962

    As a pitcher, Clemens played 24 seasons in Major League Baseball. Due to his powerful pitches, he earned the name “Rocket.”

    Lori Lightfoot – 1962

    Upon her election to Chicago’s mayor in 2019, Lightfoot became the first African-American woman elected to the office.

    Daniel Dae Kim – 1968

    Known for his roles in the television shows Lost and Hawaii Five-0, Kim is also a voice actor and producer.

    Jeff Gordon – 1971

    The former professional stock car driver earned a long list of honors. Gordon now announces for Fox NASCAR.

    Meghan Markle – 1981

    Sharing a birthday with the Queen Mother, Markle joined the British Royal Family when she and Prince Harry married.