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    Every year on August 28th, International Read Comics in Public Day encourages the general public to read comic books for all to see. It’s also a day to celebrate the various comic genres and styles.

    Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Captain America, and Spiderman are some of the most popular superheroes in history. These fictional characters are also some of the biggest names in the world of comics. In recent years, comics have increased immensely in popularity. What some may not realize, however, is how long comics have been around. The first modern comic book was published in 1933. Famous Funnies was comprised of reprinted newspaper comic strips.

    Three years later, Lee Falk created the first superhero, The Phantom. The original superhero made his newspaper comic strip debut in 1936. In 1938, writer Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Shuster created one of the most popular superheroes of all time, Superman. The man of superhuman strength first appeared in Action Comics. Superman became the prototype for many superheroes featured in comic books. Other famous comic characters include Charlie Brown, Donald Duck, Calvin & Hobbes, Dennis the Menace, Garfield, and Beetle Baily.

    Throughout the years, there have been many genres of comic books. Some of these genres include:

    • Alternative/Esoteric
    • Manga
    • Science Fiction
    • Fantasy
    • Comedy
    • Action/Adventure
    • Horror
    • Humor
    • Romance

    People around the world enjoy reading comic books. India is the country in which people read the most comic books. Thailand and China follow close behind. Sadly, In the United States, 59 percent of the population has never read a comic book. If you’re one of those, today would be a great day to read a comic book for the first time!

    HOW TO OBSERVE #InternationalReadComicsInPublicDay

    On this day, all around the world, people read comic books in public. Some might choose a park or coffee house to read their comic book. Others might do their comic book reading at the library. As long as the comic book is read in public, that’s all that counts! Share this day on social media with a picture of your favorite comic book or character with #ReadComicsInPublicDay.


    Comic lovers Brian Heater and Sarah Morean began International Read Comics in Public Day in 2010. The duo was also the creator of a comic blog called, The Daily Cross Hatch. They chose August 28th to celebrate Jack Kirby’s birthday. Kirby was an American comic book artist, writer, and editor. He helped to co-create the Fantastic Four, the Incredible Hulk, and Iron Man.




    August 28th brings with it an opportunity to demonstrate how we value each other. National Thoughtful Day sets aside a celebration meant to bring goodwill in a variety of ways. By serving the day with a spirit of generosity toward others, a ripple effect takes place.


    What encompasses a thoughtful day? Sometimes it’s an awareness of fulfilling another’s needs. Whether they are celebrating something already or need a pick-me-up, being aware generates a multitude of thoughts that result in thoughtful acts. It can be a small token or an inspirational word. Either way, your thoughtfulness makes others feel special.

    And many times, those special people in our lives will reciprocate in kind. While it is usually not expected when we’re being thoughtful, it tends to happen anyway.

    Being thoughtful also creates an interchange of thoughts and ideas that spur even more thoughtfulness. One simple act or word can generate new friendships, cause a plan to develop or a garden to grow. Who knows where your thoughtfulness will lead!

    A thoughtful day also gives us perspective. We pause a moment to think of another and not ourselves. Our consideration for others brings kindness to the world that would otherwise be missing.

    And while all these reasons matter, one of the most important reasons to celebrate National Thoughtful Day is that it is necessary. Imagine all the lives we touch and how a single thoughtful act can impact them for a lifetime. Thoughtfulness is a necessity we cannot live without.


    Put your stamp on the day – your own style of thoughtful. Then put it into practice. Maybe you’ll become the aunt known for her sweet treats or the friend known for surprise coffees at work. Some other thoughtful ideas include:

    • Mail cards to several people in your address book. A handwritten note means so much since they are rare these days.
    • Deliver small treats to friends and family. They won’t be turned away, we promise!
    • Bring fresh flowers to your neighbor. They will brighten the day and make a connection.
    • Surprise someone with a new book. Inspirational stories bring comfort and joy.
    • Take a child to the park. Children always appreciate one on one time.
    • Visit Pinterest for inspiration or Thoughtful Pinch for more ideas.

    Most importantly, share your thoughtful day on social media. Include your inspiration and plans while tagging them with #NationalThoughtfulDay.


    Thoughtful Pinch founded National Thoughtful Day to celebrate all the ways being thoughtful brings beauty, inspiration, and empowerment to our lives. According to the creator of Thoughtful Pinch, Barb Paton, “By being thoughtful, one size does not have to fit all. In fact, the more unique the celebration, the better!”

    The Registrar at National Day Calendar proclaimed the celebration to be observed on August 28th, annually.




    On August 28th, National Red Wine Day ushers in the flavors of fall. As the grapes ripen and signal a time for warmer sips, wine drinkers know reds mean tailgating and spicy foods.


    Throughout the year, wine days afford us the opportunity to taste and learn about the differences between wines. Earlier this month National Prosecco Day gave us the last bubbly rays of summer. Now we savor the best of the season with Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot noir, Port, and Syrah.

    When is National Wine Day?

    Red wine varietals produce deep ruby reds as well as subtle ambers and browns. Their beautiful colors hint at the coming change in the season. With that, we can look for delicious menu changes, too. Besides, what better way to enjoy a great bottle of wine than by pairing it with excellent company and food. Restaurants around the country will be happy to oblige throughout the celebration. Be sure to check out the latest menus from appetizers to desserts.

    Don’t fear the red, either. Even if you prefer a sweeter wine, there’s a red for you. Also, blends offer a way to enjoy the best of both wine worlds. And don’t fret. Red, red wine pairs well with salad, steak, dessert and so much more.

    If you’re hesitant, attend a wine tasting. There you will learn more each time and find the wine that fits not only your palate but your cooking style, too.


    Pour a glass or two of delicious red wine. Not sure what kind to try? Ask a sommelier and enjoy a wine tasting with friends. Use #NationalRedWineDay to share your favorites.

    There are more ways to celebrate wine, too! Don’t miss these 9 Wine Celebrations and you’ll be the life of the party. We also provide you with available offers. Check out the Celebration Deals page for more info.


    In 2014, Jace Shoemaker-Galloway created National Red Wine Day. 

    Red Wine FAQ

    Q. How many calories in a glass of red wine?
    A. One 5 ounce serving of red wine contains 125 calories.

    Q. Is a rosé wine a red wine?
    A. Red grapes are used to make rosé wines. When making red wines, the skins remain in contact with the pulp and juice long enough to produce red wine. The production of rosé is similar. The juice and pulp remain in contact with the skins for a lesser amount of time giving the wine its rosy color.

    Q. What are the names of some red wines?
    A. Merlot, Pinot Noir, Zinfandel, Bordeaux, Chianti, and Rioja are just a few red wines from around the world.


    August 28th Celebrated History


    The English Astronomer, William Herschel discovers a new moon orbiting Saturn. The moon is called Enceladus, today.


    The first commercial vineyard is planted by John James Dufour in Jessamine County, Kentucky.


    Challenging pronunciation around the world while adding flavor to marinades and sauces, pharmacists John Lea and William Perrins create Worcester Sauce.


    Rufus Porter publishes the first issue of Scientific American. Today, it’s the oldest continuously published periodical in the United States.


    One of the first photographs of a tornado is taken near Howard, South Dakota.


    Pharmacist Caleb Bradham changes the name of the carbonated soda he invented from Brad’s Drink to Pepsi-Cola.


    In one of several escape performances he promoted in August, Harry Houdini escapes from a nailed cate submerged in water at Aquatic Park near Fisherman’s Warf in San Francisco. His arms and legs were chained with handcuffs and leg irons.


    James E. Casey establishes the American Messenger Company. As the business expanded, the name was changed to United Parcel Service.


    During the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, Martin Luther King Jr makes his “I Have A Dream” speech. The speech is one of the most quoted and most famous speeches in the world.


    Dr. Peter Buck and college student Fred Deluca open the first Subway sandwich shop in Bridgeport, Connecticut.


    The musical group the Jackson 5 releases the single “I’ll Be There” featuring the vocal talents of a young Michael Jackson.


    The movies Honeymoon in Vegas, Clear Cut, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me and Pet Sematary Two are released.


    Danian Landscape & Garden completes the longest wooden walkway in the world.


    Willamette University hosts the largest game of Red Light/Green Light. The 1,203 participants broke the university’s previous record from 2013.


    Returning the Favor, the social media streaming show hosted by Mike Rowe, premiers.

    August 28th Celebrated Birthdays

    Elizabeth Ann Bayley Seton – 1774

    Together with two other women, Seton established the first free Catholic school in the United States. She was canonized by the Catholic Church in 1975. Seton Hall University is named in her honor.

    Lucy Ware Webb Hayes – 1831

    The 20th First Lady of the United States was quite loved by the country.

    Louis Le Prince – 1841

    In 1888, the inventor and innovator recorded what most in the industry believe to be the first moving images on film.

    George Whipple – 1878

    Whipple’s research into treatments for pernicious anemia and the liver led to a Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.

    Roger Tory Peterson – 1908

    The artist and naturalist published Peterson’s Field Guide to the Birds ushering in a new phase to the environmental movement.

    Tasha Tudor – 1915

    The illustrator and author of children’s books as The Christmas Cat and A Time to Keep.

    Jack Kirby – 1917

    The immense talent of comic book author Jack Kirby inspired several Marvel films.

    Janet Frame – 1924

    Author of the novel Owls Do Cry, Janet Frame became one of New Zealand’s beloved authors.

    Scott Hamilton – 1958

    The American figure skater won gold in the 1984 Sarajevo Olympic Games.

    Shania Twain – 1965

    The country music artist had a string of hits, several that crossed over to the pop charts. Her popular ballad “From This Moment On” and the anthem “Any Man of Mine” kept listeners coming back for more.



    On August 28th, It’s Morphin’ Time! National Power Rangers Day officially recognizes the original “teenagers with attitude” and celebrates all things Power Rangers!


    In 1993, five ordinary teenagers exploded on the pop-culture scene with the launch of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Together they broke down barriers. They defeated evil by demonstrating teamwork, inclusivity, and diversity to people of all ages. Today, this grand tradition continues as new Ranger teams and new generations of fans discover these essential values again.

    On National Power Rangers Day everyone gets to be a Power Ranger! What are your Ranger skills and abilities? Do you have super strength or enhanced memory? Maybe your talent hasn’t been discovered yet. That’s ok! Nor does it matter where you live or who you are. With discipline, mindfulness, and heart, anyone can become a Power Ranger. Ultimately, the goal is calling your friends, color coordinating and celebrating the day!


    Whether you are a red, yellow, pink, black, blue, green or (favorite color here) Power Ranger, on August 28th, it’s Morphin’ Time! Celebrate your passion for the Power Rangers. Wear your gear on social media and share your memories.

    • Watch your favorite episode.
    • Get sketching! Draw your favorite Power Ranger in action.
    • Pick a goal and practice the skills you need to attain it – Power Ranger style!
    • Share the Power Rangers teamwork, inclusivity, and diversity with others.
    • Write a scene or entire episode for a Power Rangers story.

    Be sure to use #NationalPowerRangersDay to get in on the fun.


    Power Rangers LOGO

    Hasbro established National Power Rangers Day on August 28, 2018, to help celebrate the Power Rangers 25th anniversary!

    Celebrating the Anniversary

    Throughout its history, Power Rangers pioneered diversity, inclusivity, and teamwork. They exemplify these values through every episode. When the show premiered in 1993, it featured a cast diverse beyond compare. Since then, the show has continued to lead the way proving that all are equal and anyone can be super. In fact, the recent 2017 feature film included one of the first Rangers/superheroes on the Autism spectrum!

    Although it began as a children’s show, the Power Rangers’ influence is multi-generational. Nostalgia is at an all-time high. For some, it’s discovering the SupeNinjaua Steel for the first time. For others, who have been fans for decades, the brand’s positive messages and main characters resonate with people around the world. Why? Because everyone can see themselves in these inspiring teenage heroes.

    The Registrar at National Day Calendar proclaimed National Power Rangers Day to be observed annually on August 28th.

    About Power Rangers

    It’s one of the most recognizable franchises in the world. And the series created by Haim Saban has one of the most popular taglines in history, “It’s Morphin Time!” The TV series “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” (MMPR) launched on August 28, 1993. Power Rangers quickly became the #1 kids action brand and a global phenomenon. With its current 25th season, “Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel,” the show is now the second longest-running non-soap opera scripted program on American TV after “The Simpsons.” There are also over 830+ episodes in its library. Currently, Power Rangers is seen in more than 150 markets around the world. It’s also translated into numerous languages and a favorite on many indispensable children’s programming blocks around the world. Go Go Power Rangers on 8.28!

    Power Rangers FAQ

    Q. What are the names of the first Power Rangers?
    A. Jason Lee Scott, Kimberly Ann Hart, Trini Kwan, Zack Taylor, Billy Cranston, and Tommy Oliver.

    Q. How many different Power Rangers have there been?
    A. Since the inception of the Power Rangers, over 140 rangers have appeared on the show.


  • NATIONAL BOW TIE DAY – August 28


    National Bow Tie Day on August 28th encourages everyone to wear this style of tie with panache! It’s versatile, too. Whether you want to look dapper or humorous, this tie enables you to modify your attire to your mood and atmosphere.


    The Croatian mercenaries during the Prussian wars of the 17th century were the originators of the bow tie. This bow tie consisted of a scarf around the neck to hold together the opening of their shirts. Using the name cravat (which derived from the French for “Croat”), the upper classes in France soon adopted this idea.

    Styles range to suit attire and occasion. This fascinating article of clothing crosses eras and generations, too. Not only that but men and women both wear bow ties. As a fashion accessory, its statements may be bold or subtle since they come in a broad range of fabrics, colors and sizes.

    Some recognizable names from history and fiction have worn bow ties and have worn them well. Winston Churchill, James Bond, Groucho Marx, Orville Redenbacher, Jerry Lewis, Bill Nye, Indiana Jones, Donald Duck and Les Nessman are just a few.  The bow tie continues to carry fashion power, today.


    Learn to tie a bow tie. Find your style. Then wear it fearlessly! Use #NationalBowTieDay to share on social media.

    Are you an educator or do you just like to learn? Join us in the Classroom for a Bow Tie lesson, video, puzzles and more!


    The celebration has been observed since at least 2007. However, National Day Calendar was unable to identify the founder of the day.

    Bow Tie FAQ

    Q. Are bow ties just for men?
    A. No. Both men and women wear bow ties.

    Q. When is International Bow Day?
    A. International Bow Day is August 19 each year.





    Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day on August 28th sets aside a day to remember the pet companions we’ve lost.


    The death of a pet, whether furry, feathered, or an uncommon variety, is felt deeply. They become family and a familiar part of our lives. Mourning their death is different for everyone, and the observance provides a way to help heal the ache of loss.

    The pain of loss is real. As each person travels through their grief, we remember the companionship and comfort they provided to us. Don’t forget that part of the relationship included care provided by you. The empty space left by the loss of a beloved pet is sometimes a difficult void to overcome.

    Celebrate the home you provided and the joy your beloved pet brought you in return. When you are ready, you will know the time has arrived to find a new ‘critter’ to replace the emptiness felt. There are many animals yet to find a home. In time, you can be their new home.


    Take time to enjoy memories of your pet. Look through pictures. Consider a visit to an animal shelter if you feel ready. Volunteering time may help the adjustment.  Use #RainbowBridgeRemembranceDay to share on social media.


    Deborah Barnes founded Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day in honor of her cat, Mr. Jazz. Cats are fascinating and lovable, little friends to have around the home. We miss them when they leave us. Truthfully, it’s the same with any pet.

    Rainbow Bridge FAQ

    Q. Who wrote the poem “The Rainbow Bridge”?
    A. Several authors claim to be the author of the poem.

    Q. When is National Find A Rainbow Day?
    A. National Find A Rainbow Day is April 3.





    National Cherry Turnover Day on August 28th praises a tasty and sweet hand pie. These cherry-filled pastries are best enjoyed hot. However, like any pie, many eat them at room temperature, too. Add a dollop of whipped cream or a scoop of ice cream. No doubt your enjoyment will be doubled. 


    Cherry turnovers are a pastry made by placing a cherry filling on a piece of dough. The dough is folded over and sealed. Then, the individual turnovers are baked or deep-fried for a golden and flaky crust. Tart cherries make the best pies. Since they need added sugar to be palatable, their juices meld with the sugar when baking. The results are tasty perfection!

    When is National Apple Turnover Day?

    A turnover a single serving. They fit nicely in a hand, making them portable. Another name for turnover is hand pie. However, we recommend a fork and plate when eating them piping hot.

    Cherries on their own offer a bounty of nutrients. For example, the antioxidants in this red fruit protect cells from damage. Because cherries pack an anti-inflammatory punch, they may help reduce the risk of heart disease, too. Find out more about the benefits of cherries, tart or sweet at Nutrition and You.

    • Related to plums, peaches, and nectarines, cherries are drupes or stone fruits.
    • Cherries were brought to North America in the 1600s by the English colonists.
    • There are more than 1,000 varieties of cherries in the United States.
    • There is an average of 44 cherries in one pound.


    Following are a few cherry turnover recipes for you to enjoy

    Tasty Cherry Turnovers
    Easy Cherry Turnovers

    Use #CherryTurnoverDay to post on social media.


    National Day Calendar continues researching the origins of this tasty holiday. 

    Cherry Turnover FAQ

    Q. Should I use fresh or frozen cherries when making turnovers?
    A. Fresh or frozen cherries can be used when making turnovers.

    Q. How many calories in a cherry turnover?
    A. Depending on the size and ingredients, a cherry turnover can range from 250 to 300 calories in a single serving.

    Q. How many calories are in a single cherry?
    A. One cherry contains about 5 calories.

    Q. What other cherry holidays are on the calendar?
    A. February is National Cherry Month. Other cherry holidays include National Cherry Cobbler Day, National Cherry Cheesecake Day, National Chocolate Covered Cherry Dayand National Cherries Jubilee Day.