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  • WORLD VETERINARY DAY – Last Saturday in April


    Every year on the last Saturday in April, World Veterinary Day celebrates the veterinary profession. The day also honors the lifesaving work performed by veterinarians around the world.


    If you have a pet or own livestock, there is a good chance you have a veterinarian or vet for short. These medical professionals are known for protecting the well-being of animals. Thanks to disease prevention in animals, they also help to protect the health of humans.

    Veterinarians practice medicine by diagnosing diseases and treating injuries and ailments in all kinds of animals. Some vets specialize in large animals, such as horses and cattle. Others work only with cats, dogs, and other small pets, such as rabbits, ferrets, and hamsters.

    Veterinarians can also specialize in a particular animal species, such as:

    • Avian (birds)
    • Equine (horses)
    • Reptiles
    • Amphibians

    There are also veterinarians who specialize in treating zoo animals or animals in the wild. Instead of working directly with animals, some vets work in other areas. These areas include food safety and animal research.

    Most countries across the globe employ veterinarians. Some of the highest-paid vets work in Denmark, Germany, Canada, Iceland, and Switzerland. The United States ranks number one on the list for highest-paid veterinarians. Vets in this country earn an average of $88,490.


    Veterinary clinics, animal hospitals, schools, and organizations host a variety of events on this day. These events include educational seminars, presentations, and other activities that raise awareness about the importance of veterinarians. On this day, veterinarians promote a variety of important services for animals, such as vaccinations, wellness checks, spaying, and neutering.

    To participate in this day:

    • Thank your vet for all they do to keep your pet healthy.
    • Learn about all the different kinds of vets.
    • Discuss with others the important role vets play in both animal and human health.
    • Encourage your animal-loving children to explore the veterinary profession,

    Spread awareness for this day on social media with #WorldVeterinaryDay


    The World Veterinary Association (WVA) created World Veterinary Day in 2000 to celebrate the veterinary profession. In recent years, the WVA has partnered with Health for Animals and the Global Animal Medicines Association. Together, these organizations sponsor the World Veterinary Day Award. This award, along with $2,500, is given to a member of the WVA whose activities contribute to the annual theme. Past themes for this day have included “Environmental Protection for Improving Animal and Human Health” and the “Value of Vaccination.”

  • NATIONAL FIRST LADIES DAY – Last Saturday in April


    National First Ladies Day on the last Saturday in April honors all First Ladies of the United States and commemorates the founding of the First Lady upon President George Washington’s inauguration on April 30, 1789. Martha Washington became First Lady of the United States that day. She and all those who followed in her footsteps have played in molding our nation.


    Since 1789, a first lady has accompanied every president. Starting with Martha Washington, who was born on June 2, 1731, first ladies have helped set a tone in the highest office of the land. Even the country’s only bachelor president, James Buchannan, required someone to act as hostess. Harriet Lane, the president’s niece, stepped into the role of the first lady. She presented a well-ordered White House with tact and grace. Lane isn’t the only relative to serve in the role of the first lady. Several other presidents held office as widowers requiring someone to step into the role as a de facto first lady, too.

    While they aren’t elected, many of them campaign alongside their spouse. Others have served as elected or appointed officials in many different capacities. First ladies have been teachers, Girl Scouts, educated, and adventurous.

    More First Lady Facts

    Another first lady with a unique history is Abigail Adams. The first to live in the White House when John Adams was elected the 2nd President of the United States, Adams was also the mother of another president – John Quincy Adams. First Lady Barbara Bush repeated that circumstance 176 years later when her son George W. Bush was elected.

    Only two first ladies were born outside the United States – Melania Trump was the most recent. Do you know who the first was?

    Tradition and Firsts

    While nearly every first lady since Martha Washington has been dedicated to a charitable cause, Lady Bird Johnson made it a formal platform. Since then, the country has come to expect the next first lady to continue the tradition.

    Abigail Fillmore was the first teacher to ascend to the role of the first lady. The most recent was Laura Bush.

    While there are many firsts in the world of first ladies, two recent ones include the first African American and the first to earn a doctorate degree – Michele Obama and Dr. Jill Biden.

    First Lady Tragedy

    Eight first ladies have become widows while living in the White House. The first was Anna Harrison. Notably, she was also the grandmother of Benjamin Harrison, the 23rd President. Of these eight, four were the wives of presidents who were assassinated. Mary Lincoln, Lucretia Garfield, Ida McKinley, and Jacqueline Kennedy fall into this tragic list.


    • On National First Ladies Day, learn more about the women who’ve set tradition, supported the president, and become role models for many.
    • Read memoirs, tour museums, and watch documentaries about the first ladies.
    • Have you met a first lady or two? Share your experiences or how you think the first lady role will change over time.
    • Use #FirstLadiesDay to share on social media.
    • Are you looking for more facts? Read 7 Fascinating First Lady Facts to learn more.


    In 2021, National Day Calendar in cooperation with The National First Ladies Day Commission declared National First Ladies Day to be observed on the last Saturday in April to commemorate the creation of the First Lady in 1789.

  • WORLD WISH DAY – April 29


    Every year on April 29th, World Wish Day celebrates the anniversary of the founding of Make-A-Wish. It’s a day for Make-A-Wish chapters and affiliates to come together and reflect on how many wishes they have made come true. 


    Have you ever had a strong desire for something to happen? If so, you have had a wish. Most people have wished for something at some point in their life. Some of the most popular things people wish for include: 

    • Good health 
    • Money
    • Basic necessities, such as food and shelter 
    • Love
    • The ability to change something about themselves
    • To become famous 
    • World peace 
    • Freedom
    • Happiness 

    Some of these things are easily attainable. Others are not, especially for people who may live in a poverty-stricken or war-torn country. The above wishes are things that adults usually wish for. But what about children? Most kids wish to have fun, to play, to be accepted, for friendship, to have a happy home, and to learn. Some kids wish they didn’t have to do chores. Others wish they could have a certain career or be someone important when they grow up. 

    For many kids, these kinds of wishes do come true. There are many, children however, that will never get the one thing they wish for. The reason for this is they have an incurable or critical illness that prevents them from getting their wish. This is a sad reality. Thankfully, there are organizations, such as Make-A-Wish, who desire to help make these children’s wishes come true. 


    On this day, Make-A-Wish chapters around the world celebrate the beginning of this organization. The organization shares stories of how a wish-come-true gave a child the strength they needed to fight their illness. To participate in this day, help a child’s wish come true by making a donation to Make-A-Wish. You can also encourage a child who is battling an illness or do what you can to help their wish come true. Share this day on social media with #WorldWishDay.


    Make-A-Wish was formed in 1980. A 7-year old boy named Christopher Greicius inspired the founding of the organization. He was battling leukemia and had a wish to be a police officer. In 2010, Make-A-Wish celebrated its 30th anniversary by creating a World Wish Day. Since its inception, Make-A-Wish has granted over 500,000 wishes in nearly 50 countries. 

  • INDEPENDENT BOOKSTORE DAY – Last Saturday in April


    On the last Saturday in April, Independent Bookstore Day brings together the celebration of classics, entrepreneurship and the joy of browsing through aisles of books.


    Make your way down to your locally owned bookstore where the shop owner knows your interests. Chat with other bibliophiles over collections or discover a new favorite. Introduce nieces and nephews to your childhood favorites and let them wow you with their knowledge of the latest trilogies. Get lost in biographies or historical fiction while debating the value of a mint condition cookbook from the 1860s.


    Independent bookstores offer a peaceful place and a community often filled with local authors and voices who share stories. Visit your local independent bookstore and discover more for your imagination.  Use #IndependentBookstoreDay to share on social media.


    Samantha Schoech founded Independent Book Store Day in 2014 celebrate the passionate booksellers and readers who love them.

  • NATIONAL POOL OPENING DAY – Last Saturday in April


    Each year on the last Saturday in April, National Pool Opening Day encourages pool owners across the country to prepare their swimming pools for a summer of fun, fitness, and enjoyment.


    Swimming pools offer many benefits including physical exercise, social interaction and psychological benefits. Exercising in a swimming pool allows us to do many things that are difficult on land. The water makes us buoyant, so we don’t put as much strain on our joints. It also creates resistance, so every move becomes more of a workout. Another benefit is the cooling effect of water. It helps prevent overheating while exercising. Socializing at the swimming pool can be relaxing and fun. It can help relieve stress while enjoying friends and family.


    Test and balance your water to ensure it is healthy and safe. Check your pool equipment for proper operation. Get out your favorite pool accessories so you can fully enjoy your pool. Post photos of you and your family enjoying your pool on social media using #PoolOpeningDay.


    In 2016, Leslie’s Swimming Pool Supplies founded National Pool Opening Day to celebrate that first cool dip and to encourage everyone to make their pools as safe and clean as possible.

    The Registrar at National Day Calendar proclaimed the day to be observed on last Saturday in April, annually.

  • NATIONAL KISS OF HOPE DAY – Last Saturday of April


    Each year on the last Saturday in April, National Kiss of Hope Day encourages couples and parents to express their love for one another. The day also rallies supporters to help be a part of exciting fund-raising ideas to help amazing charities all over the world.


    Approximately 40 million people struggle to put food on the table and nearly 2.3 million are at risk of eviction each year. Sometimes a medical condition causes expenses to rise. If the primary breadwinner is laid-off, budgets are stretched. Unexpected repairs to a car or other unplanned expenses make it difficult to make ends meet. 

    Organizations around the country help those who need to just make it through the month. Food pantries offer supplementary groceries. Others help with shelter in times of need. Some donate services, making repairs. 


    Families, express your love for one another. Don’t let another day go by without letting someone know how much you care for them. Donate to a local organization to support those in your community who are in need. Use #NationalKissofHopeDay to share on social media.  


    Kiss of Hope Logo

    In 2015, Bill Gobin on behalf of the Kiss of Hope Foundation created National Kiss of Hope Day. The Kiss of Hope Foundation (KOH) is an organization committed to enriching the lives of families, individuals and communities in need. The foundation’s purpose is to raise money to help families with rent, provide needed food, clothing for children, etc.

    The Registrar at National Day Calendar® proclaimed the day to be observed annually on the last Saturday of April.

    For more information or to inquire how you can help visit Twitter


    Kiss Of Hope Foundation: Bill Gobin |

    National Day Calendar®: Marlo Anderson | 701.204.6674 |

    29 April 2023
    27 April 2024
    26 April 2025
    25 April 2026
    24 April 2027
    29 April 2028
    28 April 2029


  • NATIONAL SENSE OF SMELL DAY – Last Saturday in April


    Held on the last Saturday in April, National Sense of Smell Day celebrates one of the five senses. Our sense of smell is more than a way to know when dinner is ready. It also plays a role as an early warning system, triggers memories, and interacts with our other senses. 


    Did you know, scent cells renew every 30-60 days and are the only sense nerve cells that can regenerate. Those scent cells allow us to recognize smells from childhood, triggering memories of Play-doh, grandma’s cookies or pipe smoke. It’s also the only sense directly connected to the brain where all those memories are stored.

    Take a woman when house shopping. She’s more likely to smell unwelcome odors such as smoke, pet urine, or mold before a man. Women naturally have a better sense of smell.

    While the loss of smell occurs naturally with age, it can also be a sign of illness, especially a neurological disorder such as Parkinson’s disease or an early stage of Alzheimer’s disease.

    A human’s odor is like a fingerprint. Even when we wear deodorant or fragrances, our scent combines with those for a unique combination. Babies recognize the smell of their mothers. Spouses know the scent of their partners, too.


    Museums, children’s museums, and science centers across the country participate in celebrating this holiday by offering hands-on activities and informational displays about the sense of smell. 

    For fun, do a smell test at home. Collect items such as the ones listed below. Place a small amount of each item in individual containers. Cover them with a cloth and then take turns blindfolding family members to see if they can pass the smell test. 

    • lemon peel
    • vanilla extract
    • coffee grounds
    • toothpaste
    • chocolate
    • oil
    • sawdust
    • flower petals
    • someone’s soap

    Use #SenseOfSmellDay to post on social media.


    Our research has found that the Sense of Smell Institute sponsors National Sense of Smell Day.  However, we were unable to find the year it began.

    29 April 2023
    27 April 2024
    26 April 2025
    25 April 2026
    24 April 2027
    29 April 2028
    28 April 2029

  • NATIONAL REBUILDING DAY – Last Saturday in April


    Each year on the last Saturday in April, National Rebuilding Day encourages organizations and volunteers to pick up their tools and roll up their sleeves. On this day and over the weekend, thousands of volunteers join together to provide much-needed and sometimes critical and life-saving repairs, for vulnerable families in various communities.


    The work done by volunteers is at no cost to the recipient families. Monies for materials are raised through sponsorships, donations, and in-kind gifts. Volunteers come together from area businesses, schools, faith-based organizations, civic and community groups, and associations and work selflessly to help others. 

    The cost of shingling a roof or building a ramp adds up, especially if someone is on a fixed income. These volunteers make homes safer, more economical to heat and cool, and more enjoyable for the residents. 

    If you can wield a hammer, saw or paint bush, haul wood, or even rake leaves, you have the skills these organizations need. Volunteers are vital to any organization, but volunteers with skills go such a long way to helping rebuild someone’s home and hope.


    Join an organization near you that helps those who need repairs to their home. If there isn’t one, encourage your church or other community groups to help you start one. Consider donating to a cause that supports helping people to keep their homes safe and healthy. Use #NationalRebuildingDay to post on social media.


    The non-profit group Rebuilding Together founded National Rebuilding Day. The organization has been supporting the Chicago area for over 30 years.

    29 April 2023
    27 April 2024
    26 April 2025
    25 April 2026
    24 April 2027
    29 April 2028
    28 April 2029



    National Shrimp Scampi Day on April 29th gives us a tasty way to celebrate. On this day, we honor the delicious dish of shrimp cooked with butter, garlic, lemon juice, and white wine.


    Scampi is a culinary term for small lobster known as Nephrops (also known as langoustine or Dublin Bay Prawns) and which is completely unrelated to this day.

    The day is wholly dedicated to the buttery, garlicky, lemony, and wine-sauced preparation of shrimp. Prepare the dish using fresh or frozen shrimp. When serving the dish, add a side of noodle or rice, steamed vegetables, and crusty bread or rolls. Shrimp scampi pairs well with white wine. Since the dish is light, a rich dessert of cheesecake or crème brûlée rounds out the meal.


    • Serve up some shrimp scampi.
    • Invite friends and family to join you.
    • Enjoy this Shrimp Scampi recipe.
    • Share your favorite shrimp scampi recipe.
    • Go out to eat and give the restaurant a shout-out.
    • Use #NationalShrimpScampiDay to post on social media.


    National Day Calendar continues to research the origins of this seafood holiday.

    Shrimp FAQ

    Q. Do shrimp live in salt or freshwater?
    A. Most shrimp live in saltwater but they also live in freshwater.

    Q. Are shrimp shells edible?
    A. Yes, they are. A shrimp’s head and tail are also edible. Though, most dishes serve shrimp without the shell. Even if you choose not to eat the shell, it can add flavor to a dish so leaving it on until you’re ready to eat is an option too.

    Q. Are there other shrimp holidays on the calendar?
    A. Yes. Check these out:

    French Fried Shrimp Day
    Shrimp Day




    National Zipper Day commemorates April 29, 1913, when the patent for the modern zipper was issued. The day celebrates something we often do not think about and may automatically take for granted.


    The first attempt at creating the zipper came from the inventor of the sewing machine. In 1851, Elias Howe received a patent for the “Automatic, Continuous Clothing Closure.” However, Howe never marketed his invention and missed the recognition he may have received.

    Forty-two years later, Whitcomb Judson began selling the “Clasp Locker.” Similar to Elias Howe’s patent, this device served as a more complicated hook-and-eye shoe fastener. Judson started the Universal Fastener Company, where he manufactured his new device and debuted it at the Chicago World’s Fair in 1893. There he met with very little success. However, Judson earned credit as its creator because he put his invention before the public for sale.

    In 1906, the Universal Fastener Company hired Gideon Sundback, a Swedish-American electrical engineer. He was highly skilled and known for his devotion to the company. On April 29, 1913, he was granted a patent for the modern zipper, known then as the “Separable Fastener.” He submitted modifications to his invention in 1917. Today we wear designs quite similar to the ones Sundback created in his patent. While he may have called them a separable fastener, we know them as zippers. 

    By 1923, B.F. Goodrich popularized the word zipper as it applied to use in the boots and pouches it made. The company even copyrighted the name for a time.  


    • Wear something with a zipper.
    • Try sewing a zipper into an article of clothing. It’s harder than it looks.
    • Explore zipper art.
    • Wear your favorite zippered outfit.
    • Share photos using #NationalZipperDay to post on social media.


    The day commemorates the date in 1913, when Gideon Sundback patented the zipper on April 29, 1913. 

    Zipper FAQ

    Q. What color do zippers come in?
    A. Zippers come in every color imaginable. Most zippers match the color of the fabric they are fastening together. Others are the color of the metal used to make them.

    Q. Where are zippers used?
    A. Zippers are used on just about every kind of clothing, but that’s not all. We find zippers in luggage, camping equipment, shoes, sporting goods, art, storage, etc.