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(Last Updated On: November 14, 2022)
Barb Pellicer Paton
Barb Pellicer Paton

Meet Barb Pellicer Paton

My Instagram profile describes me as Barb Pellicer Paton: a first-generation Filipino-American, Blogger, NFL wife, ballet & hockey mama, yoga veteran, wannabe influencer, and a novice middle-age model.

After my two kids weren’t so little anymore, I began to redefine myself. I was trying to find something that I was passionate about to start a new career. I knew I wanted to be someone who contributes to my family, my community and society. My friends kept telling me to start a business selling all the gifts I gave to teachers for all the holidays. A business? Selling what – thoughtfulness and gratefulness? 

Instead, I have been writing a blog inspiring people to spread thoughtfulness and gratefulness.


It has always brought me joy to give small tokens of appreciation in the form of gifts. There’s a thrill, to me, in finding a great gift at the right price. Not cheesy cheap but also not over-the-top. I have to pace myself. I give many gifts to many people. The gifts I give are just a pinch of thoughtfulness. They can be given out on any day because every day is a national day (#CelebrateEveryDay). I coined a definition for gifts that I call Thoughtful Pinches: Noun – a small, spontaneous and unexpected gift given as a result of a thoughtful intention. Verb – when a person buys a gift because it invoked the thought of someone. My art is blogging – I create the awareness of why thoughtfulness matters.

Additionally, long before I started to write the blog, I had the idea for an app and now 9 years later, the app is finally available to download. I created the Thoughtful Pinch App to promote thoughtfulness, to provide awareness of group-giving opportunities to friends by using social media, to allow for friends with diverse budgets to participate thoughtfully, to create and maintain a thoughtful community, to practice mindfulness when purchasing gifts, to nurture spontaneous giving, to aid in generating foot traffic into retail stores and of course to celebrate more selfies! My business is this app – I create opportunities for thoughtfulness to happen.

I’m also the very proud owner of the Thoughtful Pinch Alexa skill! I’m super excited because is my content partner! If you are a follower of, just ask Alexa what the Thoughtful Pinch of the day is, and she will read straight from the website! It’s super easy to be in the “know”!


I find it amazing that I originally set out to write about tips on what to give teachers for all the holidays in between Halloween and Mother’s Day but grew into a person who can’t stop finding opportunities to be thoughtful. Together with all the topics on the blog, the Thoughtful Pinch app, and a wonderful ambassadorship with National Day Calendar – the possibilities to spread thoughtfulness are endless! I can’t wait to see where else this will lead me.

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