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Banana Pudding Lovers Month - November


Banana Pudding Lovers Month in November takes us back to a sweet treat and something worth sharing. Pick up the necessary ingredients so you can have a taste during Banana Pudding Lovers Month, too!

Whether you make the pudding from scratch or use instant, banana pudding with fresh bananas and vanilla wafers hits the spot. No matter your age, this snack makes a rough day better. The creamy goodness says tomorrow will be better.

It might surprise you to know that banana pudding has been around for more than 100 year years. When the Civil War ended, the tropical fruit became more readily available and along with it, recipes for banana pudding. Long before the vanilla wafer and instant pudding trifles we enjoyed after school, homemakers made a custard-like pudding. They sweetened it with sugar and added cinnamon or nutmeg. Whether they baked the custard or not, there were a variety of ways to serve it.

Eventually, the small, tasty vanilla wafers came along and paired so well with the pudding. Taking a page from the home cooks’ recipe cards, Nabisco added their own recipe to the back of their box.  In 1936, Jell-O began producing instant pudding. While their line-up didn’t include a banana flavor, that didn’t stop cooks from using the vanilla flavor for their banana puddings. It would take another 28 years before banana cream made an appearance on grocers shelves.


Make your favorite banana pudding recipe and use #BananaPuddingLoversMonth to post on social media.


Chase’s Calendar of Events, 2011 Edition has designated the month of November as ‘Banana Pudding Lovers Month.’ Created by the Rodgers family of Rodgers’ Banana Pudding Sauce, Banana Pudding Lovers Month is a time for families during the start of the holiday season to re-create the memories of their happy childhood or start creating memories for their own children.


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