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    Gummi bears are a sweet treat that brings joy to people of all ages. On April 27, let’s celebrate National Gummi Bear Day and the memorable treat of childhood that’s timelessly fun.


    Few treats are as cute and sweet as gummi bears. Fruity and fun, these colorful chews have been charming us since 1922. That’s right, the gummi bear is 100 years old! HARIBO® founder Hans Riegel started the company in 1920 from his home kitchen. Two years later he created the world’s first gummi bear. Today, they’re known as Goldbears® are an iconic treat all over the world.

    While chewing on that bit of information, remember gummi bears are also the perfect treat to share. The bite-sized pieces mean everyone can join the fun and celebrate National Gummi Bear Day together!


    • Inspire joy in friends and family with the gift of gummi bears.
    • Share how and why gummi bears bring you joy.
    • Join the conversation by using #NationalGummiBearDay on social media.
    • Treat yourself and enjoy some gummi bears today!


    HARIBO® founded National Gummi Bear Day to celebrate the 100-plus years of joy gummi bears have brought and continue to bring to people of all ages. Established in 1920, the company is a family-owned business with a century-long heritage. Founder Hans Riegel built HARIBO on a foundation of quality, while delivering moments of joy through its products. The name HARIBO is an acronym that contains the founder’s name and the city in which the company was born (Bonn, Germany): HAns RIegel BOnn. HARIBO is proud to continue making playful gummies that are meant to be shared so our inner child can always experience joy through this cute and sweet treat.

    The Registrar at National Day Calendar proclaimed National Gummi Bear Day to be observed on April 27, annually.


    Also known as Checa, Mirror Mom creatively goes about her day spreading joy and love everywhere she goes. She often says that every time we get to see another day is cause for celebration, and with national days there is literally always a reason to get festive!

    Checa uses national days to show that you can party every day instead of waiting for “big holidays”. She loves to learn about new traditions and connect with her family by showing them how other parts of the world celebrate!

    “I don’t think outside the box, I live outside the box.” ~ Mirror Mom

    Checa says that all her life all she has ever wanted was to be different, stand out, and put smiles on people’s faces. She does by observing the National Days, as well as promoting awareness by advertising them on the “Mirror Mom Mobile”. Sometimes leaving behind doodles on her adventures, and/or smile clips for the smiles save project or simply just because!

    The name Mirror Mom comes from the “morning updates” Checa began doing on her restroom mirror for the kids to wake up to. It consisted of the date, weather, affirmation, word of the day, a fun fact, and the National Day, complete with Spanish translations. She used drawings to help convey the information and keep ’em edutained (educated and entertained). The art has now spread to cars, businesses, houses, frames, and various different materials to celebrate the day and other special occasions!

    Recent Publications

    Meet Checa Aka Mirror Mom | Bold Journey | April 2023!

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    Each year on June 7, World Caring Day shines a spotlight on all the ways we connect and show each other we care. Afterall, we should always take time to celebrate the millions of acts of caring we see. All acts of caring, whether big or small, are important. Caring is continuous and happens every day through compassion, support, kindness and understanding.


    In a world of many worries, one of the easiest ways to show love is by caring. We all experience times of crisis, illness or need. Sharing our journeys and becoming a part of a beautiful story in a segmented, cynical world recognizes and celebrates the people who care. When we take the time to notice, we see patience, understanding, kindness and encouragement from everyone around us.

    Use World Caring Day to remind others to take the opportunity and practice caring. Now more than ever, we need to lean into caring for one another. Using this day as an opportunity to share your compassion shows genuine love and is a blessing. By sincerely asking how someone’s day went, it shows that you care, and can improve that person’s overall well-being.

    Caring Around the World

    Celebrating everyone as they share stories of caring recognizes and honors both those who care, and those who are cared for. On June 7th, we encourage everyone to rededicate themselves to recognizing, sharing and participating in acts of caring by:

    • Asking how someone is doing with intent and meaning. Asking someone how they are to find out what is going on in their lives shows you care.
    • Being mindful of the needs of others. Being alert and sensitive to what triggers your loved ones can help them navigate the shifts in their mood.
    • Reconnecting online to catch up with your friends and family living far away or with those you haven’t spoken to in a long time reopens relationships.
    • Making time for your loved ones. We know everyone gets busy but don’t become a stranger to your friends and family.
    • Writing a note. You’ll be surprised by how big of an impact little notes of encouragement can have on the mood and well-being of others.
    • Sharing your story! Head over to and share your story of caring for a loved one through a challenging health journey. You can also read stories of others to feel inspired.
    • Joining the conversation by spreading the word. Sharing acts of kindness will boost the World Caring Day, especially when you use #WorldCaringDay on social media.


    Inspiration for World Caring Day began on June 7, 1997, with the nine-day life of a baby named Brighid. After being born prematurely, software engineer Sona Mehring created the first CaringBridge website. Thanks to Sona, friends and family were able to receive updates on baby Brighid’s health online. Most importantly, the website provided necessities and comfort to Brighid and her family. Since social media platforms were non-existent at the time, the idea to create a website was revolutionary.

    This simple act of caring triggered a domino effect, resulting in a global network known as CaringBridge. The non-profit organization is dedicated to connecting family and friends with their loved ones during a health journey. The organization helps to provide care, comfort and unwavering support to families. In 2021, an estimated 45 million people from all around the world visited CaringBridge. Over 1,900 messages of hope, care and love are posted every hour on the CaringBridge portals for loved ones.

    In 2022, the Register at National Day Calendar officially proclaimed World Caring Day to be observed on June 7, annually. CaringBridge and National Day Calendar invites everyone to inspire others through stories of hope and care. Celebrate today by recognizing and thanking those who go the extra mile to show they care. You can read inspirational stories, including baby Brighid’s, by visiting

    There are over 1,500 national days. Don’t miss a single one. Celebrate Every Day® with National Day Calendar®!

  • 420 DAY – April 20

    420 DAY

    Every year on April 20th, cannabis producers, consumers, advocates, and those who are just curious have long celebrated 420 Day. Once an unconventional day, the day has become the rallying cry of those who seek to legalize marijuana for medicinal and recreational uses.


    While federal law in the United States still classifies cannabis as illegal, many states have legalized the substance for medicinal, recreational use, or both. Since the 1970s, some state legislatures have been going through various stages of decriminalizing cannabis possession and use. Alternatively, other states have strengthened their stance on the topic. California led the way in 1996 by making medical cannabis legal. Washington and Colorado legalized cannabis for recreational use in 2012. Other states have followed suit in varying degrees.

    A 2018 Gallup Poll showed that 66% of Americans support legalizing marijuana. According to Gallup, they first asked the question back in 1969, and only 12% supported making the plant (or weed) legal. Today, proponents point to several reasons for making cannabis legal.

    • Cannabis will become the largest cash crop in the United States.
    • Legalizing it allows regulation.
    • Allows law enforcement to focus on violent crimes and eases pressure on public resources.
    • Cannabis is safer than alcohol.


    • Share your thoughts about 420.
    • Learn about legislation in your state.
    • Explore the medical benefits of cannabis.
    • Use #420Day to post on social media.


    Since the 1970s, people have celebrated 420 Day. Why 420, though? Many myths circulate about how 420 came to mean cannabis or smoking marijuana. Most of them are untrue or unverifiable. However, as related in Time magazine, one tells the story of five teenagers from San Rafael High School in Marian County, California. In 1971, they would meet at 4:20 PM, and eventually, 420 became their code for marijuana. One of the five, Dave Reddix, worked as a roadie for the Grateful Dead and further popularized the term. In 1991, High Times magazine printed a flier initially handed out by a group of Deadheads in Oakland, California. The flyer was an invitation to a 420 event to smoke marijuana. It was on April 20, 1990, at 4:20 PM.



    Benjamin Franklin may have overlooked one certainty in life: laundry. National Laundry Day on April 15th creates an opportunity to assess our laundry habits and teach our children to develop good ones.


    Humans have been doing laundry in numerous ways for as long as it has existed. One of the earliest ways was beating the dust and dirt out of our clothes and bedding with a stick or pounding the grime out against a rock in the river.

    Early forms of soap were developed from a mixture of animal fat and ashes. Washboards and tubs replaced washing by a river. Scrubbing the fabric over the ribs of the washboard and soap helped release the grime and stains. Humans also washed their clothes in manually cranked tubs. These tubs eventually led to the first automatic washing machine. The first U.S. patent for an electric washing machine was granted to Alva J. Fisher in 1910.

    Dry cleaning is another process we’ve used to clean our clothes. These days, so many clothes are wash-and-wear, dry cleaning has moved lower and lower on the household budget.

    When we do laundry has also changed, too. Before commercial washing machines and dryers, clothes were hung on a line to dry. Though many people still line dry their wash, few people have clotheslines. Also, the poorer a person was, the more frequently they washed their clothes and linens. Once a week was fairly average and wash day was traditionally on a Monday as noted in several books and nursery rhymes. For example, this is a nursery rhyme from before the Victorian era shows weekly laundry washed on a Monday:

    They That Wash on Monday

    They that wash on Monday
    Have all week to dry;

    They that wash on Tuesday
    Are not much awry;

    They that wash on Wednesday
    Are not so much to blame;

    They that wash on Thursday
    Wash for shame;

    They that wash on Friday
    Wash in need;

    And they that wash on Saturday?
    They are dirty indeed!


    • Do your laundry.
    • Teach others how to do laundry.
    • Volunteer to help someone in need with doing their laundry.
    • Organize your linen closet.
    • Explore different ways to keep your laundry fresher longer.
    • Share your stain removing tips and tricks.
    • Join the conversation by using #NationalLaundryDay on social media.


    Though laundry has a long dirty and clean history, we were unable to sort out who the founder of the day is. However, in the early 1990s, September 15th used to be celebrated as National Laundry Worker Day.

    Laundry FAQ

    Q. What does “Don’t air your dirty laundry in public” mean?
    A. This laundry saying refers to having arguments in public or discussing things in public that should remain private.

    Q. What does “laundry list” mean?
    A. A laundry list is usually a long, detailed list of items. The lists can be related to upcoming events, to-do lists, or demands as part of an agreement.

    Q. Are there other laundry days on the calendar?
    A. Yes! Check out these fun days:



    The enthusiastic Jeff Syblik says he’s old-fashioned. His heroes are teachers and creatives. He works and plays hard with an impassioned and inspirational creative ferocity toward living out his life to the fullest.

    He turned from motivating teens to homeschooling his autistic son and his son has rewarded Jeff for his efforts with academic improvement.

    This life change also led to an interest in media creation. He’s a teacher by day and a writer and designer by night and his talents provide for the family he loves.

    “Everyone needs some fun in their life and my content is a chameleon.
    It can be funny, sad, cute, provocative, thoughtful, etc…” ~ Jeff Syblik

    The way he Celebrates Every Day motivates and inspires a broad audience. Jeff says, “Everyone needs some fun in their life and my content is a chameleon.” And it is. He is at turns thoughtful, provocative, and funny. He doesn’t avoid difficult subjects, either. Some of his favorite national days include Star Wars Day, Bugs Bunny Day, and Button Day but he also shares stories about autism and bipolar awareness.

    Follow Jeff and visit his blog at the following links: 

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  • WORLD TAPIR DAY – April 27


    Every year on April 27th, World Tapir Day aims to create a community around tapir awareness and conservation.

    What does a tapir look like? Well, it looks like a pig with a trunk. Some people refer to them as a boar crossed with an anteater. However, tapirs aren’t related to any of these animals. Instead, they are related to horses and rhinos. Weighing over 600 pounds, tapirs are the largest land mammals in South America. This herbivore also lives in Central America and Southeast Asia.

    There are four recognized types of tapirs, including:

    • Brazilian tapir
    • Malayan tapir,
    • Baird’s tapir
    • Mountain tapir

    Both the Brazilian tapir and the mountain tapir are on the list of threatened species. In addition, the Malayan tapir and the Baird’s tapir are endangered. Today, there are only 3,000 Malayan tapirs globally and 5,000 Baird’s tapirs.

    • Other facts about these interesting animals include:
    • Tapirs have been around for so long that they are commonly called living fossils.
    • The gestation period for tapirs is between 13 and 14 months.
    • Tapirs are an umbrella species, which means that protecting them will help protect other species it shares a habitat with.
    • The snout on the tapir is very flexible.
    • Tapirs in the Amazon are hunted for their meat.

    Baby tapirs have spots and stripes that make them resemble a watermelon. These markings disappear as they grow older.

    Tapirs are known as the “gardeners of the forest.” Some people believe that tapirs are instrumental in re-growing the rainforests because they eat a lot of fruit and disperse seeds wherever they go.

    HOW TO OBSERVE #WorldTapirDay

    • Zoos worldwide that have tapirs hold many special events on this day.
    • Tapir conservation organizations also host events to help spread awareness about this unique animal.
    • Learn more about tapirs.
    • Donate organizations, such as the Tapir Specialist Group, that are helping to protect the tapirs.
    • Go check out your local zoo’s tapir exhibit.
    • Watch the documentary “The Tale of the Tapir.”
    • Help spread awareness for tapirs by posting pictures and fun facts about the animal on social media.
    • When doing so, don’t forget to use #WorldTapirDay.


    Tapir lovers and conservationists from around the world banded together to establish this special animal day. They hosted the first World Tapir Day in 2008.



    International Laverbread Day - April 14th


    On April 14th, discover a nutritious ingredient that comes from the sea. International Laverbread Day celebrates this food with a long history made from seaweed.

    Laverbread is the cooked version of ‘laver’ – porphyra seaweed – a diaphanous red algae found abundantly along Wales’ rocky coastline. For centuries, the Welsh have traditionally cooked laver to make laverbread, also called bara lawr and Welshman’s caviar. Not to be confused with sliced bread, laverbread is prepared by cooking the seaweed and creating green gluey sludge. So what’s appetizing about that? Well, for some, laverbread is considered a delicacy. For others, it may be an acquired taste. And still, for others, it’s neither acquired nor a delicacy.

    However, laverbread can be added to various recipes. Despite the long cooking time, (8 hours!) laverbread enhances the flavor with a salty sea taste. Add laverbread to soups, dried and crumbled over vegetables, salads, eggs, and even baked into bread. Traditionally, the Welsh roll laverbread in oatmeal before frying or spreading it on toast.

    Humans have been consuming seaweed for thousands of years, including laver. Since laver contains more vitamins and minerals than any land-based vegetable, it makes a healthy addition to any meal.

    Future Food

    Laver also produces 80 percent of the world’s oxygen, earning it the nickname “Lungs of the World.” So this “future food” checks all the boxes for sustainability, too.

    • Requires no land
    • Requires no freshwater
    • Grows up to 20 times faster than traditional crops
    • Requires no pesticides

    What more could you ask for when shopping for Earth-friendly food? On International Laverbread Day, celebrate the history, heritage, and benefits of laver.

    HOW TO OBSERVE #LaverbreadDay

    • On April 14th experience the joys of laverbread and incorporate it into your cooking.
    • Make laverbread at home. Try this recipe for 5 Beans on Toast with Welsman’s Caviar.
    • Ask your local deli to include fresh laver in the deli case.
    • Share your laver recipes.
    • Learn more about laver and the ways to use it.
    • Share the day using #LaverbreadDay.


    laverbread-day-logo-2022The Pembrokeshire Beach Food Company founded International Laverbread Day in 2021 to share its love of laver and all its benefits. Jonathan Williams established the company in 2011, creating various seaweed-based products. But the company’s true love is Laver Seaweed. If seaweed is the core of its business infused with Welsh Heritage, then Laver seaweed is Pembrokeshire Beach Food Company’s champion.

    Pembrokeshire Beach Food Company puts local food producers and the environment first. Their mission includes using biodegradable packaging and disposables, sustainable power where possible, and applying sustainability principles at every level across the company.

    The Registrar at National Day Calendar proclaimed the first International Laverbread Day to be observed on April 14th and annually thereafter.

    About Pembrokeshire Beach Food Company

    Jonathan Williams founded his award-winning business on a passion for laverbread. Quitting a desk job in Swindon in 2010, he returned to Wales to run a food stall dedicated to Welsh seafood delicacies, particularly laverbread foraged from his local coastline.

    Over the years, the business grew from a pop-up market stall to a permanent van at Freshwater West, where people queued to buy treats such as lobster rolls, crab rolls, and breakfast buns stuffed with bacon, egg, cheese, seaweed butter, and laverbread patties. Now Jonathan has taken on the lease at The Old Point House, an iconic old smugglers’ inn reached across a tidal causeway on Angle, Pembrokeshire. Work is underway to give the venerable pub a new lease of life – and it will include a permanent Pembrokeshire Beach Food Company presence via a repurposed boat selling street food in the pub garden. The Pembrokeshire Beach Food Company also has an online shop selling deli goods such as dried laver (Welshman’s caviar), Môr Ketchup (seaweed ketchup sauce), seaweed butter, seaweed pesto, and more. In 2017, Jonathan launched Barti Rum, a seaweed spiced rum.

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    Beautiful letters and clever language come together in one celebration on May 9th. National Alphabet Magnet Day recognizes the ingenuity and creativity of making words from magnetic letters.


    Have you ever spent the morning rearranging the alphabet magnets on your fridge while you sip your coffee? Perhaps your child sits at your feet, practicing the alphabet while shuffling the letters.

    Incredibly, these colorful classic letters have been around for 50 years. In 1972, Fisher-Price first released the School Days Desk. The small plastic case served dual functions as storage and a desk. Beneath the chalkboard top, the desk held word cutouts and magnetic plastic letters.

    A decade before, advertisements for magnetic chalkboards began appearing. The sets included plastic or wooden letters with magnets attached to the backs. Around the same time, inventor Samuel Hardcastle developed magnetic molded letters for use in the space industry.

    Following the release of the School Days Desk, these colorful magnetic letters made their way to our refrigerators. In the decades to come, they evolved into a decorative way to leave short messages, experiment with wordplay, or wax poetic. National Alphabet Magnet Day celebrates this intriguing history and invites you to get creative with magnetic letters.


    • Begin an anagram game on your fridge or magnetic board.
    • Leave sweet messages. We suggest “Happy National Alphabet Magnet Day!”
    • Compose a haiku.
    • Use the letters to teach your children the alphabet.
    • Share photos of your favorite letter sets and word combinations.
    • Follow the celebration by using #NationalAlphabetMagnetDay on social media.
    • Read Official Proclamation for National Alphabet Magnet Day


    TTSC-Logo-R-800pxIn 2022, The Type Set Co. founded National Alphabet Magnet Day on May 9th to commemorate the creation of these classic alphabet magnet toys. They encourage everyone to exercise their word genius using alphabet magnets.

    The Registrar at National Day Calendar proclaimed National Alphabet Magnet Day to be observed on May 9th, annually.

    Ashley and Paul Jankowski founded The Type Set Co. in 2017, creating beautiful alphabet magnets sets for the modern family.



    On April 5, 2022, Celebration Spotlight spoke with On the Brink in honor of National Barbershop Quartet Day. The Bismarck, North Dakota, barbershop quartet includes vocalists Carol Kuntz (lead), Linda Harmsen (baritone), Tracy Wolf (bass), and Jennifer Ramsaas (tenor). The day lands on April 11th each year and even lands on one member’s birthday!

    “It’s a great challenge. I love to sing but I don’t have a solo voice. I love to harmonize, and four part is a challenge. Great fun.” Jennifer Ramsaas

    Although they have been together for many years, their story as a quartet starts with the Sweet Adelines. Three of the members began performing with the chorus, but several years later, Linda Harmsen brought her baritone to the choir. And that’s when they became On the Brink and started on a journey of lifelong friendship, musical learning, and fusing their musical sound.

    The interview took place during their regular rehearsal night, and they started with a rousing rendition of “I’m Feelin’ Fine” in four-part harmony. No matter where the quartet performs, they connect with the audience, getting toes tapping, generating smiles and laughter, and occasionally tears.

    That emotional response can be difficult. Jennifer Ramsaas said, “The difficult part with singing to someone who becomes emotional, that you’ve touched in their heart and soul, is being able to rise above that and not start to weep in the middle of your performance.” They’ve performed before large holiday audiences, packed concert halls, and even offer personal performances in the form of a singing Valentine. No matter what, the foursome gives it their all. They also draw from many genres of music, giving each one that unique a cappella sound.

    “If I can sing it, anybody can sing it!” Tracy Wolf (bass)

    Linda Harmsen explained that barbershop music is different from choral music. “Baritone can be above or below the lead. Barbershop chords feature a lot of 7ths and 9ths. The aim is for “lock and ring,” which can be achieved through Pythagorean tuning, not tempered tuning like a piano. When perfectly tuned, four people can sound like many more, with swirling overtones, overhead.” 

    “Another thing that brought the four of us together is that we all kind of have the same mindset.
    Learning new music is important to us, and we put the time in to do that. Our work ethic is very similar.” Carol Kuntz

    While their musical backgrounds range from high school choir to no experience, it makes their music that much sweeter. They all agree on one thing, though: being a part of a quartet is a most rewarding experience. The last few years have been difficult, but they made every effort to stay connected.

    They wrapped up the interview with a fun rendition of a “Thing Called Love.” You can catch the entire interview and On the Brink’s fantastic performances on Celebration Voices.

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