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  • NATIONAL I AM DAY | Second Sunday in March

    The second Sunday in March celebrates National I AM Day as a reminder to set time aside for daily positive affirmation and self-care.


    There is power in words. When we can believe what we speak in our own lives, we can impact the lives of others through our positive outlook on life. 

    I AM are two powerful words you can say that will change the way you think and feel about yourself. Also known as daily positive affirmations, the words I AM can help you overcome fear, self-doubt, and reduce self-sabotage. In fact, saying daily I AM affirmations will help you believe in yourself so you can achieve becoming your highest self. National I AM Day encourages everyone to reach their full potential through self-empowerment, self-motivation, and self-encouragement. Starting with I AM.

    10 Reasons to Why I AM Affirmations Work

    1. Helps you focus to achieve goals.
    2. Changes negative thinking patterns.
    3. Improves mental health.
    4. Restores self-esteem.
    5. Reduces stress.
    6. Provides relaxation alternatives during stressful moments.
    7. Improves your daily self-care routine.
    8. Boosts confidence.
    9. Replaces negative thoughts through positive reinforcement.
    10. Sets a reminder that things are temporary.

    Saying daily positive affirmations using I AM will reprogram your brain by replacing any negative thoughts, images, or ideas you may have of yourself. When you begin saying daily positive affirmations, your brain shifts away from the things that weigh you down. In fact, you will begin seeing yourself in a different light. Your brain begins to grow by increasing the power of creating an amazing life for you and those around you. Having positive thoughts every day is a powerful tool for you to use as you tackle everyday stresses and life altering experiences. Daily I AM affirmations are a positive reinforcement within your brain that will lead you to a healthier, happier life.

    How do I start saying positive affirmations? Starting daily positive affirmations begins with a small commitment to yourself. Your life is your journey. Only you know when you need to make small changes to improve your personal perception of life. By inserting the phrase I AM into your self-care routine, you will begin shifting your mindset and eventually create a more positive outlook on your life.

    National I AM Day Tips

    • Always practice affirmations using the present tense.
    • Avoid using words that give a negative intention.
    • Set aside time when you wake up or are ready for bed to say your affirmations.
    • Say your affirmations out loud and listen to your voice speak your affirmation phrases.
    • Find and use affirmations that have meaning to you, your life, and experiences.
    • Create your own affirmations based on areas you feel need change.

    Daily affirmations are not a cure for problems that resonate in your life. Affirmations will not solve your problems, but they will help how you react to your problems. Daily practice brings the best results, and it may take time to see results from your new self-care routine. Give yourself time to see the positive effects from your daily positive affirmation routine and experience your life changing.

    I AM. . .

    • I AM beautiful and unique.
    • I AM strong and independent.
    • I AM grateful for a new day.
    • I AM thankful for the life I have.
    • I AM an amazing human being.
    • I AM resilient and brave.
    • I AM more than enough. I AM enough.
    • I AM learning to become the best version of myself.


    In January 2023, National Day Calendar formed a collaboration with S.H.E Inc 501c3 Sisters Helping Each-Other and the She ROCKS It organization to create National I AM Day. This new celebration encourages everyone to set daily positive affirmations for themselves as a way to practice self-care.


    The She ROCKS It organization mission provides a platform where women can come together and celebrate each other. Their goal is to help women network, inspire and empower, while encouraging them to be motivated. The organization supports and acknowledges the success of women by using their platform and putting them in the spotlight. They believe in promoting lifelong learning by hosting educational events, promoting positive relationships, and lifting one another up.

    For years I witnessed successful everyday women going above and beyond their daily jobs to do things that impacted and changed the lives of others. These women didn’t serve and give to receive recognition, they gave and served because it was their purpose and passion in life. They saw this as a way of fulfilling their life purpose.

    Joyce Dawkins, Founder, She Rocks It Organization

    She ROCKS It is dedicated to creating events that give women an unforgettable experience. Their events are created with today’s woman in mind, empowering women to live their best life by showing the world who SHE is.



    April 24 celebrates National Bucket List Day to remind us it’s never too late to set new goals, go on a dream vacation, and inspire people around you to enjoy life to the fullest.


    By definition, a bucket list is a list of things a person would like to do, but has never experienced before. Some people refer to them as milestones, while other people refer to them as goals. Whatever you call them, a bucket list is a list of things a person would like to accomplish before they die.

    What Is A Bucket List?

    A bucket list is the list you create to make the most out of life. It is a list of goals, dreams, and aspirations you would like to accomplish before you pass away. The basic meaning of a bucket list is to keep track of your goals by making yourself accountable to achieve all you want in life. The purpose of a bucket list is to encourage ourselves to accomplish goals within in a specific timeframe.

    Our time on earth is short. Very few of us pause to think about how we spend what time we have. Creating a bucket list can help you live your life to the fullest. It also gives you the opportunity to appreciate the life you have and reflect on the good things to come.

    Bucket List Ideas

    A bucket list can be anything you want it to be. Your bucket list should reflect your interests. In fact, we’re guessing there are no two lists alike. If you are a simple person, create a bucket list that reflects the simple pleasures in life. If you gravitate towards extravagant things or love to travel, your list will more than likely consist of ideas that require more of a financial investment.

    Simple Bucket List Ideas

    • Graduating from high school or college.
    • Having children.
    • Buying a home.
    • Becoming a freelance photographer.
    • Participating in a painting club.

    Extravagant Bucket List Ideas

    • Go on a cruise.
    • Visit the Rainforest.
    • Visit all the continents in the world.
    • Visit historical landmarks across the country.
    • Ride a hot air balloon.

    Travel Bucket List

    • Travel to Europe.
    • See the ancient Mayan ruins.
    • Visit Egyptian tombs.
    • Travel Route 66.
    • Visit all the state parks in North America.

    Finding Gratitude

    Living a life of gratitude is key to living a well-rounded life, full of happiness and satisfaction. Gratitude allows you to find every day moments and turn them into long-term fulfillment. Completing items on your bucket list will help you realize the opportunity you have been given as you experience life-changing moments you thought might never happen. Enjoy the ride and show gratitude for the adventure you have in this life.


    • Be brave and have some fun by learning to paint, drive a race car, skydive, surf, or jump off a cliff.
    • Sample local food and drink during your travels.
    • Create a bucket list with a friend that you both can enjoy.
    • Watch the movie Bucket List, staring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman.
    • Pay it forward with a bucket list that allows you to donate time to an orphanage, local soup kitchen, or food pantry.
    • Share your videos and photos on social media from your bucket list adventures.


    National Day Calendar and Cindy Rhodes of Bucket List Coach Travel & Tours and the Bucket List Coach Web Show formed a collaboration to create National Bucket List Day to be celebrated each year on April 24. Using her own personal bucket list, Cindy thought the ultimate bucket list item for 2023 would be to have her own National Day.

    National Bucket List Day is a day focusing around gratitude for your own life and experiences. Cindy believes everyone should get out and experience life to the fullest. Share your gratitude for the things you have and create experiences not things with friends, colleagues and family!

    About the Founder

    Cindy Rhodes is a travel blogger and agent by day and a National Day Calendar Celebration Ambassador by night. In her mid-forties, she realized life was passing her by and was merely existing. She knew that had to change. She began creating bucket lists of things she wanted to do and experience, making the most of the dash. Along the way, she remembers to show gratitude for every experience she has.

    Do not wait till you retire to experience the world! Tomorrow is not promised. CELEBRATE EVERY DAY!

    Cindy Lee

    Cindy believes people should start making it their personal mission to create bucket lists as early as possible. In fact, she encourages bucket lists for anyone, whether they are 20 years old or 90 years old. Recently, Cindy started a National Day Calendar Bucket List.

    Since becoming a Celebration Ambassador, Cindy has learned to incorporate National Day Calendar into her daily business plans. In fact, she uses National Days to grow her business. One way she shares her gratitude is sending gifts to clients and friends on specific National Days throughout the year. Read Cindy’s Blog to learn how you can use National Days to grow your business.

    Learn how to use National Days to grow your business with Cindy’s Growing Referrals and National Day Calendar Guide.

    Annual National Bucket List Day Vacation

    Join Bucket List Coach Travel & Tours on the annual trip celebrating national days/months.

    2023 – National Bucket List Day Cruise:

    • April 22- 29th sail from Long Beach, California to the Mexico Rivera. This cruise celebrating:
      • National Brunch Month
      • National Humor Month
      • National Volunteer Month by giving back at an orphanage in Puerto Vallarta
      • National Guitar Month at Cabo Wabo
      • National Prime Rib Day on the Carnival Panorama
      • International Pay It Forward Day

    Upcoming Dates

    • 2024: New Orleans Bucket List & Cruise
    • 2025 Miami: Bucket List and Cruise
    • 2026: France: Bucket Listing & Grape Stomping 

    Read Cindy’s National Bucket List Day Blog to learn about different ideas on
    checking off your bucket list.

    Learn how you can use National Days to grow your business.
    “Growing Your Business Through Referrals and National Days”

    For more information about Cindy, visit one or all of her many social media platforms.


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    World Health Esteem Month in January is a month to appreciate ourselves for who we are now and the small choices we can make to enhance our lives without making any resolution.


    What is “Health Esteem”? Health Esteem is a new category of fitness and diet that integrates positive self-esteem, embracing who you are now, along with changes you would like to make. Health Esteem is grounded in accepting and embracing the person you are today and championing who you wish to become. World Health Esteem Month challenges the traditional notion that January is a month of depriving ourselves via empty promises and resolutions based on social “ideals.”

    Historically the tradition of making New Year’s Resolutions dates back to about 4,000 years. Unfortunately, falling short of those resolutions is a tradition nearly as old, which can be a discouraging way to start the year.

    Self-improvement is great, but self-improvement that starts at the expense of our self-esteem is destructive. This is why so many people start, but aren’t set up for real success with their New Year’s resolutions.

    A New, Sustainable Tradition for Wellbeing

    The alternative to this pattern of endless resolutions, annual self-judgment and comparisons driven by the Imperfection Economy is Health Esteem. This healthier tradition integrates healthy choices with a positive mindset for overall wellbeing. One in which we replace the New Year’s ritual of guilty goal-setting, deprivation, and eventual failure with a month spent appreciating ourselves for who we are. Now is the time to celebrate the tiny choices we can make each day to enhance our lives and even achieve better outcomes than when we thought we had to bully ourselves into New Year’s Resolutions.

    Health Esteem Is a Skill You Can Learn

    Practicing Health Esteem leads to better choices. Instead of working out because you’re unsatisfied with yourself, you exercise because you value yourself. This mindset allows you to do it in a way which is rewarding as much in the moment as it is over the long term. Similarly, instead of making food choices to punish yourself into weight loss you will start to make choices in support of taking care of yourself, ultimately making you feel better to build on your Health Esteem. 

    You Can’t Fail at Health Esteem

    Every day of January is an opportunity to succeed. It can be as simple as checking in on 10 Tiny Moments that can have a dramatic impact on your Health Esteem.

    Spend the first month of 2023 celebrating who you are and, for once, feel great about yourself from day one! 

    10 Tiny Ways to Improve Your Health Esteem

    1. Wake Up On The 1st Alarm.
    2. Do the Hardest Thing First.
    3. Make Time To Eat Breakfast.
    4. Replace Dirty Energy With Clean Energy.
    5. Plan Lunch The Day Before.
    6. Swap Afternoon Treats For Superfood Desserts.
    7. Give Energy.
    8. Do A Post-Work Reflection.
    9. Slow Dinner Down.
    10. No-Screens 30 Minutes Before Bed.

    BONUS: Take a Tiny Moment At Any Time of Day to appreciate yourself and be grateful.


    A few other easy ways you can observe World Health Esteem Month are:

    • Use the hashtag #WorldHealthEsteemMonth on social media to show how you are focusing on improving your Health Esteem as opposed to outdated “resolutions.”
    • Journal daily about your small changes and successes along the way. 
    • Print out the 10 Tiny Ways to Improve Your Health Esteem and try to incorporate them into your daily routine throughout January (and beyond!)
    • Sign up for a free 14-day trial of BODi, a leading on demand streaming platform from the Beachbody Company, at

    Make a Pledge to Improve Your Health Esteem this January 

    The first step to starting a long-term Health Esteem Routine is appreciating who you are, what you have now and finding gratitude for what got you here. And that is 100% free. If you don’t think you have anything to be grateful for or optimistic about, keep looking. This is important because you don’t just receive gratitude and optimism – that’s not how it works.

    You can’t wait for things to be great and then decide “Okay, I’ll be grateful for that.” You need to bring perspective to it in order to see it. The first step to starting a long-term Health Esteem Routine is appreciating who you are, what you have now and finding gratitude for what got you here. And that pledge is 100% free to make now.

    Make a Pledge to Improve Your Health Esteem this January 

    The first step to starting a long-term Health Esteem Routine is appreciating who you are, what you have now and finding gratitude for what got you here. And that is 100% free. If you don’t think you have anything to be grateful for or optimistic about, keep looking. This is important b. Because you don’t just receive gratitude and optimism – that’s not how it works. You can’t wait for things to be great and then decide “Okay, I’ll be grateful for that.” You need to bring perspective to it in order to see it. The first step to starting a long-term Health Esteem Routine is appreciating who you are, what you have now and finding gratitude for what got you here. And that pledge is 100% free to make now.


    Headquartered in Southern California, Beachbody is a leading digital fitness and nutrition subscription company with over two decades of creating innovative content and powerful brands. The Beachbody Company is the parent company of the Beachbody On Demand streaming platform (BOD) including its live digital streaming subscription BODi, and the Beachbody Bike powered by MYXfitness, the Company’s connected indoor bike. For more information, please visit The Beachbody Company website.



    On December 8 we celebrate National Crossword Solvers Day with nearly 50 million people who enjoy solving crossword puzzles.


    Solving crossword puzzles is a favorite pastime for people across the globe. In fact, it is so popular, people who solve or write crossword puzzles have their own name–cruciverbalists! Today, we want to celebrate all the cruciverbalists in the world, plus encourage everyone to find a crossword puzzle and become a solver, too!

    How Old Are Crossword Puzzles? 

    The crossword puzzle was first introduced in the New York World newspaper in 1913 by journalist Arthur Wynne. It was the eve of WWI and Wynne was looking for a new game for the FUN section in the newspaper as a way to take people’s minds off the impending war. Wynne began by creating a blank word search grid. Each grid came with a list of clues for readers to use in solving the letters. The original puzzle was named “FUN’s Word-Cross Puzzle” and was interestingly found in the shape of a diamond. A few weeks later an editor made a typo naming the puzzle “Cross-Word.” This cross mistake became a historical game changer.

    The first records of crossword puzzles are historically found to originate in England during the 19th century. Most of these puzzles were easy to solve, and usually printed in children’s books or periodicals. Meanwhile, Americans were turning crossword puzzle solving into an adult pastime. Today, crossword solvers have many choices in satisfying their puzzle cravings, including celebrating National Crossword Solvers Day in December every year.

    What is a Crossword Puzzle? 

    A crossword puzzle is a diagram of white and black squares with a list of numbered clues, running across and down the grid. The black squares are blank fillers, while the white squares are for the answers for the clues. One letter for the answer goes in one square. Each clue corresponds with numbers on the puzzle, interlocking or crisscrossing each other. The goal of a crossword puzzle is to solve the clues by filling the white spaces with the answers to the clues.

    Benefits of Solving Crossword Puzzles

    People who solve crossword puzzles are often more relaxed, especially when trying to solve day-to-day problems. Many use their puzzle-solving skills indirectly by approaching stressful situations similar to how they approach solving puzzles. Slow, calculated, and with thought. Studies show solving crossword puzzles regularly has several health benefits, including:

    • Improving short-term memory skills.
    • Assisting in developing better problem-solving skills.
    • Increasing individual IQ by learning new vocabulary.
    • Helping delay dementia and Alzheimer symptoms in at-risk individuals.
    • Improving mood by lowering stress levels and teaching the brain to relax.

    5 Fun Crossword Puzzle Facts

    1. Arthur Wynne, New York World journalist, published the first crossword puzzle in December 1913.
    2. A cruciverbalist is a person who loves to create and solve crossword puzzles.
    3. An estimated 50 million people in the US solve crossword puzzles.
    4. In 2014, Bernice Gorden became the oldest person to publish a crossword puzzle in the NY Times at the age of 101.
    5. Solving crossword puzzles is beneficial to a person’s brain health.


    • Solve the crossword puzzle in your newspaper or in a magazine.
    • Gift a book of crossword puzzles for the cruciverbalist in your life.
    • Find a crossword puzzle app and start playing once a day to experience the health benefits.
    • Create a crossword puzzle for your friends and family.
    • Enter the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament created and run by the legendary New York Times Crossword editor, Will Shortz.
    • Share your photos and videos of solving crossword puzzles on social media using  #NationalCrosswordSolversDay.


    In November 2022, National Day Calendar welcomed National Crossword Solvers Day to our list of National Days. The day was introduced by professional crossword puzzle writer Myles Mellor, an international crossword puzzle publisher.

    To date, Myles has published over 17,000 crosswords and is one of the most successful and prolific crossword puzzle writers in the U.S. Myles actively publishes around 80 crossword puzzles per month, reaching 2 million people. Appearing in over 1,000 magazines, over 55 books, hundreds of weekly newspapers and across numerous websites, he continues to delight puzzle solvers every day.

    Myles’ resume includes creating puzzles for executives and celebrities. He also creates personalized puzzles for weddings, engagements, birthdays and anniversaries. Myles gives back by providing weekly interactive crosswords to the San Diego Alzheimer’s organization. In addition to creating crossword puzzles, he also creates word searches, sudokus, and other puzzles. As a world-renowned puzzle creator and publisher, Myles works with Simon and Schuster, Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Books a Million and many other top publishers to bring his passion to crossword solvers everywhere.

    Related content: National Puzzle Day | January 29



    This Grand Rapids, Michigan girl loves entertaining and all things party-related and fun! But don’t let that fool you. Gia Reynolds also has been working in the banking industry for over 20 years and absolutely loves it.

    Though, her real passion is creating and hosting fabulous dinner parties decked out with delicious and elegant meals and desserts. Gia looks forward to brainstorming party ideas for special events, and that’s why she is the owner and smiling face behind The Houseshoe Hostess Blog.

    “I live by the principle that people may not remember what you said, but they will always remember how you made them feel…or what you cooked!”
    ~ Gia Reynolds

    Finding the Celebrate Every Day

    Before a back injury, Gia used to cater to large groups of people. While she was recovering, she laid in bed, worried she would lose her passion. However, every day ideas for recipes kept coming to her. She knew what she was going to cook when she recovered and made a promise to Celebrate Every Day! Before she knew it, Gia had several party ideas and recipes formulated. The Houseshoe Hostess was born.
    “I love making everyone I come in contact with feel happy and loved.” ~Gia Reynolds
    Gia says she has been an unofficial National Day Calendar Ambassador for years. She faithfully posted about national days all the time. So much so, people have started asking her questions about them. That’s definitely an ambassador quality!
    Gia also points out that when her kids were younger, she worked a lot, and she often felt guilty about it. She promised herself it would be different with her grandchildren. She brings them fun every chance she gets.

    Fun Friday

    Another element she added to her workweek at the bank is known as “Fun Friday.” People are often eager for the weekend or feel the week is dragging. Gia created different party themes every week for the summer to get customers excited, and it worked like a charm. Customers who saw each other every week but never talked suddenly connected and struck up conversations. They laughed and chatted while waiting in line! A positive and welcome change came into the bank lobby.

    Most of the time, all it takes is one happy person to change the room’s energy, and Gia brings that energy.

    That’s exactly what drew Gia to the National Day Calendar. Even though Gia is one of those happy people who change the energy in a room, Gia says, “National Day Calendar is a happy person who changes the energy.”

    Follow Gia on her social media handles.

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    Today is June 15 and we thought we would celebrate by throwing the newest, cleanest, and coolest party for National Foam Party Day! Imagine, a mountain of refreshing foam in your back yard piled six feet high!


    Beat the heat this summer by hosting a foam party and give your guests an unforgettable experience that is the latest party trend in America.

    What is a foam party? 

    A foam party is exactly what it sounds like! A party with foam, hosted by a foam expert known as a “Foamologist”. The Foamologist shoots foam towards an empty space in your backyard or party area, using a foam cannon.  Add music, lighting effects, a bubble machine, and a rinse station (for later) and you have a full-blown foam party.  Plus, your guests receive party toys, play games and win prizes just for being at the party.

    Are Foam Parties Safe? 

    Foam parties are safe for all ages. In fact, the foam used during foam parties are not only hypoallergenic, it’s also non-toxic. However, foam is a form of soap, so it’s recommended little ones wear swimming goggles during play. Luckily, foam parties have rinse stations as part of their package just in case someone get’s a little foam in their eyes. Don’t worry, clean up after a foam party is easy. The foam will dissipate on its own in under an hour or you can spray water on it to help speed up the process.

    Types of Themed Foam Parties

    There is nothing more exciting and entertaining than gathering with a close group of friends or family for a foam party. When choosing a theme for your foam party, you have the option to be specific to the occasion. Whether you decide on a kid friendly theme or an adult theme, working with the foam party company will help you bring your idea to reality. Here are a few ideas for your next foam party:

    • Beach or Luau
    • Pirate or Ocean Adventures
    • Winter Wonderland
    • Disco Party
    • Halloween

    Types of Specialized Foam Parties

    Foam party companies are able to mix a non-toxic dye into the solution and make colored foam. They can even make the foam glow at night by mixing in a special UV additive that will react to black lights!

    • Gender Reveal
    • Rainbow Party
    • Glow-in-the-Dark Party
    • Sensory-Friendly Party
    • Doggy Foam Pawty

    What is a Sensory-Friendly Foam Party?

    Party planners are able to request a special Sensory-Friendly version of a foam party that is custom designed for those with special needs. Guests are gradually introduced to the sights and sounds of a foam party, taking great care to ensure they feel comfortable and are able to enjoy the experience.

    Companies like Foam Daddy have foam products that are a Certified Autism Resource by the International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards (IBCCES). This credential is awarded to companies that provides resources to individuals with cognitive disorders.

    What is a Doggy Foam Pawty?

    Dogs love foam and this Pawty is just for them and their owners! Special music, toys, and treats will ensure our four-legged friends have a howling good time. You can bet your paws there will be plenty of great photo opportunities to be had!

    Who Are Foam Parties For? 

    People have parties for any occasion, which is why foam parties are great options for any gathering. Whether you’re planning a birthday party, or planning a family reunion, a foam party will make you the party planner of the year!

    • Birthdays
    • Graduations
    • Company picnics
    • Family gatherings
    • Summer camps
    • Schools
    • Daycares
    • Carnivals
    • Fundraisers
    • Church events
    • Community events
    • Color and mud runs
    • Pet adoption days
    • Just because

    Foam Party Facts

    • The first foam party dates back to the 1932 movie A Rhapsody in Black in Blue, where Louis Armstrong dances through foam while playing his trumpet.
    • Modern foam parties became popular during the 1990s on the island Ibiza in the Mediterranean sea.
    • Creators Weird Dream Productions receive credit for introducing the first foam dispenser when they would drop foam from the ceiling at dance clubs.
    • Roy Barlow from Entertainment Biz and Robin Wincup from Galaxy receive credit for the first foam cannon invention.
    • First appearing in the U.S. in 1993, foam parties were mostly found in European countries.


    • Hire a foam party company for your next gathering.
    • Give away a foam party to an organization that serves underprivileged kids in your area.
    • Learn about the different types of foam parties that will best fit your guest list.
    • Watch a foam party video to get an idea about how foam parties work before booking.
    • Book your foam party today.
    • Share your photos of your foam fun using #NationalFoamPartyDay on social media.


    In 2022, National Day Calendar began working with, Bubble Maniacs, and Foam Daddy to establish National Foam Party Day. Each year on June 15, we encourage everyone to celebrate the day by throwing a foam party to kick off the summer fun!



    National Sapphire Segulah Day on May 12 is a day of gratitude for single parents of special needs children to remind them their service and sacrifices of love are seen, appreciated, and not in vain.


    Single parents of special needs children deserve a day especially for them to celebrate the sacrifice they make every day caring for their child. The job is stressful, to say the least. Their days are busy, and so are their nights. Many go days with very little sleep, or no sleep at all. In addition, there is the endless advocating to make sure their child has access to services and support to help them live their best quality of life. Today, let’s show our gratitude for those single parents and let them know just how much we appreciate them.

    What does Sapphire Segulah Mean? 

    In the Hebrew language “Sapphire” means “Precious” and “Segulah” means “Peculiar Treasure.” While we refer to children that are born with disabilities as “special needs,” they are so much more. They are a combination of special, some peculiar, but all are a treasure. A Precious Peculiar Treasure.

    Most parents of special needs children don’t start out being single. In fact, many were in long-term marriages or relationships. Unfortunately, the new and unknown challenges of caring for a child with special needs often tests the strength and bonds of marriage and relationships. As a result, separation or divorce leaves one parent to care for a child with special needs. However, single parents have the strength to continue parenting alone because they know their Precious Peculiar Treasure is the most rewarding gift they will receive.

    Tips for Single Parents 

    Caring for children with a disability can be challenging, but very rewarding, too. By simply showing love and providing a positive environment, they are encouraging their child to thrive. Single parents can raise their treasure successfully.

    • Set up a routine for your child, including bedtime, meals, chores, homework, and quiet time.
    • Practice self-care to avoid additional stress, anger, or depression.
    • Encourage your child by supporting positive reinforcement and praise.
    • Keep your child’s environment full of structure, including a set of rules for reinforcement.
    • Be helpful, loving, and compassionate to your child, especially during times change.

    To be trusted with such a precious commodity, is indeed the highest honor, and one that is truly special. I wouldn’t change it for the world. ~La Dana Lucious on being a parent to her Precious Peculiar Treasure

    Words of Encouragement

    Being a single parent is a hard job. Being a single parent to a child with disabilities is a harder job. Sometimes, it may seem like nothing is going as planned. Remember, you are one of many navigating this adventure. In fact, you are a superstar to your child!

    You manage the life of a peculiar treasure normal parents could never imagine. You are a therapist, a doctor, a nurse, and friend to your child. You are appreciated and admired by those in your life who see you going above and beyond to provide care and comfort to your little treasure. The next time you feel overwhelmed, upset, or confused, think about the wonderful life you are providing your child.

    Today, we celebrate you! We want you to brag about the accomplishments you and your child have reached together. Share your passion to provide a stable and productive life for your child. You deserve to let the world know that even though you get tired, frustrated, and maybe upset, there is not a single mountain you wouldn’t climb to help your peculiar treasure feel love.


    • Learn about resources through your local social service agency to help with your child’s needs.
    • Join an organization that supports single parents raising children with disabilities.
    • Accept help from family members when they offer.
    • Take time for yourself when possible to decompress and reset your mind.
    • Offer to clean, run errands, shop, or babysit to give single parents a break.
    • Get active in your local education system by volunteering your time.
    • Volunteer for your local Special Olympics or other activities that support disabled children in your community.
    • Send a note of gratitude to a single parent who cares for their special needs child.
    • Buy a gift card and offer to babysit for a single parent to allow them time away from the home.
    • Visit to learn more about the non-profit organization that is going the extra mile to support single parents of children with disabilities.
    • Share your story and photos of you and your special needs child on social media using #SapphireSegulahDay.


    In 2022, National Day Calendar and La Dana Lucious of Great Exploit Ministries began working together to create National Sapphire Segulah Day. Each year on May 12, we use the entire day to show gratitude for the single parents of special needs children.

    Great Exploit Ministries is a non-profit organization offering ministry and advocacy resources to an ever-increasing population of single parents caring for their special needs children.



    National Self-Employed Day on May 4 honors the dedicated individuals that bravely venture out to create their own business to support themselves, their families, and their community.


    Self-employed business owners are amongst the hardest working individuals you’ll ever meet. They  continuously strive to meet their goals to be successful. The self-employed business owner never quits and faces every obstacles they encounter head on. In fact, there is very little that can stop a self-employed business owner from succeeding. 

    What Does Self-Employed Mean?

    Being self-employed means a person does not work for a specific employer or business. Instead, they work for themselves and earn their income by doing business directly. Even though self-employment provides more job flexibility and freedom, it also requires a lot of commitment and dedication. A self-employed person must devote valuable time and energy to earn their wages and pay their bills.

    Controlling Your Destiny

    As a self-employed individual, you are in complete control of your destiny. Your passion to move forward and become an independent employee enables you to take your dream as far as you want. You have creative control over your ideas and how you want to implement them. In fact, you choose your own work environment, which includes whether or not you want or need employees to help you on your journey.

    Establishing self-employment allows you to grow your knowledge and fine-tune your skill set. Your learning curve never ends because being self-employed gives enough variety in your daily routine to allow constant growth. In fact, self-employment helps you build and create your own network of clients.

    Network building when you are self-employed is an important piece of your success. By increasing your network, you learn more about business than your realize from your peers. In addition, you learn from their successes and failures, which help you make better decisions for yourself in the long run. A good, strong network brings a group of like-minded people together, yourself included, that encourage, help, and assist each other as your businesses grow.


    • Learn about how to become self-employed.
    • Take a class about owning a business.
    • Support the local self-employed business owners in your community.
    • Take a self-employed friend or family member out to dinner to celebrate their accomplishments.
    • Offer to speak at a start-up networking gathering to share your experience with others who are looking to start a new business to become self-employed.
    • Lend a helping hand to a self-employed friend or family member by offering to file paperwork, answer phones, or look up contact information for potential clients.
    • Treat yourself to a little self-care time if you are a self-employed individual.
    • Share your love and support for the self-employed person in you life using #NationalSelfEmployedDay on social media.


    In 2022, National Day Calendar formed a partnership with Jeffrey Shaw, the founder of The Self-Employed Business Institute. The collaboration created National Self-Employed Day to be celebrated each year on May 4.

    Jeffrey Shaw is the founder of the Voices of the Self-Employed advocacy group and The Self-Employed Business Institute. He is also the creator of The Self-Employed Summit. He is a well-known leader and advocate for self-employed business owners. As a speaker and small business coach, Jeffrey helps self-employed and small business owners gain control of their business in what seems like otherwise uncontrollable circumstances. Drawing on his experience as a renowned portrait photographer, Jeffrey shows business owners how to see business through a different lens. He shares strategies to compose the often-chaotic pieces of life and business into sustainable success.

    In addition, Jeffrey is also a sought-after keynote speaker whose TEDxLincolnSquare talk is featured on He has a passion for bringing his message to audiences through live and virtual presentations.

    Printed Publications

    • The Self-Employed Life: Business and Personal Development Strategies That Create Sustainable Success
    • LINGO: Discover Your Ideal Customer’s Secret Language and Make Your Business Irresistible.
  • NATIONAL SPRAY TANNING DAY | Third Thursday in March

    NATIONAL SPRAY TANNING DAY | Third Thursday in March

    Get your glow on and celebrate National Spray Tanning Day on the third Thursday in March by getting a fresh spray tan!


    After the winter, our skin can be dull and dry. Today on National Spray Tanning Day, prepare to glow all spring and summer with a natural spray tan. In fact, spray tanning is a great way to achieve a healthy head-to-toe glow and is customizable for any skin tone.

    There are two types of spray tanning. The first uses an automated spray booth. The second uses a professional spray tan artist creating an air-brushed glow using a handheld spray machine. Both options allow for a customizable and desirable color that compliments all skin tones. In addition, both types of spray tanning involve being sprayed with a liquid solution that contains dihydroxyacetone (DHA).

    Dihydroxyacetone is a naturally derived and fermented active ingredient that reacts with your skin to mimic a tan for a temporary amount of time. After getting a spray tan, it’s important to leave the solution on your skin for between four and 24 hours, rinsing when you have achieved your desired color. A spray tan:

    • Provides a sun-kissed glow in just minutes.
    • Evens out uneven skin complexion.
    • Gives skin a more toned appearance.
    • Boosts confidence.
    • Can be customized based on your preferences.
    • Contains vitamins to lock moisture into skin.
    • Gives an even and streak-free tan.
    • Offers an option for tan lines.
    • Includes optional scents based on your preferences.

      Tantalizing Benefits

      There are many benefits to spray tanning. Not only can you achieve a sun-kissed look in just minutes, spray tanning also gives you a major confidence boost! The average spray tan, whether it be in an automatic booth or by a professional spray tan artist, takes about 5 minutes. For most people, when taking the route of traditional sun tanning, it can take hours or days to begin seeing a sun-kissed glow. Sadly, many people receive a sunburn instead of a tan when choosing the traditional sun tanning.

        How Do You Prepare for a Spray Tan?

        Preparing for a spray tan can help to elevate your overall experience. To get the most natural looking and long-lasting tan, be sure to:

        • Shower, exfoliate, and shave/wax 24-28 hours before your session.
        • Arrive for your appointment with clean skin. Do not apply moisturizers, deodorant, oils, or make-up before your appointment.
        • Wear loose-fitting, dark colored clothing to prevent bronzer transfer.
        • Schedule your manicure and/or pedicure appointments prior to your spray tan appointment, so that your tan does not fade prematurely.
        • Bring a rain jacket if there is a chance of rain to protect your tan while it is developing.
        • Avoid rinsing or getting wet for a minimum of 4 hours. You can leave your tan on for up to 24 hours before rinsing.

        Post Spray Tan Tips

        Your post-spray tan care is just as important as the preparation! Be sure to keep in mind the following tips to help your tan last as long as possible:

        • Rinse your spray tan with warm water and minimal soap/scrubbing.
        • Pat dry after rinsing your tan instead of wiping off moisture.
        • Apply moisturizer after your shower and then daily to extend your tan.
        • Avoid swimming/bathing for the first 24 hours after your spray tan.
        • Use self-tanners to help extend the length of your tan.


        • Make an appointment for a spray tan at a location near you.
        • Flaunt your favorite outfit to wear once your spray tan is fully developed and rinsed.
        • Encourage your friends and family to utilize spray tanning as a healthy way to glow.
        • Share photos of your spray tan on social media using the hashtag #NationalSprayTanningDay.
        • Be on the lookout for giveaways, promotions, and events nationwide surrounding National Spray Tanning Day by following @mystictan, @versaspa, and @norvellsunless on Instagram.

        ABOUT #NationalSprayTanningDay

        National Day Calendar designated National Spray Tanning Day on behalf of Sunless, Inc. brands Mystic Tan, Norvell, and VersaSpa in 2022, to be celebrated on the third Thursday in March each year. National Spray Tanning Day encourages people to safely enhance their skin with a natural-looking glow!

        Sunless, Inc. is the leading industry authority in the sunless tanning industry with over 30 years of experience. The company offers sunless tanning technology alternatives such as spray tanning and self-tanning products in the place of harmful UV rays. Sunless, Inc. creates the best of the best when it comes to spray tanning booths, equipment, and solutions. The advanced spray technology delivers streak-free and natural-looking tans every time.

        With decades of experience, Sunless, Inc. creates the best of the best when it comes to spray tanning equipment, solutions, and self-tanners. The brands Mystic Tan, Norvell, and VersaSpa are iconic among frequent spray tan users.

        You can instantly locate a salon that provides spray tans by Mystic Tan, VersaSpa, or Norvell by using their salon locator.


      • NATIONAL IEP WRITING DAY | First Monday in April

        NATIONAL IEP WRITING DAY | First Monday in April

        The first Monday in April is National IEP Writing Day to honor all special education teachers and team members who write Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) for students with disabilities.


        On National IEP Writing Day, let’s pay it forward by thanking the team of professionals that write and implement IEPs that lead to the success of every student they work with on a daily basis.

        What is an IEP? An IEP, or Individualized Education Program, is a compilation of legal documents that are the layout of special education instruction and services needed for student with disabilities to thrive while in school, at home, and in the community.

        Writing an IEP is an under-appreciated job requirement special education teachers and teams provide each year. Statistically, almost 65% of teachers don’t like writing IEPs, and an additional 80% dislike writing Present Levels and the  Goals/Objectives of an IEP. The amount of paperwork that needs to be submitted per student is extremely time consuming.

        IEP Season

        Special education teachers and their teams go to great lengths writing and providing IEPs. In fact, no two IEPs are alike because no two students are alike. The professionals that create these IEPs and implement them are managers of legal documents, medical documents, and educational documents. According to school districts across the country, the average time it takes to write an IEP is between 1 to 2.5 hours per student. However, special education teachers and teams say they actually spend nearly 4 hours writing one IEP. Can you imagine the time it takes to write an IEP for nearly 50 students?

        On average, a special education teacher will write 16 IEPs in one school year. For some, it can be over 100 in a school year. In the Spring many schools have what they call an “IEP Season.” Even though most school districts have teachers writing IEPs year-round, the IEP season is 4-6 weeks in length. During this time teachers will write all IEPs in this short time frame, plus hold IEP meetings with teams and families.


        • Write quick note or email to your fellow IEP team members thanking them for helping.
        • Praise your special education students for being a part of your teaching life. 
        • Send in a little treat, a handwritten card, gift card, or flowers to show appreciation to your child’s special education teacher and the rest of the IEP team.
        • Visit The Intentional IEP website and watch videos on the best practices for IEP writing.
        • Use #iepwritingday and #NationalIEPWritingDay to share yourself writing an IEP for a student without giving away confidential information. 
        • Give a public shoutout to the special education teachers and their teams at your school and share on social media using #makingpositivewaves.


        National Day Calendar and The Intentional IEP collaborated to form National IEP Writing Day in 2022. Each year during the first Monday in April, we will celebrate special education teachers and their teams for making positive waves in the lives of students.

        The Intentional IEP is a website that helps special education teachers write IEPs more effectively and efficiently. Unsurprisingly, The Intentional IEP celebrates special education teachers and all IEP team members by working together to complete IEPs more collaboratively as a team. This collaboration helps to further facilitate the positive waves in education. The organization offers both free training using blog posts and videos. In addition, they offer paid services that includes video training, a searchable IEP goal bank, and an IEP writing course for teachers.

        Individuals with Disabilities Education Act

        On November 29, 1975, the federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) was signed into law giving disabled students access to services through an IEP. The intent was to help them access the same curriculum as their same-aged, neurotypical peers.

        The IDEA law states public schools must write IEPs for each student with disabilities who qualify for special education services. These IEPs are intended to help students and families:

        • Access the same-aged general education curriculum as their classmates.
        • Provide individualized and specific accommodations based on the student’s needs.
        • Allow special education teachers and teams to modify, adapt and make support changes based on individual IEP details.