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  • NATIONAL ALAN DAY | November 28 


    Today is November 28 on the National Day Calendar and we are celebrating the name Alan and the remarkable meaning behind the name. Get ready as we cover some interesting history about the name Alan, discover some new facts, and talk about the possible origin of National Alan Day.


    We all know someone by the name of Alan. Whether they spell their name A-L-A-N, A-L-L-A-N or A-L-L-E-N, the name is a common name with a not so common history. Today, as we explore all things Alan, we want to remember this day is all about the Alan in your life.

    The name Alan is a masculine name meaning handsome, cheerful, harmony, and noble. The English language says the name Alan was brought to England during the 11th century by the people of Brittany. In fact, Alan is said to date back to the 6th century in Brittany among its people. Today, the people of Brittany are one of six Celtic nations found in the western France, otherwise known as Brittany Bretagne or Celtic Britons. However, this particular ethnic group are not typical French speaking people. Because of their strong Celtic heritage, Celtic Britons speak a Celtic language very similar to Cornish and Welsh. Besides a differing language from the French, they also have different customs.

    Our National Alan Day Discovery

    It is very possible todays’ National Day originates as a memorial for Canadian mathematician Alan Day (1941-1990). Day made significant contributions to algebraic discoveries known as the Lattice Theory. He became widely respected after publishing his thesis in 1968 on A characterization of modularity for congruence lattices of algebras. The publication was the beginning of a career in mathematical research and discoveries.


    In the 1980s, Day provided a database of papers in universal algebra and lattice theory to Apple containing a combination of algebra, lattice theory, and menus to distribute the information through modular menus that could navigate within a computer.

    Alan Day Publications

    1. Injectives in non-distributive equational classes of lattices are trivial, published 1970.
    2. A note on the congruence extension property, published 1971.
    3. Injectivity in equational classes of algebras, published 1972.
    4. Splitting algebras and a weak notion of projectivity, published 1973.
    5. Filter monads, continuous lattices and closure systems, published 1975.
    6. Splitting lattices generate all lattices, published 1975.

    5 Famous People Named Alan

    1. Alan Shepard (1923-1998) was the first American in space and the fifth man to walk on the moon. In 1971, Shepard was in command for the Apollo 14 mission. Known as the Mercury Seven, he was one of seven astronauts during this mission. The Apollo 14 mission was the first time images would be taken of space and the moon in color. While on the moon, Shepard hit 2 golf balls into space, never seeing where they would land.
    2. Alan Turing (1912-1954) was a British mathematician and computer scientist. Turning is widely known as a code breaker during WWII for creating and implementing the first encryption program to decipher messages from the Germans. He is also considered to be the founder of modern Artificial Intelligence.
    3. Alan Rickman (1946-2016) was an English actor and director whose distinct voice became a trademark for the characters he played. He spent many years as a member of the Royal Shakespeare Company performing a variety of Shakespearean lead roles. In addition, Rickman was a well-respected actor throughout the world with acting credits in Truly, Madly, Deeply, Die Hard, Sense and Sensibility, and the Harry Potter series.
    4. Alan Hodgkin (1914-1998) was an English physiologist and biophysicist who won 1963 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for his theory of nerve impulse propagation.
    5. Alan White (1949-1922) is the former drummer for the English rock band YES. White was with the band for almost 50 years, making him the oldest member of the band. He can be heard on over 43 albums by the band.


    1. Learn about one famous person with the name Alan, Allen, or Allan.
    2. Spend the day with the Alan in your life.
    3. Listen to songs by Alan Jackson.
    4. Share your Allen photos on social media and tag #NationaAlanDay.


    We are unable to find the creative namesake for National Alan Day. However, we are leaning towards National Alan Day relating to Canadian mathematician Alan Day. Until we find the original source, we are honoring the name Alan and it’s variations.

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    Today is June 14 and National Cucumber Day at National Day Calendar and we are enjoying fresh cucumbers all day long! Join us as we crunch on this crisp summer favorite and enjoy the fruits of summer.


    You can almost taste the crisp, watery goodness of a cucumber during the summer months. With fresh fruits and vegetables at our fingertips, we feel very little guilt indulging in this salad favorite. Whether we grow them in our garden or purchase them at a local farmers market, we love the freshness a cucumber adds to our diets.

    Most people think cucumbers are a vegetable. In fact, they are actually a fruit in the watermelon family Cucurbitaceae. Cucumbers are normally a long and have a cylindrical shape, and are grown in different sizes. There are also around 100 different types of cucumbers around the world.

    Most cucumbers have green flesh with a white inside. The Lemon Cucumber has yellow skin and a tart taste. However, the Albino cucumber is a rare heirloom cucumber grown by seed savers. A seed saver is someone who saves seeds year-to-year and prevents cross-pollination with another seed variety.

    Crunchy History

    Cucumbers have been cultivated for nearly 3,000 years originating in Asia. It is unclear how or when cultivation was introduced to Ancient Greek and Roman Empires, but records show both upper and lower class people of those times were cultivating cucumbers as part of their diet. Europeans would bring cucumbers to the U.S. some time during exploration. Benjamin Watson’s Heirloom Vegetables book stated “in 1539 DeSoto found Indians in Florida growing cucumbers that were “better than those of Spain.””

    How do you eat cucumbers? Cucumbers are a common salad food. However, cucumbers are a main ingredient in the puree of gazpacho soup. In addition, tea houses in Britain serve cucumber sandwiches with tea because its lightness pairs well with afternoon tea.

    Though most people slice cucumbers and eat them in salads, many people use them for pickling. Pickling possibly dates back as far as the Mesopotamians who would preserve cucumbers in a brine solution. Today, Americans consumer almost 10 pounds of pickles per person in one year! Unsurprisingly, Kosher dill pickles have been a favorite among households since the 19th century thanks to Eastern European Jews emigrating to the U.S.

    7 Cucumber Facts

    1. Placing sliced cucumber on your tongue for a few minutes will eliminate bad breath.
    2. Cucumbers reduce and ease face swelling, especially around the eye area.
    3. Boiling sliced cucumbers releases a natural stress reducer into the air.
    4. Cucumbers are 95% water, which make them a great substitute for hydration.
    5. The waxy coating of a cucumber will erase a pen on anything.
    6. Eating cucumbers before bed after a night of too many adult beverages will help your body recover from a hangover the next day.
    7. Pureeing cucumber and applying it to a sunburn provides instant relief.


    1. Visit a local farmer to learn about growing cucumbers.
    2. Add cucumbers to your salad or eat them alone.
    3. Learn about the health benefits of cucumbers.
    4. Download the the National Day Calendar Gazpacho Recipe card.
    5. Share your cucumber recipes on social media and tag #NationalCucumberDay.


    National Day Calendar created National Cucumber Day in 2023 to celebrate the refreshing taste of cucumbers all day long! We want everyone to enjoy the little things in life and today’s National Day is delicious celebration honoring another food holiday.

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    Today is June 5 on the National Day Calendar and it’s National Start Over Day to remind you it’s perfectly fine to start over! Today’s National Day is about making the decision to accept failure and start over, from scratch.


    Do you remember that old saying “if at first you don’t succeed, then try, try again?” All of us seem to have heard it one time or another in our life. We can all agree it has been used to inspire us to never give up and keep trying. Today, we want to remind everyone despite any setbacks you may have, don’t give up! Keep going, even if that means starting over.

    What is failure? In a nut shell, failure is when a person does not succeed or has not met expectations of a specific situation, goal, or task. Failure means different things to different people, which is why our ideas about failure differ. Even though society plays a significant roll in what we think should be success, the idea of failure comes from our own personal beliefs.

    Adults view failure differently than children do, but the end result is always the same: failure is discouraging.

    5 Adult Ideas of Failure

    1. Receiving a bad work performance review.
    2. Forgetting a special occasion.
    3. Getting terminated from a job.
    4. Misspending or losing money.
    5. Missing an important appointment.

    6 Childhood Ideas of Failure

    1. Getting a bad grade on a test.
    2. Putting off or avoiding chores.
    3. Breaking rules set by parents/guardians.
    4. Arguing with a grownup.
    5. Bickering with siblings.
    6. Not making the team.

    Failing should not be the end. In fact, we think you should use failure as a way to grow, learn, and start again. Most people analyze failure after it happens. You think of all the things that could have been and find a solution to make it better the next time around. Each time you fail, you create solutions and learn benefits of doing things differently. Your solutions give you opportunity to start over and keep going.

    Why is failing important? Failing is important because it allows you to give something another try. Trust the process of what you learn along the failure journey, change a few things, and start from scratch to make it a success. Don’t be discouraged. Some people may have to make several attempts to reach their goal. Taking another chance and starting over teaches you determination. Just know starting over can and will cause some anxiety. Do not be afraid to keep going. Starting over means a new beginning and a new adventure. You can do it!

    6 Ways to Change Failure Into Success

    1. Changing your mindset after failure by determining why you failed and then turning the failure into a teaching tool.
    2. Failing does not mean your are a failure. It means you’ve been given opportunity to fix mistakes that will help you succeed when you decide to try again.
    3. Learning your own beliefs about failure without comparing them to other expectations will help you focus on doing what is right for you.
    4. Committing yourself to achieve success after failure will boost your confidence about your personal abilities, goals, and expectations.
    5. Correcting keys mistakes when you start over will prevent the same mistakes from happening. This will require you to think about where things went wrong and having plan to not repeat those mistakes.
    6. Starting over requires new goals. This means you might have to self-reflect before trying again. Slow down, think things through, and organize your thoughts. Once you do this, the path to success will be easier than previously.


    • Make a plan to restart something you failed at before and DO IT!
    • Share your failures with your peers to help find ways to make things successful when they start over.
    • Read about the greatest failures in history that turned into a success.
    • Encourage someone who feels like they are a failure. Let them know failing is normal and they can try again.
    • Share your stories of failures that became successes on social media and tag #NationalStartOverDay.


    National Day Calendar created National Start Over Day in 2023 after a recommendation made by Doug “Snoop” Philp. Doug is the Social Media Specialist & Web Administrator at National Day Calendar. He thought today’s National Day would be a great way to encourage people to #CelebrateEveryDay by remembering it’s ok to celebrate by starting over!

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    Today is June 1 and National Game Show Day on the National Day Calendar and we are celebrating all timeless game shows, past and present. National Game Show Day honors one of the oldest and most cherished genres of TV.


    Game Shows are watched by millions of Americans every single day and are a staple in most American homes. Viewers can engage by cheering contestants on and playing along from home. National Game Show Day honors vintage and current game shows, their hosts, and the fans of yesterday and today.

    Game shows are a specific genre of television where contestants compete, answer questions, or solve puzzles to win prizes. Prizes consist of cash, trips, and some of the most popular consumer products, including electronics, cars, and appliances.

    The first TV game show in the U.S. was Truth or Consequences, which began in 1940 and was hosted by Ralph Edwards. The show consisted of contestants being asked to answer trivia questions correctly or face the consequences by performing a zany stunt.


    On National Game Show Day, we thought it would be fun to find the most popular game shows of all time. Our top 8 answers are on the board:

    1. To Tell the Truth (1956 – 1978; 1980 – 1981; 2000 – 2002; 2016 – Present)
    2. Match Game (1962 – 1969; 1973 – 1982; ; 2016 – 2021)
    3. Jeopardy! (1964 – 75; 1984 – Present)
    4. The Price is Right (1972 – Present)
    5. Wheel of Fortune (1975 – Present)
    6. The Gong Show (1976 – 1978)
    7. Family Feud (1976 – 1985, 1988 – 1995; 1999 – Present)
    8. Hollywood Squares (1966 – 1981)

    What is the longest running game show on television? The Price is Right originally aired on TV in 1956, with Bill Cullen as the host. In 1972, the show reintroduced a new host. Bob Barker became the face of The Price is Right and served as host for 35 years, with Drew Carey taking over the reins in 2007. The Price is Right is the longest running game show in television history, with Carey continuing as host today.

    Can I view vintage game shows? Yes! For 8 years BUZZR has been providing broadcasts of vintage game shows from the early 1940s to the late 2000s. The network’s iconic line-up includes Match Game, Family Feud, Press Your Luck, and Supermarket Sweep. Beloved personalities that appear on BUZZR include Betty White, Gene Rayburn, Richard Dawson, Pat Sajak, and Monty Hall.


    1. Play a vintage game show board game with family and friends.
    2. Watch your favorite game on the BUZZR network or one of the BUZZR streaming platforms.
    3. Catch special programming on BUZZR to win special prizes.
    4. Follow BUZZR social media platforms to play games, interact, and win contests.
    5. Share your love for game shows by tagging #NationalGameShowDay on social media.


    In 2023, National Day Calendar and Fremantle, the parent company of BUZZR, formed a collaboration to create National Game Show Day. Each year on June 1, we honor game shows as one of the oldest TV genres in the U.S.

    National Game Show Day | June 1 – BUZZR


    Fremantle is home to the world’s largest collection of game shows. As the purveyors of the Goodson-Todman library of content, Fremantle produces Family Feud (syndicated) and Celebrity Family Feud on ABC with Steve Harvey. Fremantle also produces Let’s Make A Deal with Wayne Brady, plus television’s longest running game show, The Price Is Right with Drew Carey for CBS. In recent years, the company has also brought back to television classic hits, such as Press Your Luck, To Tell the Truth, Card Sharks, and Supermarket Sweep for ABC. Recently, Fremantle has re-imagined Password on NBC with host Keke Palmer and ongoing celebrity player Jimmy Fallon. Password was the #1 new unscripted series in 2022.

    On June 1, 2015 Fremantle launched BUZZR, the nation’s only network dedicated to vintage game shows. Serving as a time capsule containing decades of retro content, BUZZR’s round the clock entertainment includes:

    • Match Game, where Gene Rayburn hosts a mad-capped panel of celebrity guests.
    • Family Feud with the most affectionate host in history, Richard Dawson.
    • Password Plus with a whip-smart Betty White serving as a celebrity contestant.
    • Other perennial favorites, such as Classic Concentration, The Newlywed Game, Tattletales, and many more.

    Following the launch of the network, Fremantle also expanded BUZZR to the world of FAST, with fan favorite retro content on all major platforms, including Pluto TV, Samsung TV Plus, The Roku Channel, Freevee, and VIZIO WatchFree+.

    Stay connected with BUZZR by following them on any of their social media platforms.

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    Today is June 10 on the National Day Calendar and we are throwing a sweet celebration for National Frosted Cookie Day. This nostalgic National Day celebrates the day by inspiring families everywhere to live life playfully, while enjoying the iconic frosted animal cookies by Mother’s® Cookies!


    Each year on June 10 we celebrate National Frosted Cookie Day and encourage everyone to enjoy the frosted animal cookies that spark the joy and creativity for families. No other cookie in the world sparks imagination like the frosted animal cookie. Whether putting on a circus show for friends, or taking a safari with family, the frosted animal cookie sparks joy and creativity for all. In fact, this iconic frosted animal cookie is enjoyed by playful, imaginative families all over the country.

    The Origin of Mother’s® Cookies

    It all started in 1914 at a newspaper stand in Oakland, California. Newspaper vendor N.M. Wheatley purchased the rights to some unusually delicious home-baked cookies from a customer. Interestingly, N.M. named the cookies Mother’s in honor of the brand-new holiday, Mother’s Day! The cookies soon they became a hit. Within a year, he sold the newspaper stand and began baking two thousand cookies a day in a small bakeshop. Of course, these are the iconic Circus Animal Cookies we know and love!

    The iconic shapes inspire the imagination and creativity to help turn snack time into a three-ring circus.

    Frosted Animal Circus Cookies

    Animal Cookies

    Long ago in cookie-land, animals didn’t stray too far from the herd. Camels stuck with camels, lions with lions, and unicorns with unicorns. Day after day, they had the same routine. One morning a volcano erupted shooting sprinkles out into the sky and sending rivers of frosting flowing through the lands. By the next morning, every creature under the sun was full of polka-dots and bright. The animals thought, “well this is weird.” But, it was also pretty sweet and delicious. The frosted animals became instant friends. From that day on, cookie-land became infinitely more fun. Since then, kids have been delighting in Mother’s Cookies ever since.

    Today, there are two types of Mother’s Frosted Animal Cookies, each with unique shapes and
    personalities to create plenty of imagination in every bite.

    1. Original Circus Animal® Cookies are classic shortbread animal shaped cookies that are fully frosted in the iconic pink and white frosting, topped with rainbow sprinkles.
    2. Mythical Creature® Cookies are shortbread fairytale shaped cookies that are fully frosted in lavender and white frosting, topped with silver sprinkles.


    Finding ways to celebrate National Frosted Cookie Day is easy if you use a little imagination.

    1. Enjoy frosted animal cookies with milk or hot chocolate.
    2. Use your frosted animal cookies as additional decoration on cupcakes or cakes.
    3. Mix frosted animal cookies with ice cream.
    4. Share you frosted cookie memories and photos on social media and tag #NationalFrostedCookieDay.


    In May 2023, National Day Calendar and Mother’s® Cookies formed a collaboration to create National Frosted Cookie Day. Each year on June 10, we are having a sweet celebration on National Frosted Cookie Day. This nostalgic National Day celebrates the day by inspiring families everywhere to live life playfully, while enjoying the iconic frosted animal cookies by Mother’s® Cookies!

    Mother’s Cookies is known for the pink and white frosted animal cookies. With origins beginning in 1914, Mother’s Cookies has been providing sweet and delicious fun to kids and families everywhere.

    Mother’s Original Circus Animal Cookies® and Mythical Creatures™ Cookies are available nationwide.

    For more information, please visit

    Follow Mother’s Cookies on Instagram.

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    9 Great Places to Eat Rocky Mountain Oysters


    (Across Colorado)

    If you don’t know what Rocky Mountain Oysters are, you’re in for a treat! No, these nuggets of fried deliciousness don’t come from the sea. Nor are they served on the half-shell. They can, however, be pickled, smoked and (usually the most popular way) fried. What are they, you ask? They are the testicles of livestock, usually cattle, sheep, bison, and pigs. We’ve explored 9 great places to eat Rocky Mountain Oysters so you can sample the best the first time around!

    1. Sagebrush BBQ & Grill – Grand Lake

    Throw a rock in Colorado and you’re likely to hit a trail, snow-capped mountain, or send it skipping along a glassy lake. Grand Lake is no different. Nestled along Mount Craig, explore the great outdoors before ordering up your Rocky Mountain Oysters at Sagebrush BBQ & Grill with a side of wild boar, elk, or buffalo bratwurst. Take in the scenic views and plan your next hike or lake excursion.

    2. Lucy’s Place – Sedgewick 

    This full-service diner will fill you up and get you ready to explore Jumbo Reservoir or the drag races near Julesburg. The Rocky Mountain Oysters are the tastiest in the area too!

    3. Bruce’s Bar – Severance

    Severance, CO, is a bustling small town east of Ft. Collins that is over 100 years old. Bruce’s Bar opened in 1957 and the menu features both beef and buffalo Rocky Mountain Oysters. You’ll have to take a gander at the menu for the theme Bruce’s has going on.

    4. Chappy’s Mountain View Bar and Grill – Boulder

    Home to the University of Colorado, Boulder is nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. The city is a virtual art gallery with several eye-catching murals. When you finish the tour, find your way to Chappy’s Bar and Grill. Not only do they fry up you know what, but they also deep fry cheesecake!

    5. The Fort – Morrison

    Southwest of Denver in Morrison, The Fort recommends reservations and is noted for its fine dining, but more than one (wink, wink) of the menu items are straight out of the Old West. They also offer fresh guac, and marrow bone. And that’s just their starter menu!

    6. Rustic Station Restaurant – Bailey 

    The charming western town of Baily is home to the Sasquatch Outpost where sightings are said to abound. The North Fork South Platte River is another Baily feature as it flows right through town. Visit the Rustic Station for some fresh-made vittles, including the star of our show, Rocky Mountain Oysters.

    7. 4 Kings Bar and Grill – Silver Cliff 

    Next door to Westcliffe, Silver Cliff boasts scenic views and rich history. The 4 Kings Bar and Grill offers all your favorite bar food, including those delicious Rocky Mountain Oysters you’ve been waiting for.

    8. South Side Food & Drink – Limon 

    Located southeast of Denver along I-70, Limon features wetlands and fine dining. Visit the South Side and settle in for some delicious food and bar pours.

    9. Ol’ Miner Steakhouse – Gunnison 

    Take in Black Canyon in Gunnison National Park and get a clear view of the mountain sky at Gunnison Valley Observatory. Then settle in at Ol’ Miner Steakhouse for a side of Rocky Mountain Oysters, signature steaks, seafood, or burgers.