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National Surgical Oncologist Day - August 22


National Surgical Oncologist Day recognizes the accomplishments of every lifesaving surgeon who specializes in abolishing cancer!

Surgical oncologists help to both diagnose cancer and cure it through surgery. Whether they perform a needle biopsy to take a sample or perform surgery to remove all or parts of the cancerous tissue, they work with a team of experts to provide you with the best possible care available.

While they also treat cancer, they strive to learn more and better understand the variety of cancers we are faced with daily. As experts in their field, they continuously seek improvements in care for their patients. From cutting edge techniques to the latest in research and therapies, surgical oncologists push toward a cure every day. Their dedication and leadership in the field of oncology make a difference in the lives of cancer patients today and tomorrow.

HOW TO OBSERVE #SurgicalOncologistDay

Donate to your favorite cancer charity such as Lean On Me Breast Cancer Network. Show appreciation to your favorite surgical oncologist. Let them know what made a difference in your care. Share successful and compassionate surgical oncology stories using #SurgicalOncologistDay, #SurgicalOncologist on social media.


Lean on Me Breast Cancer NetworkIn March of 2019, Jenni Cherlin & the Lean On Me Breast Cancer Networkfounded National Surgical Oncologist Day to recognize the hard work and dedication of surgical oncologists everywhere.

About Dr. Dwight Carlton De Risi

August 22nd was chosen to honor Dr. Dwight Carlton De Risi, a world-renowned surgical oncologist with over 30 years of experience in his field. Dr. De Risi was born on August 22, 1947. He is the first trained surgical oncologist on Long Island specializing in diseases of the breast. After growing up on Long Island, he attended Seton Hall University and received his doctorate from Georgetown University School of Medicine. Dr. De Risi completed his residency at North Shore University Hospital and received his graduate surgical oncology fellowship degree from Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo, NY – America’s first cancer institute and the first in the United States to be accredited by the Society of Surgical Oncology.

Having treated tens of thousands of patients over the years, Dr. De Risi remained a leader in his field, introducing and popularizing cutting edge surgical and diagnostic techniques, which have now become standards of care. He has been recognized and honored for his accomplishments by several organizations including Seton Hall Pre Medical Honor Society Alpha Epsilon Delta. Dr. De Risi is known in the community for his compassion and late office hours. His success is attributed to his family (which includes his wife Donna, and his four children Darren, Drew, Dara, and Deirdre), his incredible office staff, and the love and support from his dedicated patients.

Through the efforts of his loyal supporters, Dr. De Risi created the non-profit support group in May of 2000 called Lean On Me Breast Cancer Networks Inc. Since its inception, over seventy volunteers have helped guide and comfort several thousand newly diagnosed breast cancer patients through their journey from diagnosis and treatment to wellness. In addition, several exciting and enjoyable fundraising events are planned throughout the year, helping patients realize the importance of living each day to its fullest.

The Registrar at National Day Calendar proclaimed National Surgical Oncologist to be observed on August 22nd annually.

National Bao Day - August 22


On August 22, National Bao Day guarantees your taste buds will be shouting “Wow!” Why? Because ancient Chinese gastronomic delicacies often cause oohs and ahhs on food holidays.

At first one might consider it to be just a simple steamed bun. Dumplings aside, this is the flavorful Chinese dough used to make bāozi, or bao. It’s also stuffed with savory meats or sweets. More than a side dish, bao is a type of sandwich. And, this delicious meal grabs attention in the United States. That’s why it’s gaining popularity at every mealtime of the day.

There are excellent reasons, too!  Created as an elegant package, bao fits in the palm of the hand making it portable. Bao satisfies with all our favorite flavors.  From spicy to sweet, BBQ and Thai, this little sandwich covers breakfast, lunch, supper, and dessert.  Still hungry?  They’re great snacks and perfect for sharing, too.

HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalBaoDay

Still not wowed? Learn more about bao cuisine. Enjoy a tasty bao or six. Remember, they’re perfect for sharing, so invite friends and family, too! Use #NationalBaoDay to share on social media.


Wow Bao founded National Bao Day to celebrate the ancient Chinese tradition of bao and to raise awareness about the variety of contemporary bao restaurants opening around the country giving diners an opportunity to enjoy the diversity of flavors. Wow Bao chose August 22nd for the celebration of bao as it is the anniversary of the launch of their first bao-centric restaurant in Chicago.  They now have ten restaurants and are growing!  

Follow them on FacebookTwitterInstagramSnapchat and Youtube.

The Registrar at National Day Calendar declared National Bao Day to be celebrated annually in 2017.

Never Bean Better Day - August 22


If you’ve waited for a Never Bean Better Day to enjoy the unconditional love of your canine companion, August 22 is the day! Just like our ever-joyful pets, the day casts away the worries and spreads enthusiasm for life.

The celebration encourages both the spirit of generosity and sharing the joys of life with delight. Go out into the world with your family pet and plant the bean of love every where you go. Share it generously, like dogs do when they take care of us when we are sick or down. They give us all their love with abandon in the forms of licks and snuggles. Sometimes our furry friends do tricks and antics only canines know how to do. Other times, they even perform their own love song or woo woo. Every day should be a Never Bean Better Day to share all the love your dog stores up!

HOW TO OBSERVE #NeverBeanBetterDay

In recognition of the celebration, share the Bean wuv. Fetch up fun and make a difference like Bean, a very special therapy dog, does every day in providing comfort and joy to so many through his physical and virtual presence. Help someone by sharing your time, talent or treasure or just by making someone’s day by getting them to play … human or canine!

Follow Bean’s tail on Facebook at Never Bean Better @neverbeanbetterwoo, Instagram, and Twitter. Be sure to spread the Bean wuv by using the #NeverBeanBetterDay and@neverbeanbetter to share your never bean better moments on social media. Get out and fetch up some fun! Make every day a Never Bean Better day!


The Drager Group, Inc. founded Never Bean Better Day to recognize the unconditional love dogs bring to human lives. The observance honors the birth of a special therapy dog, Bean, who eagerly spreads his Bean wuv everywhere he goes. Bean improves the lives of those who need it most. Visit to learn more about Bean and his many talents, canine and not so canine.

The Registrar at National Day Calendar declared Never Bean Better Day to be observed August 22 annually beginning in 2017.

National Tooth Fairy Day - August 22

NATIONAL TOOTH FAIRY DAY                                                                                                  

Wiggle a loose tooth and maybe the tooth fairy will collect it on August 22nd during National Tooth Fairy Day.  Since the day is celebrated twice a year, recognize the tooth fairy again on February 28th

This childhood favorite evolved with a group of healthcare fairies during the mid-1920s. From bath fairies to Fairy Wand Tooth Whitener, they encouraged kids through a wave of advertisements and health classes. These ads and classes spoke to children about eating their veggies, brushing their teeth, and getting fresh air.

In 1927, Esther Watkins Arnold brought the tooth fairy to life in an eight-page playlet. She named the playlet The Tooth Fairy. At the same time, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle published photographs of two girls surrounded by “verified” fairies. He claimed that fairies and gnomes existed and the pictures supplied the photographic evidence.

The following year, Arnold’s play began performing. Childen, primed with vivid imaginations, placed their freshly lost teeth under their pillows at night. The anticipation of a visit from the tooth fairy lives on today.

Over the years, the tooth fairy theme varied. In 1942, columnist Bob Balfe wrote in the Palm Beach Post about the tooth fairy. He gave his children War Stamps to put in their books when the lost a tooth. This alternative became popular during a time when giving to the war effort was a motivating factor.

Today, the tooth fairy jingles much less than ever. The average payout for a lost tooth ranges from $3 to $4. However, if Dad is on duty or if the tooth disappears during the night with no time break a large bill, the amounts climb higher.


Use #ToothFairyDay to post on social media. Download this coloring page, color and then post to social media.


While our research did not unearth the source of either the February 28 or the August 22 observance, it is interesting to note the American Dental Association’s recommendation to have cleanings twice annually. 



On August 22nd, National Be An Angel Day encourages good deeds and kindness to others. By supporting those in need and inspiring others to kindness, we display an act of an angel here on earth.

The day also recognizes those who’ve been angels to us. Sometimes we have a bad day. Whether its bad news or poor planning, we all have them. A kind word, a hug or even a pleasant atmosphere makes a difference. Other times, though, days, even weeks can be devastating. A loss, illness or overwhelming news takes the wind from our sails. Those angels provide comfort at a time when we need it most.

The same happens to the people around us. We don’t always know what others may be enduring. We can be an angel in big and small ways. Whether we know a person’s concerns or not, simply offering to join them for a meal may relieve their stress. Having someone to listen, often is something we need most.

Noticing someone’s efforts is another way we can be an angel. Letting them know you’re impressed with their stamina, talent, progress – fill in the blanks. These positive comments provide morale-boosting energy.

Any time we see someone in need, the opportunity arises to offer help.  Assist an elderly neighbor with lawn care. Don’t overlook the single parents when setting up play dates. Their children – and the parents – need the social interaction, too.

Also, when you value someone’s time, effort and presence, don’t hesitate to tell them. We may be individual people, but we don’t thrive alone. Look out for each other.


Be someone’s angel. Lift them up when they need it. Offer an ear to listen, a hand to lift them up, or a shoulder to hold them up until they can stand again. Give patience when you least feel like giving it. Hear the pain below the complaint or the exhaustion under the frustration. Notice the worry, not the anger. Look with eyes that see the whole person, not just the fraction of a moment. Hold a hand when there’s nothing else that can be done. Dry a tear. Use #BeAnAngelDay to share on social media.


In 1993, Jayne Howard Feldman created National Be An Angel Day to encourage acts of kindness.

National Pecan Torte Day - August 22


National Pecan Torte Day recognizes a delicious pecan treat on August 22nd. Of the pecan recipes, the torte delivers a decadent dessert that’s also versatile.

This baked specialty, tortes become the centerpieces of desserts. Tortes provide a delicious choice of fillings such as whipped cream, buttercream, mousse, jam, fruits or nuts. The baker often glazes and garnishes the torte once it is cooled. Generally made with little to no flour, tortes use ground nuts or breadcrumbs, along with sugar, eggs, and flavorings instead.

The pecan tree is the only nut tree native to North America.

Other Pecan Holidays:

  • National Pecan Day – April 14
  • Pecan Pie Day – July 12
  • Chocolate Pecan Pie Day – August 20
Pecan Benefits

While sweetening up your pecans tends to dilute the benefits, keep in mind that indulging in moderation is ok. However, we know how difficult that can be when you #CelebrateEveryDay. Pecans do deliver some healthy perks, though.

First off, pecans pack in more than 19 vitamins and minerals. Some of the ones with some nutritional punch include vitamins A, B, and E. Add to that folic acid, calcium, potassium, and zinc and pecans deserve several celebrations.

Beyond the vital nutrients mentioned above, pecans also provide healthy fats in abundance. These oils are essential to heart health.

Combine the high fiber content with the natural energy provided by pecans, and this feel-good nut sends good vibes all day long. So, even if you celebrate with a small slice of pecan torte, add extra pecans on the side to balance out those naughty calories.


Following are a few recipes for you:

Mocha Pecan Torte
Pecan Pumpkin Torte
Chocolate Pecan Torte

Use #PecanTorteDay to post on social media.


We were unable to find the creator of National Pecan Torte Day.

On Deck for August 23, 2019

National Days

International Days

Recipe of the Day

Black Forest Cake
Prep:  30 minutes
Cook:  35 minutes
Total Prep:  65 minutes
Servings:  12


2 – 1/8 cups all-purpose flour

2 cups sugar

3/4 cup unsweetened cocoa powder

1 – 1/2 teaspoons baking powder

3/4 teaspoon baking soda

3/4 teaspoon salt

3 eggs

1 cup milk

1/2 cup vegetable oil


1 tablespoon vanilla extract

2 – 20 oz cans pitted sour cherries

1 cup sugar

1/4 cup cornstarch


1 teaspoon vanilla extract

3 cups heavy whipping cream

1/3 cup confectioners’ sugar



Preheat oven to 350 degrees F

Prepare two 9 inch, round cake pans by greasing and flouring, then layer the bottoms with wax paper.

In a large bowl, mix flour, 2 cups sugar, cocoa, baking powder, soda, and salt.

Add eggs, milk, oil, and 1 tablespoon vanilla and beat until well.

Pour into cake pans.

Bake in 350°F oven for 35 minutess or until a toothpick inserted into the center of the cake comes out clean.

Cool the cakes on wire racks for 10 minutes.

Loosen edges, remove from pans and allow to cool completely on racks.

Drain cherries and reserve 1/2 cup of juice.

Combined cherries, 1/2 cup juice, 1 cup sugar and starch in a saucepan.

Over low heat, cook until thickened, stirring constantly.

Add 1 teaspoon vanilla.

Let cool.


In a chilled medium bowl, combine whipping cream and confectioners’ sugar.

Using an electric mixer, beat on high speed until stiff peaks form.

Split each cake layer with a long serrated knife in half.

Set aside 1 1/2 cups of frosting for decorating the cake.

rush crumbs off the top of each layer of the cake.

Set aside one split layer to tear into crumbs.

Place bottom layer on cake plate and spread with 1 cup of frosting.

Add 3/4 cup cherry topping.

Add the second cake layer.

Repeat frosting and cherry layers.

Top with third cake layer and frost the side of the cake.

Pat reserved crumbs onto the cake.

Fit a star decorator tip onto a pastry bag and spoon reserve frosting into the bag.

Pipe frosting around the edges of the cake.

Spoon remaining cherry topping around the top of the cake.

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