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National Middle Child Day - August 12


Each year on August 12th, National Middle Child Day honors that in-between child in the family. Depending on the size of the family, sometimes more than one falls between the firstborn and baby of the family. 

Many believe birth order plays a pivotal role in the personalities of children. The Middle Child Syndrome states that the first-born is often the leader and the role-player. Meanwhile, the youngest one earns the title of the baby family. Therefore, the middle child’s role remains undefined.

Birth order is known to contribute to the Big Five personality traits: extroversion, neuroticism, agreeableness, conscientiousness, and openness to experience. One personality study claims that middle children tend to be artistic and creative. 

No matter what the personality tests and therapists say, the day directs us to focus on the middle child. This day means that parents and siblings pull out all the stops.Make your middle-born family members feel special. 

HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalMiddleChildDay

Keep your middle child/children in mind.  Try these ideas:

  • Make their favorite homemade dish and invite them over.
  • Send a card and share a memory of them. (Be sure the memory is of the middle child and not one of your other children.)
  • Invite your middle child for coffee. 
  • Call your middle child to find out about their day. This is especially important if you don’t usually call.
  • Take a walk with your middle child. Throw a frisbee or do one of their favorite activities. 
  • Play a card or board game.
  • If your middle child has a middle child, suggest all of you make a day of activities together. 

Post on social media using #NationalMiddleChildDay to alert others.


National Middle Children’s Day was created by Elizabeth Walker in the 1980s.  It was originally intended to be observed on the second Saturday in August, however, along the way it has become generally accepted to celebrate it on August 12.  In a newspaper article submitted by her grandson, Litton Walker, III, Walker stated that she wanted to create a National day to honor those children “born in the middle of families” who she felt were “left out.”  The name was later changed to National Middle Child Day.

National Vinyl Record Day - August 12


Get spinning on August 12th with National Vinyl Record Day! Whether it’s the Beatles, Elvis Presley, The Monkees, Johnny Cash or the BeeGees, vinyl records have a sound all their own. Most will agree, vintage vinyl is almost as much of a classic as the bands themselves.

The day encourages listening to all kinds of music on vinyl records. Spin a disc on a jukebox or show off your style by demonstrating your hip hop moves.

About Vinyl Records

Jukebox at Wax Trax Records in Las Vegas loaded with 45s.

When vinyl records first came on the market they had other names. Some of them were gramophone record or a phonograph record. They’re also called records for short.  It is an analog sound storage medium consisting of a flat disc. The sound is recorded by inscribing it on a modulated spiral groove.

Depdinging on the speed the sound was recorded, the vinyl record will need to be played at a specific speed on the record player. This is referred to as rotational speed. The revolutions per minute (RPMs) of the more popular vinyls are:

  • 45s
  • 33 1/3
  • 78s

Other features of vinyl records included reproductive accuracy or fidelity (High Fidelity or Hi-Fi, Orthophonic and Full-Range), their time capacity (long-playing or single), and the number of channels of audio provided (mono, stereo or quadraphonic).

Vinyl records were also sold in different sizes such as:

  • 12 inch
  • 10 inch
  • 7 inch

By 1991, vinyl records left the mainstream.  However, manufacturers continue to produce them. Collectors and audiophiles increasingly desire the unique sound that only vinyl can produce. Since 2006, vinyl record sales continue to increase according to Pitchfork.com. Even more dramatic sales started hitting the markets beginning in 2012. 

Rich Rosen, owner of Wax Trax Records in Las Vegas, has 45 years expereince in the vinyl record industry.

Rich Rosen, owner of Wax Trax Records in Las Vegas, has 45 years experience in the vinyl record industry.

HOW TO OBSERVE #VinylRecordDay

Stop by a vinyl record store in your town. While browsing through the selections, reminisce about the Good Ol’ Days. Share you finds using #VinylRecordDay to post on social media.


Gary Freiberg of Los Osos, California founded National Vinyl Record Day commemorating the day Thomas Edison invented the phonograph in 1877. Freiberg encourages everyone to remember fond memories and the good things in life, especially vinyl records.

National Julienne Fries Day - August 12


Each year, National Julienne Fries Day on August 12th everyone fries up skinny sliced potatoes for a delicious and crunchy treat.  

Cut into thin, uniform matchsticks, julienne fries tend to be crispier and are often called “shoestring fries.” It’s no surprise that this delicate and precise cut is a French favorite. Just look to the 1722 edition of Francois Massialot’s Le Cuisinier Royal et Bourgeoi for the oldest known written reference to the julienne cut.  


Although no one knows the origin of the julienne cut, Eneas Dallas in the book Kettner’s Book of the Table written in 1877, analyzes the origins of the julienne cut. One recipe interests him. It’s called Julienne Soup. The recipe calls for all the vegetables,(such as turnips, carrots, potatoes), to be cut into long strips or straws. Another recipe may share a clue. A woodsorrel soup recipe required two cuts to be made on each leaf. Not one or three, but two. By doing so would create a trefoil or a trinity, which would be significant to some Christian or superstitious cooks.  

According to Dallas, the people of Europe knew the woodsorrel by many names. In France, it was known as La petite oseille and surelle (among many others). In England it was called stubwort, sour trefoil, cuckoo’s meat. Another interesting name for the woodsorrel was Alleluia or Allelujah. By this name also it was found in Italy and Spain. The word would often become corrupted or manipulated. For example, the scientific name for woodsorrel is Conserva Lajulce. Dallas carries this point to Italy where the name becomes Juliola.

Dallas also suggests that when woodsorrel is cooked, the leaves cook away. The soup leaves only the twigs or the representative julienne cuts.

Despite all these possibilities, National Julienne Fries Day promotes noshing, not superstitions. However, sharing the origins may impress your friends. 

HOW TO OBSERVE #JulienneFriesDay

Slice up some potatoes and fry them up. Or go to your favorite restaurant and order some. Use #JulienneFriesDay to post on social media.


We were unable to find the creator of National Julienne Fries Day.

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