Birthday Letter from an Army Mom

Dear Soldier,

As you pull on your boots and grab your gear for the day, whether it’s for the first time or the thousandth, on this Army Birthday, Army moms everywhere are thinking of you.

Anything worth having - John Burroughs

Since the first son told his mother he was joining a militia to support the Revolution, lumps form in mothers’ throats – from pride, fear, worry, but mostly pride that our children believe in something greater than themselves, that they have the courage to defend their country, family and have hope in a greater tomorrow.


Letters - Shana Alexander


Since that very first generation, mothers wait for word from their soldier. From the moment they take the oath, mothers and fathers anxiously await letters from reception, for a single word that their son or daughter is well. Human communication connects us all. Through more than two centuries, we’ve spilled volumes of ink over reams of paper sending letters to each other.


Heart of a volunteer


Across the nation, over oceans and around the world, we continue to do so, if only in a digital format. Our all-volunteer Army keeps in contact with their families, still sending word that they get enough to eat, or they need another care package. Army moms happily oblige no matter where you are in the world.


Small Triumphs and large hearts - Mary Roach


Army families learn to accept the unexpected, to unpack certain expectations, and celebrate small things greatly.


Embrace the suck.

More significantly, we know what’s important. We know every morning we wake is another success, and when it’s with family we love, we celebrate it. On this Army Birthday, no matter where you are, know that an Army mom somewhere is thinking of you and celebrating you.

Behind every strong soldier

Happy Birthday, Army!

An Army mom

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