National No Housework Day directs us to put down the cleaning solution and toss aside the laundry. For one day each year on April 7th, the housework can wait. 

Take a break from the sweeping, dusting, and dishes. Dirty windows? They will wait one more day. The vacuum will remain banished to the closet. And mopping? Well, tomorrow it’s a date. 

While we don’t have to overlook the obvious necessary sanitary needs, we can leave a few dishes in the sink for the day. If the toys are scattered, leave them. Books cluttering the table? They can stay, too. Those chores you dread the most? Postponed for 24 hours. All general spring cleaning is delayed, too. Have closets been calling your name and begging, “Clean me!”? Ignore the voices. Do your cupboards need organizing? Hit the pause button on those, too. 

All regularly scheduled housework resumes on April 8th. 

HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalNoHouseworkDay

Leave the housework. Pick up a good book for the day. Play board games with the kids. Watch a good movie or two. Binge-watch a television series you’ve been saving to see. Play your favorite musical instrument. Teach someone to paint.

Families, break out the Legos and give this Bingo Building Block game a try. Download and print the cards. You will need to cut them apart. There are 6 cards. You’ll need the bricks listed at the top of the card in red, yellow, green, and blue plus one Lego person per player plus a set for the caller. It should keep you away from housework for a while. 

Share how you’re celebrating the day using #NationalNoHouseworkDay to post on social media.


Thomas and Ruth Roy at Wellcat.com created National No Housework Day.

NATIONAL WALKING DAY – First Wednesday in April


The first Wednesday in April is National Walking Day and it encourages Americans of all ages to get out and stretch their legs and get their hearts pumping. The American Heart Association sponsors this day to remind people about the health benefits of taking a walk. Wear your sneakers (or take them with you) to work, and at some point in the day, take a 30-minute walk. 

Here are some great ways to make that 30-minutes more enjoyable:

  • Wear comfortable clothes.
  • Take a friend to pass the time.
  • Make sure to stretch those muscles.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Move your arms, too.
  • Make sure you have good posture.

HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalWalkingDay

Take thirty minutes out of your day to go for a walk. Find a trail near you or walk around your neighborhood. You can also visit a local park or walk on your treadmill. Take your canine pals with you, too. They need the cardiovascular workout, too! When the family has finished their walk around the block or park, complete this fun word search puzzle

Do you need some visual inspiration while walking on the treadmill? Take this walk along the beach.

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The American Heart Association launched National Walking Day in 2007 as part of its efforts to promote healthy living. For more information visit www.heart.org.



National Beer Day on April 7th annually, recognizes the world’s most widely consumed alcoholic beverage. Following water and tea, it is the third most popular drink overall.

One of the world’s oldest prepared beverages, beer possibly dates back to 9500 BC when cereal was first farmed. It is also recorded in the written history of ancient Iraq and ancient Egypt.

Perhaps there’s a porter or a Belgian in your glass. Whether yours is fermented or not, dark or pale, hoppy, bitter, smooth, raise your mug. Lift it high among friends around the world, thanking those who work brewing delicious beer in your local area. And besides, beer lovers have more selection than ever before. The craft beer industry continues to challenge the classics, providing a wide variety of choices. Thanks to these opportunities, new beer drinkers are joining the club every day. 

HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalBeerDay

Grab a beer and spend some time with friends. (Remember always to drink responsibly and never drink and drive.) Celebrate with a pint of pale ale, lager, stout, wheat beer or pale ale. Use #NationalBeerDay to post on social media.

It's 5 oclock somewhereGet your beer-drinking socks here and many more styles, too!


On April 7, 1933, President Franklin Roosevelt took the first step toward ending Prohibition and signed a law that allowed people to brew and sell beer, in the United States, as long as it remained below 4.0% alcohol by volume (ABV).  Beer drinkers celebrated and were happy to be able to purchase beer again for the first time in thirteen years.

Our research found this day was created as National Beer Day by Justin Smith, a Richmond, Virginia Craft Beer Examiner, and his friend Mike Connolly from Liverpool, England. April 7th corresponds with the date the Cullen-Harrison Act was signed into law and became active. In 2009, Smith and Connolly created a National Beer Day Facebook page. From this page, they invited friends to join, and word spread to many sources.



National Girl, Me Too Day on April 7th recognizes the strength and endurance of women of all ages and is an opportunity to show support for each other. 

Take a moment to look at the women around us. Neighbors, shopkeepers, sisters, even strangers. If you ask any one of them a single thing they have had to overcome, many could respond, “Girl, me too.”

National Girl, Me Too Day is striving to break down divisions among women of all walks of life. The day reminds each woman they have all carried similar burdens and struggles. By lifting each other up, we help to mend the past and make a better future for our children.

HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalGirlMeTooDay

Celebrate National Girl, Me Too Day by giving a greeting card of encouragement to a woman you don’t know or don’t usually associate with. Encourage other women in their endeavors. Build them up for challenges ahead. Visit girlmetoo.com for more information. Use #NationalGirlMeTooDay and #GirlMeToo to share on social media. 


Symonia Montgomery, the creator of the Girl, Me Too movement, founded National Girl, Me Too Day to encourage women to support each other and first celebrated the day on April 7, 2017.

The Registrar at National Day Calendar® proclaimed National Girl, Me Too Day to be observed annually beginning in 2018.


GIRL, ME TOO! was established to promote the healing, empowerment, and education of women and young ladies while encouraging healthy relationships amongst all women. GIRL, ME TOO was developed during the personal struggle of two women looking at life through each other’s eyes. This experience sparked a movement seeking to change the way we, as a female gender, respond to certain situations as well as how we interact with one another. 

We are dedicated to helping our sisters heal from the pain of the past while providing the tools needed to empower the future. Poetry has been a mighty vessel in our growth. It allows women from all walks of life to come together. They join in the arts, mentoring, public speaking, and education to give a voice to our situations. Each time you hear Girl, Me Too, you know you are not alone. Remember, “Divided we stand strong because we have no choice, but standing together, we have the power to change the world.”

Our Mission

The mission of GIRL, ME TOO! ™ is to achieve relationship stability amongst all women, by offering a gateway to heal from past pains, hurts, and fears. Our healing will help provide the tools needed to view life through the other person’s eyes, which can bring forth understanding instead of judgment. This awareness will birth to empowerment and unity across a nation. GIRL, ME TOO! ™ is dedicated to being the change we want to see through education, philanthropy, volunteerism, and sustainability. Say it with me “I’m designed for greatness” GIRL, ME TOO! ™ You can check out our website at girlmetoo.com.



On April 7th, National Coffee Cake Day gives us a reason another reason to linger over a cup of joe. We can also break out some of our favorite recipes and deliver a heartwarming, home-baked item to a friend or two. As many bakers know, coffee cakes take very little time to make and bring a lot of satisfaction to both the baker and the receiver. 

Coffee cake is a cake intended to be eaten while enjoying a cup of coffee, maybe for breakfast or during a coffee break. They’re an excellent excuse for a visit and a conversation starter.

The coffee cake itself does not contain any coffee. They are usually single-layer cakes made in square, rectangle or ring-shaped pans. Coffee cakes are often flavored with cinnamon or other spices, seeds, nuts and fruits, such as blueberries or apples. Typically they have a crumb topping or a glaze drizzle.

HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalCoffeeCakeDay

There are several ways to celebrate. Of course, the first way is to bake up your favorite coffee cake. Another way is to order from the local bakery. Give them a shoutout, too! Let them know how much you appreciate their baked goods, especially their coffee cake. 

Enjoy this delicious Amaretto Cherry Coffee Cake recipe.

Use #NationalCoffeeCakeDay to post on social media.

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National Day Calendar continues to research the origins of this delicious food holiday. 







NATIONAL BOOKMOBILE DAY – Wednesday of National Library Week



National Bookmobile Day in April recognizes the mobile access to information and resources our nation’s bookmobiles make available to our communities. The day also honors the professionals who diligently work to provide these services. For more than 100 years, bookmobiles have been bringing library access to those who might otherwise go without them.

Bookmobiles are mobile libraries designed to travel from neighborhood to neighborhood. They hold a variety of books, periodicals and usually run on a schedule. Many have computer access, too. Librarians check out books much like at a local library. Books can be returned at the next scheduled stop or at the associated library. 

Visitors of all ages with a library card can use the bookmobile. While many of us visit libraries all the time, the bookmobile makes it convenient for those who don’t live close to one or who find it difficult to schedule the time to go visit the library. 

HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalBookmobileDay

Utilize your local bookmobile. Learn their schedules and make sure you have your library card at the ready. Check out a book and enjoy the convenience your bookmobile provides. Support your community bookmobile and the librarians who run them, too. Give them a shout-out and let them know what books you’d like to see on the bookmobile the next time you see them. Share what you like about your local bookmobile using #NationalBookmobileDay to post on social media.


The American Library Association, the Association of Bookmobile and Outreach service, and the Association of Rural and Small Libraries coordinate National Bookmobile Day during National Library Week.



Childhelp National Day of Hope takes place each year during National Child Abuse Prevention Month. The first Wednesday in April is set aside to ask the country to make a life-long commitment to joining the fight to end child abuse and neglect.

Child abuse and neglect affect an estimated 700,000 children each year in the United States. Of these, the youngest are the most vulnerable. In 2015 in the United States, statistics from the U.S. Administration for Children & Families estimate that 1,670 children died as a result of abuse and neglect.

The victims who survive face potential life-long issues. Some of the issues include:

  • at risk of becoming abusive themselves
  • may abuse alcohol and drugs
  • depression
  • suicide
  • criminal behavior
  • other addictions

But there is hope. Organizations across the country provide support to the victims through programs that not only raise awareness but provide ways to prevent child abuse. The programs also create pathways to intervention leading children out of abusive situations and into either foster homes or group homes. These programs create a network of information designed to increase the awareness of the victims so they can feel empowered to speak to the adults in their lives who will advocate for them. 

The day also provides resources to encourage reporting of abuse through hotlines to bring the vulnerable to safety. 

HOW TO OBSERVE #ChildhelpNationalDayOfHope

Lighting a 5 wick candle and observing a 5-minute silence represents the approximately 5 children who die every day as a result of abuse in the United States. Fight to end child abuse and use #ChildhelpNationalDayOfHope to post on social media.


In 2000, a Congressional resolution designated Childhelp National Day of Hope to be observed on the first Wednesday of April each year. Yvonne Fedderson and Sara O’meara of Childhelp.org worked to bring this day and the victims it honors to light.

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April 7th Celebrated (and Not So Celebrated) History


President Franklin Roosevelt took the first step toward ending Prohibition and signed a law that allowed people to brew and sell beer in the United States as long as it remained below 4.0% alcohol by volume (ABV). Beer drinkers celebrated and were happy to be able to purchase beer again for the first time in thirteen years.


The United Nations establishes the World Health Organization.


The musical South Pacific opens on Broadway. Its critical success leads to 10 Tony Awards.

Recipe of the Day

Baked Oatmeal

Prep:  10 minutes
Cook:  45 minutes
Total Prep: 55 minutes
Servings: 6


2 cups steel cut oats (not instant)
3/4 cup brown sugar
1 cup walnuts or pecans (divided)
1/2 cup raisins or dates
1 teaspoon baking powder
2 teaspoons cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon nutmeg
1/2 teaspoon salt
2 large eggs, well beaten
2 cups milk
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
4 tablespoons unsalted butter, melted
2 cups chopped fruit – such as apples, peaches, pears, persimmons, apricots, blueberries, or bananas work well


Preheat the oven to 325°. Prepare a 9-inch baking dish by greasing the sides and bottom.

Spread the two cups of fruit evenly along the bottom of the baking dish.

In a medium bowl, mix the dry ingredients and 1/2 of the nuts together. Once mixed, add melted butter butter. Stir until ingredients are mixed well.

In a separate bowl, whisk the eggs, milk, and vanilla together until combined.

Combine dry ingredients with wet ingredients. Mix thoroughly.

Pour over the fruit in the baking dish. Sprinkle the remaining nuts over the top of the mixture.

Bake in 325° oven for 40-45 minutes until golden brown and the oatmeal is set.

Serve hot or let cool and refrigerate covered overnight. Reheat, covered with aluminum foil at 325°. 

April 7th Celebrated (and Not So Celebrated) History

Walter Camp – 1859

Known as the “Father of American Football,” Walter Camp played an integral role in molding the sport into the game athletes play today. From the line of scrimmage to the creation of the quarterback, Camp played, coached, and developed rules valuable to establishing a lasting, competitive sport.

Billie Holiday – 1915

Born Eleanora Fagan, the American jazz singer rose to stardom in the 1930s singing with Duke Ellington and saxophonist Lester Young. The saxophonist would give her the nickname “Lady Day” which she would use in her autobiography Lady Sings the Blues.

Francis Ford Coppola – 1939

Award-winning director, writer, and producer, Francis Ford Coppola, brought memorable films to the big screen during the 1960s and 70s including The Godfather series, Patton and Apocolypse Now.

Jackie Chan – 1954

Born in Victoria Peak, Hong Kong as Chan Kong-sang, Jackie Chan began his career in the film industry as a child actor in a Bruce Lee film. Since then, the stuntman turned filmmaker brought his action-packed abilities to the U.S. with films like Rush Hour and The Karate Kid.

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