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Antique shopping and collecting is a favorite pass time for some of us at National Day Calendar. We love a good treasure hunt and get excited when we find something. Sometimes we look for specific items, while other times we decide on items that seem interesting. You too can quickly learn to identify an antique from a contemporary piece. There are several online websites that can help you determine if your item is an antique. You can also visit a local antique shop for clarification. Below are a few tips to get you started. Happy Hunting! 





  1. Carefully examine the toy to see if it appears to be handmade. Does the toy look carved or unique?
  2. Try to determine the age or era of the toy. Do you see any labels or unique identifiers on the toy?
  3. Identify what material the toy is made of, such as lead or iron (common material used before the 19th century).


  1. Look for any markings on the piece, especially on the bottom. Can you match the marking with anything specific?
  2. Identify the pattern of the piece. Does it look like something created long ago or is more contemporary? 
  3. Try to determine the age of the item. Are there any unique patterns or something that stands out to you?

Furniture (chairs, tables, etc.)

  1. Look for signs of aging in the pieces, including the hardware used. Are there any black marks, nicks or chips to the corners?
  2. Remove the drawers and examine bottoms and sides. Does the piece have any type of stamp or manufacturer tag identifying the maker?
  3. Examine the piece for nails, worm holes and pegs. Does the piece give any indication of how it was assembled? 


  1. Look for any marks that might be part of the creation process. Are there any unique signatures, stamps or inscriptions found on the back, frame or base of the item?
  2. Identify what the art piece made of? Bronze, paper, canvas, wood, etc.? Is there a specific kind of paint or finish used? 
  3. Identify any unique engravings found anywhere on the piece. 

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