Captain Angela Wickman


“The suspense is terrible. I hope it will last.” ~ Oscar Wilde

According to Angela Wickman, “Willie Wonka and The Chocolate Factory has to be my all-time favorite movie. I think I am forever opening chocolate bars hoping to find a golden ticket!” She is a 33 years young, proud, single mama of her son Kade-Cole.  Mother and son do everything together, and that is Angela’s favorite!  Professionally, she is a business office manager at a senior living community, and Angela loves her job. The residents are very near and dear to her heart. She has been working there for several years, and they are a big part of her life.

Angela is also going to school for Business Management. She hopes to complete her degree in the next few years; Wish her luck! She also helps her son with his homework, and it’s only going to get tougher!

Don’t mind Angela’s sarcastic sense of humor. It’s her go-to in uncomfortable situations.

Great Outdoors

Angela enjoys being outside! She and her son go camping, fishing, and hiking. Together they checked out a few new trails the summer of 2020, and they are excited to check some more trails off the list this year! Angela recently began kickboxing classes, and so far, I love it. Some days she hurts all over, but in a good way, everyone says.

This Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan says there is no off-season.

“I like to tell people when they ask about my passion, and my reply is usually – How else do you live your life?” ~Angela Wickman

Some of Angela’s other passions are Llamas and Pirates. Her elementary school mascot was a pirate, and she’s been pretty much obsessed ever since. It should be no surprise that her most favorite day to celebrate is International Talk Like a Pirate Day. And in a solid second place is National Chocolate Cake Day. She genuinely enjoys having something fun to Celebrate Every Day!

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