American Touch Tag Day | October 8
(Last Updated On: November 9, 2022)


Tag! You’re it! American Touch Tag Day on October 8th celebrates the traditional childhood game and encourages kids of all ages to get out play! The game lends itself to long hours playing outside at recess, after school, and on weekends. The best way to celebrate is by getting out in the fresh air, running around, and tagging someone.


Dating back to ancient Rome, this game has been played worldwide with a variety of names and rules. Typically it involves a player running around, chasing other players, in an attempt to “tag” or touch them. Most forms of this game have no teams, scores, or equipment. Usually, the goal involves being the last player left untagged or being safe. 

When is National Chess Day?

The classic game is ideal for physical education classes as a way to get kids up and moving. Often, students are divided into teams and given boundaries with safe zones.


Get outside, run around, have some fun playing touch tag. No matter your age, there’s a game waiting for you to play. Involve the neighborhood kids and entire families, too! Share your memories of playing touch tag or show pictures of the game in action, too. Do you play by “house rules”? Share with us the rules you apply to the game of touch tag.

Tag! You’re it! Use #AmericanTouchTagDay to post on social media.

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October 8th Celebrated History


Sugar gets branded when the American Sugar Refining Co. registers the Domino trademark. Founded in 1882 by the Havemeyer family, the company produced several different types of sugar.


Ushering in the Prohibition Era, Congress passes the Volstead Act. Learn more about the path to prohibition by reading 100 Years of Prohibition.


Arne Larsson receives the first internal heart pacemaker. Developed by Dr. Rune Elmqvist and implanted by Dr. Ake Senning, the pacemaker lasted only three hours. However, they implanted a second, backup device. Over the years, Larsson had several more pacemakers implanted and lived to the age of 86.

Fun fact: Elmqvist produced the epoxy resin case surrounding the unit using empty Kiwi shoe polish cans.


John Lennon releases the hit single “Imagine.” Much of the credit for the lyrics goes to Lennon’s wife, Yoko Ono.


The Andrew Lloyd Webber hit Broadway musical, Cats, opens. At the time it closed 18 years later, it was the longest-running show on Broadway.

However, the show did not remain a “memory, all alone in the moonlight.” It was revived in 2016 and also saw a successful tour across the United States. In 2019, director Tom Hooper released the film version of the musical hit.


Kalamazoo Mayor Bobby Hopewell conducts the largest vow renewal. During their homecoming weekend, Western Michigan University hosted 1,201 couples as they committed to their spouse once again.

October 8th Celebrated Birthdays

Collett E. Woolman – 1889

As the primary founder of Delta Airlines, Woolman served as a pioneering influence of the airline industry.

Harry G. Day – 1906

We can thank this doctor of science for his contributions to the development of stannous fluoride. In 1956, Crest became the first brand on the market to include fluoride in its toothpaste.

Robert Gilruth – 1913

In 1961, the aerospace engineer was named the first director of NASA’s Manned Spacecraft Center. Under his direction, he oversaw 25 spaceflights including the first lunar landing in July of 1969 by Apollo 11.

Rona Barrett – 1936

Actress and gossip columnist, Rona Barret, is also an advocate for seniors through the Rona Barret Foundation. She is also the author of the book Gray Matters.

Chevy Chase – 1943

Born Cornelius Crane Chase, the actor and comedian came to prominence when he joined the cast of Saturday Night Live. Some of his most recognizable film characters include Clark Griswold in the National Lampoon movies and Ty Webb in Caddyshack. He also played Pierce Hawthorne in the cast of the television sitcom Community.

Janice E Voss – 1956

The American NASA astronaut flew five space flight missions during her career. As an engineer to provided valuable skills during her missions.

Reed Hastings – 1960

Hastings co-founded Netflix in 1997 and serves as its co-chief executive officer.

Bruno Mars – 1985

Born Peter Gene Hernandez rocketed to the top of the pop charts in 2010 with his song “Just The Way You Are.” He also earned his first Grammy that year for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance.

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