Michael & Eric of The Knits
Michael & Eric of The Knits

The Knits

The Knits are a comedy music duo comprised of two strapping young lads, Michael Ameling, and Eric McCloskey. The two have been friends since the first grade, and BFFs for just about as long. The Knits started as a literal garage band in high school and included additional members. The band effectually dissolved as the friends went their separate ways. Still, the thread of creativity and love that The Knits sewed together refused to fray. The two remaining Knits (Mike and Eric) reconnected in Chicago. And they picked up where right where they left off – making some seriously silly songs that some might consider completely absurd. Many people question the sanity of The Knits and their music – and that’s the way they like it.

As Ambassadors for National Day Calendar, Eric and Mike are ready to celebrate at a moment’s notice. Their “Jingle A Day” featuring National Days is sure to make you smile. Check out their music video Elemental Supreme from their website and look for them on all streaming platforms. 

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The Knits are also on Twitch.