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Jessica and Katie teamed up as friends and coworkers about 7 years ago.  Katie is actually the boss, but you wouldn’t know it from the Erratic Diva videos they film each day in their car to celebrate National Days. Jessica explains that the car is the only place where she can escape the demands of being a mother of three, and still keep her composure and her outfit clean.

Katie and Jessica run a children’s museum in Rockingham, NC and they have discovered that play is an important part of the learning experience. They carry this purposeful silliness into their own social media and found National Days to be the perfect excuse to cut loose and network at the same time.  They both love holidays, music, food, travel and trying new things and so they made it their mission to Celebrate Every Day! with a video post, and the results are hilarious and often unexpected.

Jessica was attending the funeral of her grandmother, when one of the attendees asked, “Are you that funny girl from Instagram who posts videos from her car?  What is today’s National Day?” 

Jessica had to laugh, as she was not accustomed to this kind of attention. The woman continued to ask if she had posted that day and Jessica thoughtfully answered all of her questions realizing that her grandmother would have been pleased that Celebrate Every Day! was seeping into an otherwise sad occasion.  Her mission with Erratic Divas was obviously having an impact.

Katie is a dog mom and cocktail enthusiast, so being an Ambassador for National Day Calendar gives her endless inspiration.  Even so, creating a daily post can be challenging, so when Katie decided to go on vacation for nine days the duo filmed those nine posts in one day. Erratic Divas and Wine The car was filled with props and outfit changes and to this day their followers are trying to spot any bloopers. These gals were dubbed divas because they just do not care!  They truly believe that kids should not have all the wacky fun, and we are thrilled that these Ambassadors are proving that you can fit daily celebration into any schedule!

Look for their party planning and cocktail suggestions in their blog posts by following their social media accounts above.