Tater Tot

Tator Tot

Meet Tater Tot

Tater Tot is an extraordinary little dog with a big personality. This dachshund chihuahua mix was living in a Los Angeles shelter when an employee from the Beagle Freedom Project fell in love with him. Normally, the Beagle Freedom Project’s main focus was rescuing animals from testing laboratories. However, something about this little pup was worth bending the rules over. Whether it was love at first sight or wanting to save Tater Tot, the decision to rescue him was the only option that came to mind that day.

Tater Tot & Mom Kay

At first glance, Tater Tot seemed like a normal spunky dog. Unfortunately, staff thought he may have cancer due to a lump on his throat. With such a disheartening prognosis for the remainder of his life, two amazing sisters named Liza and Mary stepped in and were willing to care for and home him. They were going to keep him in a caring foster home and make his last days as comfortable and happy as possible.

Thankfully, the Beagle Freedom Project found specialists to care for him and also found out Tater Tot didn’t have cancer. He actually had a rare condition called goiterus hypothyroidism. With daily treatment, Tater Tot will live a full and happy life! Tater Tot was finally adopted into the forever home of Tristan and Kay, where he is living happily ever after.

Kay and Tristan adopted Tater Tot after eight months of living with them. He fell in love with their chihuahua Roland, and the two of them completely bonded. Today, he shares the house with Roland, three cats, and two dalmatians. It gets pretty crazy!


Tater Tot loves to share happiness with the world. His brother Roland usually helps with the celebrations as well. But, Tater is the true howl-iday enthusiast! Tater Tot thinks that even if you’re having a bad day, there is always something to celebrate!

With the help of his mom Kay, Tater Tot celebrates every day since getting a new lease on life! He loves to dress up on holidays. He loves to post pictures of his outfits on his Instagram account at least once a day.

We are excited to have Tater Tot as the first pet Ambassador for National Day Calendar!

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