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Natalie Cardinal-McCranie 


Natalie Cardinal-McCranie

Hello Natalie Cardinal-McCranie 

One might consider Natalie Cardinal-McCrainie to be a traveler. If living in places like Hawaii or Cuba are an indication her travels, imagine growing up as a military brat!

Not surprisingly, a lot of people have a false assumption growing up in the military is problematic for a child. However, Natalie proves that theory wrong in many ways. Rather than getting upset at each move, finding ways to embrace each move was way more fun as a child.

As a child, Natalie would take advantage of every experience she was given. By living in different places, she knew early on it was important to appreciate diversity. Her attitude to seek out ways to enjoy her surroundings was a great big adventure worth celebrating.

I learned a lot about different foods, heritage and nationalities. ~Natalie on her childhood experiences of moving around as a military brat.

Today, as a wife and mother of two kids, Natalie likes to share her childhood experiences with family. She carries the same attitude she had as a child with her every where she goes.

Live, Learn, Love

Being an Ambassador is the perfect fit for Natalie. Interestingly, she compares the changing calendar days to how things change in life. She feels having something to look forward to every day reminds her of how easy it is to enjoy life under any circumstance.

Currently, Natalie uses calendar days as a way to encourage her own children to try new things. Whether it’s celebrating a food day, or learning about a historical figure, her kids are becoming more diverse! Surprisingly, her clever use of the calendar has also tricked into her career, as well.

Play at Work

Professionally, Natalie uses National Day Calendar as a tool as a way to help her career grow. As an event planner and teacher’s aide, she is always looking for ways to incorporate our #CelebrateEveryDay theme. Unsurprisingly, she finds cool ways to find every excuse to celebrate. Of course, this is why she makes the perfect Ambassador for National Day Calendar.

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