Matilda Cretens

You Can Call Her Tilda

Matilda Cretens enjoys having fun. From making her own Halloween costumes, to recreating her senior prom, to making up games on the fly, she jumps at any opportunity to exercise her creativity. She’s the type of person that can find fun in just about anything, especially making people smile and engaging with them.

Tilda has never led a chant at a football game or waved a pom-pon to rile up a crowd, but she considers herself a cheerleader. She’s always cheering for the underdog, wanting them to rise up and beat the other team, charm the cute boy, or pass the hard class. Experiencing bullying during her elementary and middle school years was very hard on Tilda. However, instead of retaliating against her bullies, she began using her experiences to help others feel important.

Lifting Others Up

Tilda offers hugs, a listening ear and solid advice without a blink of an eye. She knows she might not be able to do anything to help every situation. Her goal is to make sure everyone feels love and support. The level of empathy Tilda has makes her feel a longing to lift more people up every day. Finding the good things in life helps her make new friends, discover new experiences and try something new.

Often wearing her heart on her sleeve, Tilda is not ignorant to disappointment. Instead of being sad or down, she uses her personal experiences of failure as learning moments. Her positive attitude helps her celebrate the good things in life and navigate through the tough times.

Live, Laugh, Love

You will always find Tilda living life to the fullest. She enjoys traveling and seeing all the wonders, both big and small that the world has to offer. Whether she is adding to her 60 plus concert list, to enjoying the summer weather, you will be greeted with a smile and a hug.

Tilda’s favorite days are:

  • January 5 – National Screenwriters Day – Tilda believes we wouldn’t have great films without the amazing writers that bring characters and ideas to life.
  • February 2 – National Tater Tot Day – Tilda loves french fries, but Tots take the top potato place in her heart.
  • March 9 – National Get Over It Day – According to Tilda, life is better when you live in the present. Keep the coulda, shoulda, wouldas out of it and just get over it!
  • November 15 – National Philanthropy Day – Tilda knows it’s not a coincidence that both kindness and karma both start with K.

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