Lauren Palmer

Lauren Palmer

Lauren Palmer from McKinney, TX is lightning in a bottle.  Raised to appreciate the simplicity of her father’s approach to life and the wellspring of creativity of her artistic mother, Lauren has curated a life in McKinney that you are sure to fall in love with!

One of Lauren’s many talents is understanding the miraculous nature of ordinary moments.  While visiting Italy, she was struck by the broken English phrase from an Italian cab driver, who announced: “You are arrived.”  This brief flash of inspiration was to become a much bigger part of the philosophy that shaped Lauren’s life, though at the time she was content to soak up the “renaissance to her senses” that Florence provided.

It’s what came next that truly defines Lauren’s spirit.  As a mother of two, she found herself living on autopilot.  Being completely submerged in the reality of dedicated care for her young boys, Lauren noticed that she had lost herself completely.  She wisely took stock of the implications this had and determined that the best thing she could do for herself and her family was to find that “you are arrived” feeling again.  It might only be a spark, but she knew that “humans are made for more than robot status…” Soon after, the phrase “The Art of Living Beautifully” took hold in this tiny space she had opened up for herself, and her desire to help others inspired a second renaissance in her life.

Today Lauren is the creator and publisher of The Art of Living Beautifully, a hyper-local media company dedicated to promoting the rich, colorful culture of her hometown, McKinney, TX.

“By inspiring readers to engage in supporting local artisans and small businesses, I believe lives are enriched while communities are strengthened.”  This month TAOLB magazine celebrates its fifth birthday and treats its audience to the visual embodiment of Lauren’s zest for life in full bloom.

As an Ambassador for National Day Calendar, Lauren hopes this passion for life will extend even further.  She has always understood the power of the message “Celebrate Every Day!” She knows that the simple act of appreciating the beauty of what is in front of you can change your entire world.  Thankfully, you can be inspired to curate your own beautiful life by visiting the links to her online and print magazine and Social Media below. We hope you will catch the spark that Lauren so sincerely offers. Stay tuned for where this Ambassador takes you next!

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