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Lauren Mattix-Yancy

Lauren Mattix-Yancy

Hello Lauren Mattix-Yancy!

Lauren Mattix-Yancy is a busy lady. Besides being a single mom to 4 boys, Lauren is also coach for her son’s sports teams, a volunteer for troubled teens and a Deputy Sheriff in her community. In her spare time, she is in process of building a small business that provides cups, shirts and decals funny kitchen towels. Incidentally, she is also trying to renovate her newly purchased home.

As a native of Florida, Lauren embraces the life of a Floridian by enjoying the outdoors with her sons. As a family, they enjoy sports, fishing, archery, kayaking and sitting by the pool on a hot day. Of course, it’s Florida, so we can’t forget hanging at the beach. An average day consists of putting a smile on someone’s face by spreading joy to as many people as possible. Best of all, they love creating pictures and videos to brighten everyone’s day on social media.

Just Another Day

Lauren loves serving her community by volunteering. She’s been been volunteering at her son’s little league for 6 years. Besides coaching, she also helps with other areas of the league when needed. As a Deputy Sheriff, being a positive influence to those around in uniform and out of uniform is especially important to Lauren. One of her most proud accomplishments is starting a team with her co-workers called Juvenile Choice. The program goal is go help troubled teens in the community get back on track and stay out of trouble. Their hope is that the curriculum they offer teens will help them think twice about making wrong choices and stand up for what is right.

Having Fun Every Day

Becoming a member of the National Day Calendar Ambassador team brings an exciting twist to the lives of Lauren and her boys. According to Lauren, National Day Calendar is a way to communicate with people she may have never spoken to before. Lauren says using a post on an exciting fun filled day opens up a conversation for all!

“National Day Calendar is an exciting way to reach out to people on social media, every single day!” ~ Lauren

This fun-loving family loves having fun every day and celebrating national days is going to bring more fun to them! Posting silly, fun things brings a lot of attention to her family and allows people to see her son’s individual personalities. We’re excited to see how they will #CelebrateEveryDay!

You can find Lauren and her boys on any of her social media platforms.

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