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Derek Krueger - Bio

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Meet Derek Krueger

What’s goin’ on, my name is Derek Krueger. I am a Las Vegas transplant coming from the cold, harsh winters of Aberdeen, South Dakota. Being here for almost 20 years I couldn’t help but dive into the entertainment scene. I’ve worked as a Production Assistant, 2nd AC, Grip, Host, Producer and Sound Engineer on tv shows, live events, film sets, you name it. I Produce and Host a podcast as well as Host a local National Day Entertainment program.

I’ve gained a huge respect and passion for the arts since being here and thrive on the creative passions of like minded people. I have made a name for myself with my high energy, positive and “go get it” attitude. I look at life as glass half full. You never fail, you learn. Or as a wise man once said… “Worrying is like a rocking chair, it gives you something to do but doesn’t get you anywhere” — Van Wilder

National Water Park Day

The sun might be scorching but there is plenty of time to slide on out to Cowabunga Bay Las Vegas to celebrate National Water Park Day! Pool hair, don't care!!! Big THANK YOU to all the crew at Cowabunga Bay for such a fun day!#WaterPark #CowabungaBay #UNLVTV #WaterSlide #LazyRiver #WavePool #WILDSurf

Posted by Du Jour on Friday, July 26, 2019