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Branda Shenk

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Brandy Shenk

Life’s too short to be unhappy! Our ambassador Brandy Shenk knows a thing or two about staying positive. A member of the Secret Society of Happy People, viral digital content creator, penguin lover, and long lost Disney princess (self-proclaimed), her mission in life is to help people live their truth! According to Brandy, we are all hard-wired to process negative experiences more profoundly. Being happy takes work and is the ultimate art form.


Brandy joined National Day Calendar to challenge others to look for things in their everyday lives worth celebrating. There are moments of every day if you slow down that spark joy, imagination, creativity, and positivity.

All of these things are essential to experience if you would like to live your own truth, authentically! As a former service member of the United States Army, mother of five, and owner of a socially conscious counter (a socially conscious brand consulting company), this celebration ambassador feels fortunate every day she wakes up! 

“The first thing I do when I wake up to get my day started is to think about all the things I’m profoundly grateful for! I count among those things all the wonderful people, fellow celebration enthusiasts, businesses, and products that not only positively enrich my life but challenge me to find the positive and then celebrate that!”

Brandy wants everyone to challenge themselves. Reflect on how much more productive and content their lives would be if they #CelebrateEveryDay their way… after all, how do you live your truth!