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​Anastasia Devere

​Anastasia currently lives in Las Vegas, however, she has made a home in San Francisco, Queensland, Australia, Minneapolis, Erie and the South of France.  She is passionate about travel, adventure and giving back on a global scale. 

As an Ambassador for National Day Calendar, she loves building community where ever she goes, and Celebrate Every Day has been her motto since her youth!   Her favorite activities include cooking for a crowd, planning special events, public speaking, and singing.   Anastasia has been blessed with many different career opportunities including acting, singing with Gladys Knight’s Saint’s Unified Voices, restaurant management, costume design, and advertising/marketing.  Her love for people motivates her above all else and she strives to make a difference daily.


“There is no greater work than promoting other people and helping them to find their voice.  I love my job as an Ambassador for National Day Calendar because I celebrate the amazing things that people do and this good news has a ripple effect that cannot even be measured!  When people can focus on a reason to celebrate it tends to lessen the impact of other negative news.   Being an Influencer means being committed to finding and encouraging human potential every single day.  I celebrate the people I meet and leave them with a feeling of joy, whether it’s the grocery store clerk or a rock star I happen to bump into.  Recognizing the connection between everyone and everything has been my superpower since I was a kid, and I love to use social media for highlighting our inherent goodness.”

Anastasia is currently a singer/songwriter and Mom.  She loves to devote her time and talents to non-profits such as Higher Orbits, Healing Hearts, and the Bringing Happy Back Project. Here is her song titled “Beautiful” which is her prayer for children everywhere to understand their worth, and for all of us to recognize our part in protecting them.  Anastasia proudly partnered with St. Xavier’s College, a Jesuit College in Kolkata, India for their fundraiser to assist victims of human trafficking.  Xavier’s provides housing and education for those they rescue.