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Lexi Egerter


Miss America the Beautiful

Lexi is affectionately called Miss America the Beautiful by everyone she meets. She’s beautiful for obvious reasons, and it’s easy to see why people are drawn to her. With an infectious smile, Lexi spreads love on a daily basis.

Although she has cerebral palsy, epilepsy and is non-verbal, Lexi is a brilliant shining star in her own right. She mostly communicates through her mom Lori, but she also expresses herself without help of others. This is most notable when proudly shows off her American spirit.

Red, White & Blue

One of the most patriotic kids on the planet, Lexi spends a lot of her time celebrating her patriotism for our country. Beginning with her father, Lexi learned to appreciate the American Flag. That appreciation grew into love and respect when her older brother became a U.S. Marine.

The American Flag is one of Lexi’s most prized possessions. She loves flags so much, she is known for giving veterans flags during Veteran’s Day. Every Monday her family helps her have a flag ceremony in her yard. It’s no surprise her favorite song is The Star Spangled Banner. As soon as Lexi hears the first few notes in the song, she beams from ear to ear and squeals with delight.

One of a Kind

National Day Calendar welcomes Lexi as an Ambassador because, despite her disabilities, she always celebrating life. We think how she is serving her country and doing her part to make those in the military feel honored is amazing. With such a lively spirit, we know Lexi is going to our shining star too!