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Allie and Jason bobble headHi! Our names are Allie and Jason, and we are two creatives living in The Bay Area. Throughout 2020, all we wanted was for life to go back to normal. All the days kind of blended together, didn’t they? The only hope we had was the holiday season when there was at least something to celebrate. That got us thinking… isn’t there something to celebrate every day? That’s why this year, 2021, we’re doing a project where we’re celebrating a holiday every single day and documenting it on our Instagram, @EveryDayHoliday.Official. Looks like our lives aren’t going back to normal anytime soon.

9 to 5

When we’re not celebrating, we’re busy with our day jobs in advertising as Associate Creative Directors at an advertising agency in San Francisco. We spend our nine to fives writing TV commercials and coming up with creative ideas for big brands. Often, our jobs take us traveling around the country, where the celebrations continue on the road. We’ve definitely had to get creative, like finding a slice of chocolate cake in the middle of a remote town in rural Georgia, but that’s just part of the fun. So far, we’ve brought our celebrations from the Bay Area to Los Angeles CA, Austin TX, Napa Valley CA, San Diego CA, Philadelphia PA, Richmond VA, and Mexico City.

The Buzz on Hobbies

When we’re not doing either of those things, we enjoy cooking together, hiking, reading, picnicking, and playing with our cat (who we adopted for National Pet Day!). Our project has also introduced us to new hobbies such as kite flying, bread baking, beekeeping, cherry pit spitting, and biking. So I guess you could say our main hobby is trying out new hobbies!

Celebrate Every Day

Allie and Jason artichoke We’re excited to join The National Day Calendar Ambassador program to connect with other people who love celebrating as much as we do. We hope to expand our reach and inspire others to celebrate every day.

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