Alcoholism is a serious disease and can affect anyone at any age. National Day Calendar® has a lot of days on the calendar that “celebrate” alcoholic beverages. However, we also feel people should drink responsibly and be safe if you decide to celebrate any of those days. We especially never encourage drinking and driving. Today, we would like to provide our followers resources if you suspect you or a loved one has a drinking problem. Remember, the best step to recovery is taking the first step towards recovery. We also care about all of our followers and want you to Celebrate Every Day® with us as much as possible!

  • MindWise Innovations offers anonymous online tools to help guide you or your loved one towards a healthier lifestyle. Visit MindWise Innovations to take an online screening test to see if you or your loved one needs help.
  • CheckUp & Choices is an online program that will help you understand and change drinking habits by taking you through recovery steps. The service is available online 24/7 to accommodate you when you might feel most vulnerable.

As technology advances, so do options for convenient help. Here is a list of the most popular Apps to help with dealing with the issue of alcohol and other addiction services:

  • Sober Grid
  • Twenty-Four Hours A Day
  • Sobriety Counter
  • Nomo
  • AlcoDroid Alcohol Tracker
  • I Am Sober
  • Stop Drinking with Andrew Johnson
  • Happify
  • 12 Steps AA Companion