About Us

National Day Calendar® is the original and authoritative source for fun, unusual and unique National Days! Since our humble beginnings on National Popcorn Day in 2013, we have been tracking the National Days, National Weeks, National Months, and International Days. We became the first calendar of its kind to curate the days all in one place and tell their stories, too! Here at National Day Calendar, we are on a mission to Celebrate Every Day with you!  And by you, we mean families, businesses, educators, and strangers we meet on the street. There’s more than one day for everyone.

At National Day Calendar, we’ve found the National Days have a way of inspiring us. We’re honored to tell the stories behind the days and provide you with informational ways to incorporate the National Days into your business, family, schools, and home!

Our Team

Marlo AndersonMarlo Anderson – Founder, CRO

The founder of National Day Calendar is a serial entrepreneur who takes the National Days seriously. No matter where Marlo is, he Celebrates Every Day to the fullest and brings with him a passion and energy for new ideas.



Alice Anderson – Co-founder, CFO

The Registrar and co-founder of National Day Calendar, Alice brings a wealth of knowledge to our pages. Her fabulous taste and cooking skills also make sure no one misses a food holiday.



Average Amy Monette-LaVallie – CEO

Despite her name, Amy possesses superior organizational skills and keeps us all going in the right direction. Her ability to do it with a smile makes you wonder what she’s thinking, too.



Beau Hastings- Systems Programmer

Despite being a world traveler, our Coding Genius keeps the National Day Calendar website running smoothly so you never miss a celebration!




Snoop Doug Philp – Social Media Specialist & Web Administrator

Doug simply enjoys the opportunity to contribute to National Day Calendar while focusing on social media, as well as being one of the staff!




Michele Schaaf – Lead Writer

Michele considers herself to be a co-pilot on her adventure of a lifetime, spilling ink as she goes and maybe a little coffee, too. Occasionally she will take the throttle and be the guide, but who’s writing the story then?



Kris Haug – Administrative Assistant

Kris was born and raised in Mandan, ND, and is married with 2 adult-ish children and an amazing granddaughter. She works with the Celebration Nation Ambassadors, organizes fundraisers, and has a grateful heart every day.



Chris VandeVenter – Media Assistant

Chris is the “Self-proclaimed King of the Internet” and an occasional Silent Bob impersonator. He maintains the National Day Calendar Radio listing and schedules our social media events.