• Dr. Silagh White


    Silagh (pronounced SHEE-la) lives in Bethlehem, PA with her husband and twin teens. As a doctor, she does not have access to a prescription pad; she is not that kind of a doctor. But she can fix your bassoon reed in an emergency! Silagh also enjoys spending quality time with her kids and husband.

    Cooking Up Inspiration

    Silagh’s love of cooking started in the 90s, reconnecting with memories of her Auntie Bernice’s fabulous dinners. Her aunt was a fan of Julia Child and often celebrated Beethoven’s birthday with dinners that included Beef Wellington and Baked Alaska. The table was a door balanced on sawhorses, and none of the plates or silverware matched. Who cares when the food is the celebration? For Silagh’s wedding (and her sisters’ weddings), Bernice baked 20 different cheesecakes along with a celebration cake. If the recipe called for a chocolate cookie crust, she’d bake the cookies for the crust, too. She also baked bread every day. Silagh is still trying to master her bread crust.

    Let the Music Inspire

    Silagh is a huge advocate for the arts in the Lehigh Valley. She can be regularly seen in the Bethlehem concert venues, galleries and theatres. She is the administrator of the Bel Canto Youth Chorus of the Bach Choir of Bethlehem and facilitates programs and events with the Ice House Tonight series. Silagh is also one of the hosts of the Lehigh Valley Arts Salon on WDIY 88.1 FM Public Radio and serves on the Bethlehem Fine Arts Commission and the Bethlehem Board for the Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce. She is a proud bassoonist. Silagh performs in orchestras and in Jakopa’s Punch, the house rock band for Touchstone Theatre. She enjoys cooking, spending quality time with her kids and husband, and thinking about exercise outside of swimming at the YMCA.

    Cultural Inspiration

    Silagh’s mother is also a creative inspiration. Darleen introduced Silagh to exploring many cultures through culinary adventures inspired by her Life-Long Learners group and her monthly book club. Silagh’s husband is from a large Italian-Irish (and a bit of French, English and German, but Silagh just calls it “Irish DNA”) family, much like her own. It is her family’s history that inspires her to keep discovering, learning, and sharing. The National Day Calendar is a wonderful way to learn about our own shared cultures and to have fun with family and friends, while also supporting local businesses where she can.

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