• Cindy Lee

    Meet Cindy Lee

    Our new Ambassador Cindy Lee is a mover, a shaker and a go-getter. She’s known as a podcaster, a blogger, a travel agent, a bucket list coach, and social media influencer. In the near future, she will add published author to her list of accomplishments. This California girl is always surfing for the next thing to dive into. In fact, her most recent adventure was learning to surf for her 55th Birthday.

    Cindy is not only a goal setter, she is also a jet setter. Having years of fun vacations, cruises, foodie destinations, and bucket list excursions encourage her to aspire to help others make memories. It’s no surprise her biggest desire in life is to help others break through barriers so they too can enjoy life’s adventures.

    There is nothing like doing what you love and getting paid for it, too!” ~Cindy on helping others enjoy life.

    Celebrating Cindy Style

    According to Cindy, the key to a happy life is practicing gratitude and appreciation. An inspiration to others, Cindy shares as much as she can gratitude and living life. To Cindy, making a difference in her daily ritual includes complimenting strangers, calling people in her life to show gratitude, and making people laugh.

    Furthermore, she shows her appreciation by spending volunteer time with the Corazon de Vida Foundation, The Surfrider Foundation of Huntington/Seal Beach (Beach Cleanups) & The Fish For Life Foundation (Fishing Excursions for special needs children/adults) Equally important, her newest volun-tour organization is The Best Day Foundation. This wonderful organization helps kids and adults with disabilities turn their surfing dream into a reality.

    When we make other’s smile, we smile” ~ Cindy’s motto

    Paying it Forward

    Cindy loves posting about National Day Calendar. In fact, she loves to share all the amazing National Day’s with those in her sphere of influence. Paying it forward with National Day Calendar brings pleasure to her and everyone she shares the calendar with.

    Favs of Ambassador Cindy Lee

    You can follow Cindy on any of her social media platforms, which includes her Bucket List Coach Web Show. Don’t forget to visit her website and blog.


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  • Cindy

    2022 National Day Wall Calendar

    Cindy Lee offers Show Guests and listeners a very special 20% Discount to the National Day Calendar® store.

    Shop Here and use the Promo Code: CINDYLEE at checkout for the discount to take effect immediately!

    According to Cindy, the key to a happy life is practicing gratitude and appreciation. Which is why she negotiated this discount for you. An inspiration to others, Cindy shares as much as she can in gratitude and living life. To Cindy, making a difference in her daily ritual includes complimenting strangers, calling people in her life to show gratitude, and making people laugh.




    April 24 celebrates National Bucket List Day to remind us it’s never too late to set new goals, go on a dream vacation, and inspire people around you to enjoy life to the fullest.


    By definition, a bucket list is a list of things a person would like to do, but has never experienced before. Some people refer to them as milestones, while other people refer to them as goals. Whatever you call them, a bucket list is a list of things a person would like to accomplish before they die.

    What Is A Bucket List?

    A bucket list is the list you create to make the most out of life. It is a list of goals, dreams, and aspirations you would like to accomplish before you pass away. The basic meaning of a bucket list is to keep track of your goals by making yourself accountable to achieve all you want in life. The purpose of a bucket list is to encourage ourselves to accomplish goals within in a specific timeframe.

    Our time on earth is short. Very few of us pause to think about how we spend what time we have. Creating a bucket list can help you live your life to the fullest. It also gives you the opportunity to appreciate the life you have and reflect on the good things to come.

    Bucket List Ideas

    A bucket list can be anything you want it to be. Your bucket list should reflect your interests. In fact, we’re guessing there are no two lists alike. If you are a simple person, create a bucket list that reflects the simple pleasures in life. If you gravitate towards extravagant things or love to travel, your list will more than likely consist of ideas that require more of a financial investment.

    Simple Bucket List Ideas

    • Graduating from high school or college.
    • Having children.
    • Buying a home.
    • Becoming a freelance photographer.
    • Participating in a painting club.

    Extravagant Bucket List Ideas

    • Go on a cruise.
    • Visit the Rainforest.
    • Visit all the continents in the world.
    • Visit historical landmarks across the country.
    • Ride a hot air balloon.

    Travel Bucket List

    • Travel to Europe.
    • See the ancient Mayan ruins.
    • Visit Egyptian tombs.
    • Travel Route 66.
    • Visit all the state parks in North America.

    Finding Gratitude

    Living a life of gratitude is key to living a well-rounded life, full of happiness and satisfaction. Gratitude allows you to find every day moments and turn them into long-term fulfillment. Completing items on your bucket list will help you realize the opportunity you have been given as you experience life-changing moments you thought might never happen. Enjoy the ride and show gratitude for the adventure you have in this life.


    • Be brave and have some fun by learning to paint, drive a race car, skydive, surf, or jump off a cliff.
    • Sample local food and drink during your travels.
    • Create a bucket list with a friend that you both can enjoy.
    • Watch the movie Bucket List, staring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman.
    • Pay it forward with a bucket list that allows you to donate time to an orphanage, local soup kitchen, or food pantry.
    • Share your videos and photos on social media from your bucket list adventures using #NationalBucketListDay.


    National Day Calendar and Cindy Rhodes of Bucket List Coach Travel & Tours and the Bucket List Coach Web Show formed a collaboration to create National Bucket List Day to be celebrated each year on April 24. Using her own personal bucket list, Cindy thought the ultimate bucket list item for 2023 would be to have her own National Day.

    National Bucket List Day is a day focusing around gratitude for your own life and experiences. Cindy believes everyone should get out and experience life to the fullest. Share your gratitude for the things you have and create experiences not things with friends, colleagues and family!

    About the Founder

    Cindy Rhodes is a travel blogger and agent by day and a National Day Calendar Celebration Ambassador by night. In her mid-forties, she realized life was passing her by and was merely existing. She knew that had to change. She began creating bucket lists of things she wanted to do and experience, making the most of the dash. Along the way, she remembers to show gratitude for every experience she has.

    Do not wait till you retire to experience the world! Tomorrow is not promised. CELEBRATE EVERY DAY!

    Cindy Lee

    Cindy believes people should start making it their personal mission to create bucket lists as early as possible. In fact, she encourages bucket lists for anyone, whether they are 20 years old or 90 years old. Recently, Cindy started a National Day Calendar Bucket List.

    Since becoming a Celebration Ambassador, Cindy has learned to incorporate National Day Calendar into her daily business plans. In fact, she uses National Days to grow her business. One way she shares her gratitude is sending gifts to clients and friends on specific National Days throughout the year. Read Cindy’s Blog to learn how you can use National Days to grow your business.

    Learn how to use National Days to grow your business with Cindy’s Growing Referrals and National Day Calendar Guide.

    Annual National Bucket List Day Vacation

    Join Bucket List Coach Travel & Tours on the annual trip celebrating national days/months.

    2023 – National Bucket List Day Cruise:

    • April 22- 29th sail from Long Beach, California to the Mexico Rivera. This cruise celebrating:
      • National Brunch Month
      • National Humor Month
      • National Volunteer Month by giving back at an orphanage in Puerto Vallarta
      • National Guitar Month at Cabo Wabo
      • National Prime Rib Day on the Carnival Panorama
      • International Pay It Forward Day

    Upcoming Dates

    • 2024: New Orleans Bucket List & Cruise
    • 2025 Miami: Bucket List and Cruise
    • 2026: France: Bucket Listing & Grape Stomping 

    Read Cindy’s National Bucket List Day Blog to learn about different ideas on
    checking off your bucket list.

    Learn how you can use National Days to grow your business.
    “Growing Your Business Through Referrals and National Days”

    For more information about Cindy, visit one or all of her many social media platforms.


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    Travel Tours 

  • Cheat Day Mac and Cheese


    Servings: Cheat Day means all yours!


    Kosher salt
    1 3/4 # cooked elbow macaroni
    4 cups milk, 2 or 3 sprigs thyme &
    2 cloves garlic, minced
    Roux: 3 tablespoons unsalted butter & 3 tablespoons all-purpose flour
    7 to 8 Cups shredded Jack & Cheddar How cheesy do you like it?
    Freshly ground White Pepper
    1/4 cup fine chop parsley
    1 Package of bacon diced (Freeze then chop)
    1 onion, diced, 2 garlic cloves, minced, finely chopped thyme from 8 sprigs


    In a small saucepan
    Heat the milk with the thyme sprigs and 2 garlic cloves. Melt the butter in a large, deep skillet over medium-high heat.

    Start Roux
    Whisk in the flour and cook for about 1 minute, stirring constantly, to keep lumps from forming. Strain out the milk and whisk it into the roux. Continue to whisk vigorously, and cook until the mixture is nice and smooth.

    The Sauce: Stir in the 4 cups of the cheese into roux and milk and continue to cook and stir to melt the cheese. Season with salt and white pepper. Add the cooked macaroni and the parsley. Fold that all in to coat the macaroni with the cheese mixture.

    Bacon, Thyme, Garlic Add the bacon, render the fat, and cook until crispy. Add onion, garlic, and thyme leaves and cook for a couple of minutes until onions are translucent. Season with salt and pepper.

    Finish the Dish: In the pasta pot, toss pasta, cheese sauce, bacon, thyme, and garlic.

    Bon Appetit!
    Cindy- Bucket List Coach

    Follow Cindy at: Bucket List Coach 

    A big thank you to National Day Calendar Ambassador Cindy Lee for sharing this recipe!


    The National Day Calendar® Celebration Ambassadors



    On April 19th, National North Dakota Day recognizes the Peace Garden State.


    Long before Lewis and Clark traveled up the Missouri River, the Mandan, Hidatsa, and Arikara arrived in North Dakota. During the Corps of Discovery, the team camped at Fort Mandan along the Missouri River for the winter. Here, their translators, Sacagawea and Charbonneau, joined the expedition. Sacagawea would also give birth to her son, Jean Baptiste.

    As the settlement expanded, disputes over land increased. Fort Abraham Lincoln preserves the home of Gen. George and Libby Custer, the military commissary, blockhouses, and the Mandan Indian Village along the Missouri River.

    Theodore Roosevelt arrived in North Dakota in 1883 and fell in love with badlands and outdoor life. He would later be elected the 26th U.S. President and served from 1901 to 1909. His love of the badlands led to his conservation and preservation efforts.  The North Dakota Badlands are named Theodore Roosevelt National Park in his name.

    I have always said I would not have been President had it not been for my experience in North Dakota. ~Theodore Roosevelt

    In the heart of the badlands…

    In the heart of the badlands, Medora came to life and today recreates the western life with entertainment in an outdoor amphitheater. Visit the Cowboy Hall of Fame and so much more in Medora.

    When statehood crested the horizon, South Dakota was also in line for admission. President Benjamin Harrison signed the bills at random, and nothing was recorded indicating which bill was endorsed first. However, due to alphabetical order, North Dakota is listed as the 39th state to be admitted to the union.

    Beyond historical sites, North Dakota boasts a healthy amount of scenic byways. Kayak down the Pembina Gorge or visit the International Peace Gardens. While you’re there, take a hike into the Turtle Mountains.

    Camp at Devil’s Lake or tour any one of the many wineries and vineyards. Visit Sheyenne State Forest and seek out the only waterfall in the state.

    Garrison Dam is the fifth largest earthen dam in the world and Lake Sakakawea‘s year-round fishing and recreation is an angler’s dream. At night, the skies reveal stars never seen before, and the Northern Lights dance with delight.

    North Dakota is also where we #CelebrateEveryDay! As the home of National Day Calendar in Mandan, North Dakota, it’s our favorite place to be!


    • Join National Day Calendar as we seek the legendary in North Dakota.
    • Explore the prairies and the badlands.
    • Discover the fantastic people, exciting places, and untold history.
    • Would you like to learn more? Check out these 9 Interesting Facts About North Dakota to celebrate the day.

    Share where you explore and use #NationalNorthDakotaDay to post on social media.

    John Baptiste Charbonneau became the youngest member of the Corps of Discovery upon his birth at Ft. Mandan. The son of Touissant Charbonneau and Sacagawea, Jean Baptiste would remain with William Clark after the expedition’s completion. Following his education, his life would shift from one adventure to another until his death at the age of 61.
    As an American poet, Madeline Gleason founded the San Fransisco Poetry Guild. Gleason also created the first poetry festival in the United States in 1947. She actively encouraged aspiring poets and wrote several plays which were performed in and around San Fransisco.
    Bandleader, Lawrence Welk, brought wholesome music into the family rooms for more than two decades thanks to a syndication deal. His unique brand of “Champagne Music” and family-friendly programming continues to be found on Public Broadcasting stations.
    Louis L’amour’s frontier novels bring to life western North Dakota and rural living. Along with short stories and poetry, his novels Hondo, Walking Drum and Last of the Breed are some of his most popular works.
    Electrical engineer, Andrew Freeman’s variety of employment during the Great Depression led him to gain an enormous amount of experience. As a result, his skills helped bring electricity to rural North Dakota and heat to frozen engines during the winter months. His invention of the Freeman Headbolt Heater kept fluids from freezing and batteries from going dead in subzero temperatures.
    Harold Schafer founded the Gold Seal Company in 1942. Their first product was Gold Seal Floor Wax, but their most recognizable product debuted in 1961. Mr. Bubble continues to be a popular bath product for all ages today.
    Eric Sevareid began his career in radio. After being hired as a correspondent for CBS, Sevareid reported the foreign and domestic news. He covered World War II as one of “Murrow’s Boys,” and his commentaries were a feature in the 1960s.
    Jazz singer, Peggy Lee, shared her Fever for music and got her big break when she began to sing for Benny Goodman. Nominated for 12 Grammys, Lee won for Best Contemporary Vocal Performance for “Is That All There Is?” in 1969. She was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 1999.

    Author of “Tomorrow,” My Sister Said; Tomorrow Never Came, Metha Parisien Bercier recounts her experiences and shares her heritage. The autobiographical novel describes fond memories of her childhood and then being taken from her family in the Turtle Mountains to attend government schools, something that was occurring across the nation after the Civilization Fund Act was passed.

    Angie Dickinson’s career includes a string of leading roles in both television and movies. From comedies to westerns, Dickinson’s role would connect her with the Hollywood elite. Some of her most popular roles were in the movies Rio Bravo, Ocean’s 11 and Pay it Foward.
    Phil Hansen played defensive end for the Buffalo Bills for nine seasons and three Super Bowl visits.
    Josh Duhamel has performed in TV and film since 1999 but began his career in modeling. Repeat roles in the Transformers franchise, as well as romantic comedies and action films, keep Duhamel in demand. He also promotes his home state’s North Dakota tourism.
    Travis Hafner played Major League Baseball for nine seasons as a designated hitter and first baseman. Hafner debuted with the Texas Rangers and also played for the Cleveland Indians and New York Yankees.
    Carson Wentz plays quarterback in the National Football League for the Philadelphia Eagles. He was the second overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft. In the 2017 season, Wentz would lead the Eagles most of the way to the Super Bowl before a season-ending injury. They would go on to win over the New England Patriots, earning both the franchise and Wentz their first Super Bowl win.
    Crowned the 2018 Miss America, Cara Mund organizes the annual fashion show raising funds for Make-a-Wish Foundation. Following completion of her Miss America responsibilities, she plans to attend law school.

    Gran Church, Mayville, ND – Photo Credit: Cindy Sandvick

    The Pyramid of North Dakota
    Ronald Reagan Minuteman Missile
    Enchanted highway
    White Butte
    Grand Sky Drone Park



    National Creamsicle Day on August 14th celebrates the creamy citrus dessert on a stick. During the height of summer, what better way to enjoy refreshment than with a creamsicle!


    “Creamsicle” is the brand name of an ice cream treat. It consists of vanilla ice cream on a Popsicle stick with an outer coating of sherbert. While many other flavors now exist, the original flavor was orange.  

    Today, recipes abound with creamsicle flavors. From beverages to desserts, the flavor has long been a favorite.

    An 11-year-old Frank Epperson inspired the creation when he invented the original popsicle back in 1905. After mixing up a powdered soda, he left the beverage overnight with the stirring stick in it. Temperatures dropped unusually low that night and the next morning, Epperson found the liquid frozen on the stick. He dubbed the creation the Epsicle. Sometime later, he changed the name to Popsicle.

    Several generations have enjoyed the fruity, frozen treats and they continue to do so!


    Pick up some creamsicles and share them with some friends. Try making a creamsicle-inspired recipe. We’ve provided a couple for you to make. Share your perfected recipes.
    Orange Creamsicle Cupcakes

    Be sure to share using #NationalCreamsicleDay to post on social media.


    We have been unable to find the origins of this holiday.

    Creamsicle FAQ

    Q. How many calories are in a Creamsicle?
    A. 100 calories.

    Q.  Are there different sizes of Creamsicle?
    A. Yes. They also come in sugar-free.

    Q. Can I make a Creamsicle at home?
    A. Yes. We found several recipes online. One you might try is this homemade one from Cindy Shopper.


    August 14th Celebrated History


    Daniel Boone and Rebecca Bryan marry in North Carolina. They would later move west, blazing trails and leading a pioneer life.


    Edward Delafield and John Kearney Rodgers found the first specialty hospital in the United States. The New York Eye Infirmary treated both eyes and ears and in 1964 the name changed to The New York Eye and Ear Infirmary to include the otology specialty.


    A meteorite weighing 2.3 kilograms (approximately 5 pounds) falls in Cape Girardeau, Missouri.


    The first patent ever issued in Japan went to Hotta Zuisho. Along with Zuisho’s anticorrosive paint, Japan issued seven other patents that day. Zuisho would go on to obtain a U.S. patent for his paint as well.


    Folkestone, Kent, England hosted the first international beauty pageant, Miss European. The event still takes place and travels from city to city. In 2019, Naples, Italy hosted the pageant.


    Congress passes and President Franklin Roosevelt signs the Social Security Act. The sweeping legislation created a pension program based on and supported by workers’ income.


    After 10 years of work, the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine is completed. More than 2,000 miles of trails and paths entice hikers from all over the country.


    The Student of Prague becomes the first feature-length film to broadcast on BBC television. Many of the themes and subplots are mirrored in the animated film series Shrek.


    The White Sox win their first night game at Comisky Park.


    Japan surrenders and the announcement becomes known as V-J (Victory in Japan) Day.


    Muhammad Ali and Sonji Roi marry. They divorced less than two years later.


    After a 43 year military career, Rear Admiral Grace Murry Hopper retires from active duty in the U.S. Navy. Known as the “grandmother of the computer age,” Hopper was a pioneer of computer language.


    The New York Yankees retire the number of left-handed outfielder Reggie Jackson. Known as Mr. October for bringing in the big hits in the postseason, Jackson earned 5 World Series Championships.


    After challenging the all-male admittance, Shannon Faulkner becomes the first woman cadet to attend the Citadel in its 152-year history. However, 6 days later to would leave the military college located in Charleston, South Carolina.

    August 14th Celebrated Birthdays

    Doc Holliday – 1851

    Known as a gambler and dentist, Holliday’s given name was John Henry. His associations with Wyatt Earp and other colorful characters earned him a reputation as a gunfighter, too.

    Ernest Thayer – 1863

    Best known for his baseball poem “Casey,” Thayer also worked as a columnist and pursued philosophy.

    Ernest Everett Just – 1883

    As a biologist and educator, Just was a pioneer in embryology. He graduated from Dartmouth University and after joining the faculty at Howard University, he would go on to many achievements as the director of the biology department.

    John Ringling North – 1903

    While his uncles founded the Ringling Brothers Circus, North made the circus the glamorous show it became.

    Ethel Lois Payne – 1911

    Known as the “First Lady of the Black Press,” Payne reported on the Civil Rights movement in the Chicago Defender. Her journalism and activism eventually gained her entry as the first African American woman in the White House Press corps.

    Russell Baker – 1925

    Humorist, journalist and satirist, Baker wrote for The Baltimore Sun and The New York Times. In 1979, he earned the Pulitzer Prize for commentary.

    Thomas Meehan – 1929

    Playwright Thomas Meehan wrote the books for popular musicals. Three of them, Annie, Hairspray and The Producers, earned him Tony Awards.

    Steve Martin – 1945

    Actor and comedian Steve Martin began his career writing comedy sketches that earned him an Emmy Award. He appeared on The Tonight Show and Saturday Night Live several times. His acting credits include The Jerk, All of Me, ¡Three Amigos!, Father of the Bride, and many others.

    Danielle Steel – 1947

    As an author of romance novels, Steel holds the title of the bestselling author alive. She published her first novel in 1972.

    Gary Larson – 1950

    The cartoonist Gary Larson is best known for his syndicated Far Side cartoons.

    James Horner – 1953

    Horner is one of the best-known composers in the world thanks to his contributions to the movie industry. He earned an Academy Award for Best Music for Titanic. Some of his other scores include Apollo 13, An American Tail, Glory, just to name a few.

    Magic Johnson – 1959

    For 13 seasons, Earvin “Magic” Johnson played point guard for the L.A. Lakers. He was also a member of the U.S. Olympic Dream Team. His roles on both teams earned him two inductions into the National Basketball Hall of Fame.

    Halle Berry – 1966

    Berry has earned both critical and commercial success with a variety of roles in movies and television. Her Best Actress Oscar award came after her role in Monster’s Ball. She also starred in Catwoman, the James Bond film Die Another Day, and Spike Lee’s Jungle Fever.

    Tim Tebow – 1987

    The former NFL quarterback turned baseball player in 2016 when he attended open tryouts. He has spent the following years playing on New York Mets minor league teams.



    National Son’s and Daughter’s Day on August 11th brings parents and their children together for quality time. On this day, be with the joys of your life.


    Let your children know that you are glad they are part of your life. While listening to the events of their day, share family stories. Find out about their hopes and dreams. Learn what inspires them. Teach them something new, or maybe there’s something they can teach you. Enjoy every day you have with them and spend as much quality time as you can. 

    Time with our children can be fleeting. Not only do they grow quickly, but their interests and needs change, too. Whether we realize it or not, sons and daughters look up to us. They emulate our behavior – the good and the bad. As much as times change, children don’t. We craved our parent’s approval and acceptance. Our children do, too.

    Every child is different. Their personalities uniquely fitted to them. While one child devours books, another may deconstruct every electronic device in the house. The chatterbox keeps us awake on long road trips and the night owl keeps us alert to everything under the stars. No two are the same. That’s exactly how it’s supposed to be. Celebrate them and the parts they play in your family.


    Do something special for your children today. If they are at home, go for a walk, or enjoy a local park. Send a card or make a phone call to grown children. Remind them how special they are to you. Use #SonsAndDaughtersDay on social media.


    The earliest record National Day Calendar could find of an August 11th observance of this day took place in 1988. It’s mentioned in a Nanaimo (British Columbia, Canada) Daily News article dated August 12, 1988. While we were unable to identify the creator of National Son’s and Daughter’s Day, we did find other earlier events with this name. 

    According to an article in the August 20, 1944, St. Joseph News-Press/Gazette, in 1936, J Henry Dusenberry first pursued the idea of a Sons’ and Daughters’ Day. The thought occurred to him after hearing a child ask why there was no such occasion. Through his efforts, the day started in Missouri and spread. Parents placed a flower representing each of their children in a vase and put the vase in a prominent room in the house. Throughout the day, parents thought about their children as they gazed at the flowers, especially those who no longer lived in the house. By 1945, the celebration reached its peak at 22 states with organizations participating in the event. 

    In the following years, organizations such as the Lions Club and women’s auxiliaries would host Sons and Daughters Day in their municipalities. However, these observances would change from year to year. 

    Then, in 1972, Florida Congressman Claude Pepper submitted a request for the establishment of a Sons’ and Daughters’ Day on behalf of Georgia Paul of Del Rio, Texas. According to the Del Rio News-Herald dated October 28, 1972, the request suggested the proclamation would observe the day on last Sunday in January annually. However, neither the House nor the Senate signed a bill or joint resolution to declare the day. 



    August 11 Celebrated History


    Newport, Rhode Island opens the first public roller rink.


    Gottlieb Daimler receives patent for the world’s first motorcycle – German Patent No. DRP 36423.


    John Bray becomes the first animator to patent animation and the assembly line process for mass-produced cartoons. However, his patent was eventually rejected because he submitted another man’s techniques – Winsor McCay.


    Curly Lambeau and George Whitney establish the Green Bay Packers.


    The Sultan of Swat, Babe Ruth, hits his 500th career home run – the first professional baseball player to reach this achievement.


    Alcatraz Prison accepts its first civilian prisoners.


    The Beatles premiere the movie Help in New York City.


    The Third Battalion, Twenty-First Infantry leaves South Vietnam. They were the last ground combat troops remaining.


    The movie American Graffiti opens in the United States. George Lucas directed the coming of age film. It also starred several notable faces, including Richard Dreyfuss, Wolfman Jack, Ron Howard, Harrison Ford and Cindy Williams.


    President Ronald Regan jokes during a sound test that he has “signed legislation that would outlaw Russia forever. We begin bombing in 5 minutes.”


    With 330 stores, the Mall of American in downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota opens. It is the largest shopping mall in the United States.


    One of the most widely viewed total solar eclipses in history begins in the west Atlantic and passed over Europe, the Middle East, and ended over the Bay of Bengal. However, much of the northeastern United States viewed a partial eclipse.


    Airbnb launches its official vacation rental website.


    Biologists publish an article revealing the oldest living vertebrate on Earth. The Greenland shark lives between 272 years and maybe even as long as 512 years.

    August 11 Celebrated Birthdays

    Enid Blyton – 1897

    The prolific children’s author is best known for her novels The Famous Five, The Secret Seven, and Noddy.

    Dik Browne – 1917

    Browne is best known for his comic book characters Hägar the Horrible and Hi and Louis.

    Alex Haley – 1921

    The American author is best known for his book Roots: The Saga of an American Family. The book has been produced into a television mini-series twice – once in 1979 and again in 2016.

    Vada Pinson – 1938

    After an 18-year career, professional baseball player and center fielder, Pinson was elected to the Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame just two years after his retirement.

    Joanna Cole – 1944

    Best known as the author of The Magic School Bus, Cole made science fun for children of all ages. Her Ms. Frizzle characters and the students debuted in an animated series in 1994.

    Marilyn Vos Savant – 1946

    With an I.Q. more than double the average person, vos Savant is ranked by Guinness World Records as the woman with the highest I.Q. in the world. She writes the “Ask Marilyn” column for Parade Magazine.

    Craig McCaw – 1949

    As an entrepreneur, McCaw led the way into the wireless frontier when he launched McCaw Cellular. The company was later sold to AT&T.

    Steve Wozniak – 1950

    The electronics engineer, programmer, and entrepreneur joined forces with Steve Jobs to launch Apple Inc in 1977.

    Hulk Hogan – 1953

    Terry Eugene Bollea wrestled under his ring name Hulk Hogan from 1977 to 2012. Hogan has also appeared in several movies and television shows.

    Viola Davis – 1965

    The award-winning actress, Viola Davis, is the first black actress to receive an Academy Award, Emmy Award, and Tony Award. Some of her most notable roles include Doubt, The Help, and How to Get Away with Murder.

    Chris Hemsworth – 1983

    Best known for his role as Thor in the Marvel films, the Australian actor also played the father of James T. Kirk and starred in Snow White and the Huntsman.