7 Trick-Or-Treat Safety Rules For Kids

(Last Updated On: September 25, 2020)

7 Trick-or-Treat Rules for Kids to Remember

by Mary Walton

It’s that time of year again, and the chances are that your kids are starting to get really exciting about the sweet-fest that’s just around the corner, known as #Halloween.

Whether or not you’ve started to create your costumes and got your decorations ready to put up in the coming weeks, Halloween is always a blast. However, it’s so important that you remember that your children need to be safe at all times.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the excitement of everything that it’s easy to lose focus. To get you started, here are seven rules to remember to ensure this is the most positive Halloween so far!

1) Plan Toilet Breaks

You’ll probably be out and about your local neighborhood for a good hour or two and your children, or one of the children in your group is almost guaranteed to want the toilet during this time.

Whether you’ve got friends or family in the area or only going around near your house, make sure the children go before they leave and have a planned break in the middle.

2) Always Hold Your Children’s Hand

It’s important that you don’t let your children go free-for-all in your neighborhood. This is extremely dangerous for your children since you never know where they could run off to or whether there’s a car coming around the corner. You don’t want to lose your children if they ran into a big crowd of kids.

Always hold their hand as you’re walking around the neighborhood and only let them go when you’re at a house where they can go and ring the doorbell.

3) The Younger the Kid, the Shorter the Distance

If you’re taken younger children out and about with you, you don’t want to drag them all the way to other side of town in their excitement, only to realize they’ve tired themselves out and now you’ve got to get them back. The younger your children are, the shorter the distance you’ll need to travel.

Or take Dad for piggyback duty.

4) Keep Your Kids Warm

Another important factor is that this time of year does get cold. You may be walking around with your kids dressed in multiple layers and a coat but what about your children? Have they only got their costume on and nothing else? If this is the case, they’re going to get extremely cold, and there’s a very high chance that they’ll get ill.

“Make sure you add up the layers underneath their costume, so they’re as warm as possible. It’s so easy this time of year to forget how cold it is, especially now that summer’s just gone so always put your child’s health first,” says Gina Smith, an educator at Assignment Writing Service.

5) #TrickorTreat in a Group

It’s always a good idea to get a group of parents to go around while trick or treating to watch the kids. This way, the kids have a sociable experience because they’ll be able to knock on doors with their friends, which they’ll love and parents will also have the ability to keep an eye on all the children to ensure that everything is always okay.

6) Only Eat Treats at Home

Make this the first rule of #TrickorTreating. That’s no eating any kind of sweets until you get home. There are several benefits to this, the main one being that it will help your children to get home quickly when you want them to so you’re not outside all night. Secondly, you’ll be able to go through the sweets first to make sure there’s nothing inappropriate in there.

Lily Perez, a safety expert for Boom Essays and Essay Roo, continues;

“Although unlikely to be anything else, you can never be sure of what people are putting your kid’s trick or treat bags. Always make sure you check it at home. There is only one recorded case where a child was poisoned by their own father using cyanide-laced sweets. However, there are no reports of random threats.”

7) Use Common Sense

Lay down some ground rules before you set off with your kids for a night of trick or treating. Some of these rules may include: never entering a person’s house, always staying on the porch, never getting into a car with anyone but you and tell them never engage with older children who are out looking for trouble (simply come back to you).

Mary Walton is an editor at Australian Online Assignment Help service. Also, she is a blogger at Simple Grad (read Essay roo review there). Being a former teacher Mary tutors now on sites like Write My Essay, educational services.

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