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National Gumdrop Day - February 15
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National Gumdrop Day – February 15


Observed on February 15th, National Gumdrop Day, recognizes a favorite candy of many; the gumdrop!  On National Gumdrop day, there is no question as to what to do. Eat gumdrops and eat as many as you want!

Gumdrops are a tasty, colorful, chewy candy that are made with gelatin and then coated with sugar.  They come in a  variety of flavors, either from the fruity category or the spice category.  These little candy treats have been popular for many years in decorating gingerbread houses.

 The classic board game, Candy Land, features both a
Gumdrop Pass and a Gumdrop Mountain. 

Besides enjoying them by the handful, there are many other ways to use gumdrops:

  • In cookies
  • Decorate cakes or cupcakes
  • In popcorn cake
  • For crafts
  • For gifts

You can also make your own gumdrops.  According to many of the recipes, you would need vegetable oil, sugar, corn syrup, fruit juice, powdered fruit pectin, baking soda and food coloring.

For more information, visit the National Day Calendar page for National Gumdrop Day.


Singles Awareness Day - February 15
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Singles Awareness Day – February 15


The day after Valentine’s Day has been designated Singles Awareness Day.  On February 15th declares to the world that there is nothing wrong with being single.

In fact there are quite a few benefits to being single. Singles can come and go as they please with no regard to a partner’s schedule, wants or needs. Career opportunity? A single doesn’t need to consult a spouse before accepting an offer. It’s also easier for a single to keep up a healthy habits. There isn’t anyone to sabotage their efforts to workout and eat healthy. Singles also tend to be more self-reliant.


Participate in local singles events. Use #SinglesAwarenessDay to post on social media.


Our research has found that Singles Awareness Day is believed to have been started by Mississippi State University student, Dustin Barnes.



Presidents Day is a federal holiday which, in the United States, is observed on the third Monday in February.

This day is set aside, by more and more of America’s population, to honor all of the past United States presidents that have served our country.  Two of our nation’s great presidents, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, are brought to mind as we celebrate this day.  Their birth-dates, which fall close to this same time,  have been celebrated for decades and always will be.

Presidents Day is celebrated with public ceremonies in Washington D.C. and throughout the United States.


Use #President’sDay to post on social media.


The origin of Presidents Day lies in the 1880′s, when the birthday of George Washington was celebrated as a federal holiday.  In 1968, Congress passed the Uniform Monday Holiday Bill, which moved a number of federal holidays to Mondays.  During the debate on the bill, it was proposed that George Washington’s birthday be renamed Presidents Day to honor the birthdays of both George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.   Washington’s birthday is February 22nd and Lincoln’s birthday is February 12th.  Although Abraham Lincoln’s birthday was celebrated in many states, it was never an official federal holiday.  Following much discussion, Congress rejected the name change, however, after the bill went into effect in 1971 Presidents Day became the commonly accepted name.

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