Each year on June 1, it is Heimlich Maneuver Day.  Using abdominal thrusts to force air from the lungs, to expel an object on which someone is choking, is called the Heimlich Maneuver.  Dr. Henry J. Heimlich “created” this life saving procedure in 1974.  The Heimlich Maneuver is also referred to as “Abdominal Thrusts”.

There are Heimlich Procedure courses that are available and are taught by certified instructors.  Today would be a good day to research the available training in your area.  According to the American Red Cross “choking causes over 3,ooo deaths per year”.  Having the proper training and knowledge may help to save someone’s life.


We were unable to find the creator of National Heimlich Maneuver Day, an “unofficial” National holiday.



National Go Barefoot Day is celebrated on June 1.  This day is an opportunity to kick off your shoes and run barefoot through the cool grass!  More importantly, today is a day to help support a charity that provides millions of underprivilaged children, all around the world, that are in need and do not have shoes, with shoes

Now is a good time to clean out your closets and donate a pair or two of gently used shoes to a charitable organization in your area or see the following for information:    Soles4Souls organization.


National Go Barefoot Day, an “unofficial” National holiday was created by the people at Soles4Souls.  After the tsunami disaster in 2004, the non-profit group launched a campaign to raise shoes for the tsunami victims.  As a result, since 2005, more than 17 million pairs of shoes have been distribute to people all over the world.



Each year on the first Saturday in June it is National Trails Day.  On this day, there are events held throughout the United States to help promote awareness of the wide variety of benefits that trails provide, to encourage people to discover their local trials, to raise awareness of trail issues and to instill excitement for the outdoors.

Today we also want to thank the many volunteers, land agencies, trail developers,  park employees, rangers and all other for their help in developing and maintaining the trails.

For more information regarding National Trails Day, see :



National Trails Day, an “unofficial” National holiday is sponsored by the American Hiking Society.


Today is also:

NATIONAL SAY SOMETHING NICE DAY – National Say Something Nice Day, an “unofficial” National holiday, originated in Charleston, S.C.  Based on the book, “Say Something Nice: Be a Lifter at Work”, the Mayors of Charleston and North Charleston along with the South Baptist Convention and the Charleston-Atlantic Presbytery joined together to establish National Say Something Nice Day.  The purpose of today is to counteract bullying and the lack of civility and common courtesy that is growing among people in today’s world.  Hopefully the practice of “saying something nice today” will continue onto all tomorrows.

NATIONAL FLIP A COIN DAY – National Flip a Coin Day, an “unofficial” National holiday is celebrating the flip of the coin.  Coin flipping  tradition dates back to the days of Julius Caesar.  He would use a coin flip to make a decision when he was unclear of the right choice.  It is believed that the city of Portland, Oregon got their name from the flip of a coin.  Our research was unable to find the creator and the origin of National Flip a Coin Day.

NATIONAL PEN PAL DAY – National Pen Pal Day, an “unofficial” National holiday was created by American pen-palist, Rosie Tholl, who wanted a special day to tell all of her pen pal friends how meaningful their friendship was to her.  The day is the perfect day to send special letters and gifts to your pen pals.

NATIONAL HAZELNUT CAKE DAY – Today is a day to spend some time in the kitchen baking up a delicious hazelnut cake as you celebrate National Hazelnut Cake Day, an “unofficial” National holiday.  Following is a “tried and true” recipe for you: .  Within our research, we were unable to find the creator of National Hazelnut Cake Day.



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